hat island

So not being able to wear a hat is a punishment for human children (or at least Seekers) which might explain why Susan ripped off Frieda’s hat when she was retrieving her.

Also I think Gross has a weird fixation with bees.

So I’ve seen Wonder Woman twice now and I have to say, watching it as a bi woman is truly a mind blowing experience. I mean you’ve got Gal Gadot…you’ve got Chris Pine…you’ve got Gal Gadot eating ice cream in the adorable side bun/hat…you’ve got the island of wlw warriors who would kick my ass…you’ve got Gal Gadot rocking The Dress while also ready to fight (that sword somehow in her back!?!)…like 1000000/10 would highly recommend being bi and watching Wonder Woman. My life is finally looking up now, thank you Patty Jenkins 💗💜💙

One Piece Tokyo Tower

I went to One Piece Tokyo Tower on my trip to Tokyo this August, and I don’t ever want to leave that place anymore. One Piece fans should really visit this place. Unlike J-world which includes other Shonen Jump titles like Naruto, Dragon Ball and Gintama, One Piece Tokyo Tower mainly focuses only on One Piece. There’s an exclusive Mugiwara Store in there and also another Sanji restaurant which serves buffet.

When we entered the indoor theme park, we ushered into this 360 degrees cinema where we stand in the center of the room and they play all the epic moments and tear-dropping scenes from the anime. I remembered it showed Shanks saving Luffy, Sanji bowing to Zeff, Nami asking for Luffy’s help, Zoro losing to Mihawk, Usopp as Sogeking firing a shot at the World Govt flag, Robin yelling she wants to continue living, Merry’s viking funeral, Ace’s death and the Straw Hat’s reunion after 2 years. I kinda cried when I watched all these. We were then ushered out and then the staff welcomed us by singing “We Are”. Then we were free to roam around and play the games inside.

We were in One Piece Tokyo Tower!

Rolling down slope with the Kung-Fu Dugongs!

Partying with the Straw Hat crew!

With my favorite Nico Robin <3

Cut it out guys, stop fighting!

Thousand Sunny on the cruise~

Let’s go party, Chopper!

Let’s rock with the Soul King Brooke!


Road to Sogeking! You’ll have to use Kabuto and catapult rubber balls to the target. I am really bad at it. I’ll leave Sogeking’s job back to Usopp ^^;;

With our favorite Heart Pirates! Trafalgar Law and Bepo! *heart eyes*

One of the most epic moment, which lead Luffy to his long journey towards being the Pirate King.

Surrounded by fire with Portgas D. Ace.

Being picked up by Bartholomew Kuma.

Brooke’s haunted house. You have a mission to clear inside. You’ll have to throw a salt ball into the zombie’s mouth. Yep, make sure to aim the mouth.

That’s my friend peeping through a hole, watching Nami shower.

We watched another One Piece live in Tokyo Tower. They hand out some glowing crystal torch which changes colors according to the scene they were playing, and it was really cool! They were fighting against Kizaru and it was epic!

And there’s Law, walking towards the side stage, letting the fangirls swooning over for him XD.

The many sword collections from One Piece.

Law’s nodachi - Kikoku

Tashigi’s katana - Shigure

Mihawk’s gigantic sword - Yoru

Fujitora’s blade

Mihawk’s small blade

Another photo with the Straw Hat crew before I leave this great place.

I definitely recommend all One Piece fans should pay a visit to this awesome place! Well some of the games and rides have a no photography and videography sign in it so I can’t really take pictures. But please, if you have the chance, go to Japan and visit this place. I guarantee it is worth it! :)

And yeah, I have to do this XD

WARNING! THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE ADVENTURE TIME ISLAND MINISERIES. Proceed with caution if you haven’t seen the miniseries yet!

I just realized how Joshua and Margaret were able to name Finn his real name.

On the adventure time wiki, it states several times that Margaret and Joshua named Finn “Finn” because they thought he was a mud-fish at first, but as we all know, things change over time (Martin was originally going to be a hero, and Adventure Time was created without the intention of making it be a post apocalyptic setting). SO! I think I caught something in ISLANDS that the crew put in so Finn would still be “Finn”

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The Germa HYPE 😍💪✨
Sanji my boooooooooi badass as usual 💙
Am sure oda just made sanjixNami fan’s week 😁💜
Capone don’t die on us FATHER !! 😭
Big Mom is awake ……… shit.

skypiea: a summary
  • enel: im god
  • conis: god is an asshole
  • enel: fuck you just say
  • luffy: thats it im fighting god
  • usopp + sanji: luffy no
  • luffy: LUFFY YES
  • gan fall: im actually god
  • enel: IM god
  • wiper: fuck outta here god
  • gan fall: can you just fucking chill out
  • wiper: we will literally kill you
  • robin: i dont care how many people get killed just dont fucking touch the ancient ruins
  • enel: IM GO D
  • zoro: fuck god
  • chopper: *whispers* savage