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WOO, the best thing about being in a fandom is that you get lots of motivation to do things! So here I present an upcoming animation, featuring a voice clip from the oh-so fabulous @CrashBoomBanger! He does the B E S T voices, i love it so much aaAAAAAGHHHH (Permission not included, I’d like some ^^“ (don’t worry, he answered another ask, which said to just credit him, and that’s how I shall do))

(I don’t know how to tag people yet, so I’m trying a bunch of techniques right now:)
@crashboombanger CrashBoomBanger 

i hate when people hold up “they had cities!” as proof that a large geographical grouping of cultures were civilized and thus worthy of respect because it screws over those cultures that did/do not have cities and doesn’t challenge the idea of “a culture needs to have cities/xyz to be considered ‘civilized’ and thus worthy of respect” at all just repeats the idea but puts a progressive hat on it

sometimes i think I’ll never be happy until i own a well-tailored victorian era suit


WIP’s of all my current digital projects on the go! I’m really happy with the ammount of work I got done today |`・ω・)9

(Zosma belongs to @feth, geth belongs to @anorha-nono and the other one’s a bunch of frames for a stupidHIGH QUALITY Villainous animation)

mainblogyskymumstuff-otherblogs  asked:

Hey I'm a bit confused on all the AUs you do? Can I get a master post point me to main AUs blogs? (The creators blogs?)

I don’t have any other blogs except for my mainblog(here) and the other blog(nsfw). Maintaining multiple blogs are hard and I tend to forget them overtime which is a very big problem because I don’t want to leave any blogs unattended.

I however tag them in their respective AUs so that people can search them really fast on my blog. I hope this helps

Here’s the master list:

Flug’s Past AU- which btw is just one more comic away to be done 

Baby Hats AU - A work in progress at the moment (Next project)

Big Brother Slug - is a pass time comic if I feel to make more fluff

Childhood friends - is at the moment on hold. Have a connection to the Flug’s past au. But this weights more of Demencia’s past and how she became what she is now.


Nonon Jakuzure Hat - 2014

1. The base is constructed from a baseball hat and a few sheets of plastic canvas hand-sewn together.

2. I covered the hat in a batting fabric to keep it opaque when light shines on it (if that makes sense?)

3. All the little details are made from craft foam

4. The Monkey skull is made of Model Magic with an Aluminum core. (I would not recommend using Model Magic, it likes to crack when it dries, as I found out later with this project)

5. I covered the hat in the same fabric that I made the dress out of. The white trim is bias tape.

6. Front view of the completed hat. I added feathers to the top. The pink hemispheres are made from styrofoam balls covered in model magic.

7. Side view of the completed hat.

8. The completed costume!~
Side Note: I later added a bucket handle for the strap and attached pink buttons!

[pose losely based off this post] [again lol]

texsis because i dont express my love for them enough!!! im also dedicating this post to @amvial cause it was her BIRTHDAY like YESTERDAY or something. happy femslash birthday 


I tried drawing again for the first time in years, and somehow it went much better than last time…??

Maybe working with 3D has helped me understand shapes better…, or maybe this was just luck. Either way, I should probably never draw again, in case the next one turns out shit and ruins all my hopes and dreams.

UPDATE: I drew another, after all!

UPDATE: And another…!

UPDATE: And one more…..!