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Funny Hat Facts: Hats are going back to 30,000 BC, so they've been there for a really long time. In 1797 a man named John Hetherington was given a £500 fine for inciting riots in the streets, because he was wearing a top hat. It is said that it's great height and shiny silk luster incited terror and panic. Honestly Black Hat would probably, as soon as he heard of this, decide that the top hat will be his main look.

BH was probably like “this is it. the most villainous hat ever. i n e e d it.”

  • He gets into immediate rivalries with anyone who’s hat is tALLER THAN HIS–
  • “uh boss i think he just likes wearing hats?” “Don’t be ridiculous Flug do you see how stupid that looks? What kind of moron wears a hat that tall!?!”
  • (Said hat is like. an inch taller than BH’s. Flug kinda stares at BH’s hat, then at BH, then back again. “really.”)
  • BH probably sells villain fashion tbh; branding and appearance are just as important for a client as the actual weaponry.
  • “NO CAPES. CAPES ARE SOOOO EARLY 2000′S– Have a coat instead. This is much, much edgier more evil.”
Caps drinking game

Take a shot whenever:

  • ovi and nicky display PDA
  • locker pronounces johansson “joe hanson” or burakovsky “bear-akovsky”
  • holtby leaves the crease
  • tom wilson gets in a fight or scrum
  • joe b says that someone “rips one wide”
  • that ad that goes “jay beagle’s a sport fan, you can be one too” plays
  • tj oshie scores a shootout goal
  • ovi moves up the ranks of some NHL list
  • kuzy has an overdramatic celly
  • jay beagle gets a point of any kind
  • someone’s facial hair is mentioned
  • joe b and locker call out a reporter or analyst by name
  • joe b and locker imply that they’re going to dinner together
  • you get 50% off papa johns
  • mcgriddles are mentioned

Take two shots whenever:

  • holtby wanders near the blue line or looks like he’s aiming to get an assist
  • a defenseman scores a goal
  • pittsburgh is mentioned in a game in which they’re not playing Pittsburgh
  • there’s a goalie change
  • someone other than tom wilson gets in a fight
  • a goalie gets a shutout
  • nicklas backstrom is talked about beyond play-by-play on a national broadcast
  • Someone scores a hat trick
  • caps win in OT

Take three shots whenever:

  • brooks orpik scores a goal

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In one of your recent posts you called Chuuya a disappointment, I know you were mostly joking but honestly Chuuya's role (or lack thereof) has been pretty disappointing so far imo. I want to know what you think about his character and popularity. So sorry if this has already been asked.

I’ve covered a bit about Chuuya and the rest of Port Mafia in this post. About his character and personality, I have no new thoughts so you can check out some of what I’ve written here. As you can tell, I really like Chuuya, and while I don’t want him swallowing up everyone else in terms of screentime, given his surprising popularity I’m slightly miffed we haven’t been given any good side materials. Even better if there are no mentions of his ex-partner.

Okay, so let’s look back at 36.5. With no one else higher in the chain of command, we can assume that Chuuya has temporarily taken on the role of a commander for the mafia.They surround the building and are in prime position to attack, but once Chuuya hears that the ADA members have gathered together in one place with the intention to fight and hold them off, he decides to switch gears and prepare for a frontal assault.

What the hell Chuuya? You have numbers on your side! Why didn’t you position at least three or four men to guard the other exits? You had snipers at the ready, you had their paths blocked. Even if they escaped, someone could have sent out an alert to report the general direction of where ADA members were headed. What a great start.

(Another tactic, something horrible but one that should fit in with the mafia’s methods… After finding out where Fukuzawa is being treated, stealthily position mafia members inside the hospital, having them blend in as patients and medical workers. Have them keep their distance from the floor where Fukuzawa is in to avoid suspicion (after all, they’re up against detectives). Once everything is set, Chuuya could go and make that flashy entrance again, but this time they have members threatening to harm hospital staff if they don’t hand over Fukuzawa. This plan may or may not fail depending on how ADA would react, but it sure beats showing up at the front door and asking for a brawl.)

I also talked about how Chuuya could have at least looked around to find evidence of foul play when he faced off against Ranpo. Or at least, let us hear in his mind how he doesn’t feel right about the situation. That he charged in recklessly even if there was a false sense of security… You mean to tell me that despite years in the mafia, he still hasn’t honed a sharpened battle instinct to sniff out that something is wrong? Man, do they pick up executives by drawing straws? Maybe I could be one too?

On one hand, you could say this is consistent with how he is normally portrayed: brash, straightforward, and quick to anger. At the same time, in this dire situation and in his current position, you’d think Chuuya would stop and be more cautious when making his moves. Compared to Kunikida, Ranpo, Atsushi, Tanizaki, Kyouka and even Akutagawa, he has shown no resolve or strength of character in this arc so far, only running his big mouth and charging forward mindlessly. Frankly I’m not even hoping for much in the next chapters. Ranpo would be brilliant, of course, while we don’t know whether Chuuya will remain as utterly dull and disappointing as he is now. I guess for Mr Asagiri, Chuuya being ½ of soukoku is more than enough…

scanlation credit: Dazai Scans