hat in progress

sometimes i think I’ll never be happy until i own a well-tailored victorian era suit


Nonon Jakuzure Hat - 2014

1. The base is constructed from a baseball hat and a few sheets of plastic canvas hand-sewn together.

2. I covered the hat in a batting fabric to keep it opaque when light shines on it (if that makes sense?)

3. All the little details are made from craft foam

4. The Monkey skull is made of Model Magic with an Aluminum core. (I would not recommend using Model Magic, it likes to crack when it dries, as I found out later with this project)

5. I covered the hat in the same fabric that I made the dress out of. The white trim is bias tape.

6. Front view of the completed hat. I added feathers to the top. The pink hemispheres are made from styrofoam balls covered in model magic.

7. Side view of the completed hat.

8. The completed costume!~
Side Note: I later added a bucket handle for the strap and attached pink buttons!


BC I still don’t know how tumblr works and idk how to reblog with a photo:
Finished the newest pencil sketch of the straw hats crew genderbent :^)
First one: drawn a little <2 years ago
Second one: drawn a little over>1 years ago
Latest one: I just Finished the sketch
I’m planning to color this one :D


I’m making an aroace pride jughead cosplay !
Day one of progress : hat and aroace pride back patch! (Design is actually from a lock screen by @minimalistic-locks)
I have aro and ace pride pins coming in and I’m gonna make a touch averse patch for the front of my jacket!

Also yikes excuse my face I haven’t slept properly in weeks I look like death


would you believe me if I told you I cried over droplets ch15 for three days?

A ballad for the bruised boys with scratched knees and scarred hearts, this one’s for you. You’ll be okay.

I’m sure it’s symbolic somehow. A redraw of this nightmare fuel from last january

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Who or what does the knitting for the hats

Me and my knitting machine!

I’m working on a hat right now, here’s a pic of the hat in progress on the machine (and my messy desk!).

The knitting machine is a lot like a loom. It’s not an automatic machine, I need to do a lot of manual work on it to do the knitting for a hat, and then seam it up afterwards and do finishing work to get it from the flat state on the machine into something hat-shaped. But it does speed up knitting a lot.

More about me: I’m a queer and autistic artist living in the US, and also part of a multiple system. We all run the shop together but I do all the knitting as well as a lot of the jewelry. I’ve been knitting since I was a kid and it’s a huge perseveration of mine. I love hand knitting, and many of the hats in the shop are hand knit, but lately I’ve gotten more into machine knitting since it lets me turn my ideas into knitwear faster. With hand knitting, I can make a hat in a day or two. On the machine, I can make several hats in a day. I’ve been working hard trying to make as many different pride flag hats as I can, and I’m also learning and practicing new techniques on the machine and am hoping to start making earflap hats for the shop soon!

So yep, all the hats are… I feel like I can’t really say handmade since that makes people think of hand knitting, but I guess I could say they are all handmade on a knitting machine by one very obsessive person who really really loves knitting and making things!


David Maxim Micic - SOMEONE ELSE’S HAT (Playthrough)

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i know people have asked about good fic recs/author recs but i don't know if I've seen a specific list so... if you're up to it, top 10 fic list and what makes them the best to you!

Sorry this took a bit! I had something come up yesterday. Also, this isn’t exactly going to be a top 10 because I feel a bit bad about ranking people’s works (and I’m sure I’d forget a lot anyway), so here’s just 10 of my favorite fics in no particular order.

Illicit Saints by Warlordess - already said something about this one the other day but I’ll mention it again, it shows a bit that it was started when the author was very young but I think it still manages to be a solid story overall and the final resolution is beautiful and it’s all the more impressive that, given that it was written over such a long period of time, everything could be strung together so greatly at the end. Anyway, it’s about Misty being Giovanni’s illicit daughter and heir to Team Rocket.

- Cavern of a Million Colors by Eeveebeth Fejvu - also already mentioned, this is generally the first thing that comes to my mind if I’m asked for a single favorite pokeshipping fic. Ash and Misty get trapped in a cave (one of my favorite tropes, lol) that’s haunted by some dangerous presence and things quickly turn dangerous. I’m really attached to it because it was among the first things I read in the English fandom but even setting aside the sentimental value I think it’s a really, really well constructed and well written story.

- Pokémon Master by Ace Sanchez (holy crap, was thepokemontower’s layout painful to look at) - another I’m really attached to, I read it translated into Italian before I could even read in English. I assume most have heard about this one lol and honestly, looking at it more objectively it gets kinda weird in places and if I were to stumble into it today for the first time I’m not sure I’d stick through the whole thing… but it’s a classic (and sort of a precursor to all Pokémon darkfic, lol).

- Phantom by PinkFalcon - it’s unfinished, but I’m still holding out some hope that one day it might be (it was last updated in 2013, after several years from the previous chapter). I mentioned the other day that I find AUs as a concept super interesting and this one is a very original one–it’s inspired by The Phantom of the Opera, but also readjusted to the pokémon world. It’s probably my favorite AU.

- Five Days of Midnight by Some Enchanted Evening - a sort of alternate timeline starting from the second movie wherein Kanto is threatened by a new, absolutely ruthless evil. This one I discovered semi-recently but it’s quickly become a favorite - it’s got a super compelling plot and very spot-on characterization.

- The Blind Alley by Enchanted Hats - also still in progress. Years after the start of his journey, an Ash that hasn’t seen his friends in ages and has recently been plagued by nightmares of a mysterious pokémon is kidnapped and a chain of events is set in motion. REALLY well written and engaging and great at giving each character focus.

- Don’t Believe What You See by Bittersweet Romanticide - Misty accidentally unleashes Unown’s powers and she, Ash, May and Drew wind up trapped in the Cerulean Gym while the Unown use her wishes to grow more powerful. It’s a pretty nice read, with some fun and adorable moments too.

- Undine’s Thread by Warlordess - it’s a… sort-of-AU? It starts off in the pokémon world we know, but it turns seamlessly into a fantasy genre story (in a way in won’t spoil). As all of Warlordess’ works, it’s got good writing and AMAZING understanding of the characters and their emotions.

- Ashes by Enchanted Hats - another AU and another still-in-progress story. It’s a dark fairytale AU (which is 101% My Thing, lol) where Ash is a crown prince with amnesia due to a fall, who eventually meets a red-haired mystic who seems to know a lot about him. What I said above about this author’s other work holds true for this one as well–really great writing, focus and plot.

- So far I stuck with long multi-chaptered works but there are some oneshots I really love too so I’ll cheat and put a few of those here: Drowning by Silent Game, Reflections by Hakajin, Lip Gloss and Gossip by PacificPikachu, Gratitude by crywonder (warning–this is a sad one), Nightmares by KawaiixCherrixBlossom.

(Honorable mentions: Snatched by Simply-Nicole which has unfortunately recently been deleted, and everything written by Stella Livingston that almost no one here can read because it’s in Italian.)