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Author of the "police cadet Izuku" prompt is here! No worries, it was my own fail). How about it, but from the OC's point of veiw? Like one of his classmates/collegues is constantly depressed because their quirk is really weak and wierd, so they couldn't find more cool profession. But it changes, as OC watches how Izuku, being quirkless and all, still does an amazing job in helping others.Later, OC observes his interactions with UA folks. And slowly, Midoria becomes said OC's personal hero.

Izuku Midoriya

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You watch him as he becomes that boy who had blindly run into danger, throwing himself between a villain and a young boy. 

You watch as he has his 15 minutes of fame before he’s thrown to the side, no one caring anymore but, he doesn’t care. He moves from being that quirkiness kid. To being a police cadet, rising above his class, easily passing exams and even instructing those around him.

He’s amazing.

He’s so dedicated to helping other lives. He wants to be a hero, even if it’s not to the same extent as being a pro-hero. He wants to change people’s lives.

You watch as he speaks with All Might, bowing his head in respect, how a spiky blond haired boy from the U.A. Highschool scoffs and turns his head both other students seem to naturally flock around him. 

You can’t hear what they’re saying but you know it’s only the best since his face seems to flush the more they speak. His hands grasp at the mandatory cadet hat they all must wear. 

Everyone adores him, and it’s hard not to see why.

“Midoriya, right?” You say, acting as though you don’t know he is as you walk towards him, a warm smile gracing your lips as you hold your hand out. You have to remind yourself that he’s just a teenager, like you. He’s no different than you are. 

“Ah! Yes!” He says as quickly takes hold of your hand, his eyes wide as he looks at you. He gets nervous easily, a thought that makes you laugh. He’s going to graduate someday, become an amazing police officer, perhaps police chief. But, you’ll remember him as he is now. Shy, nervous and terrible at shaking hands. 

“You’re my hero,” You tell him, not wanting to say anything else you pull your hand away and turn on your heel. You’re not quite sure what will happen in the future, whether you’ll meet your standers or not but you know this, if Midoriya, a small timid, quirk-less boy who meant nothing a few years ago can become the rising star in only a year then perhaps, you can do something as well. 

You glance behind you, for just a second, and you see his widened eyes, his mouth slightly agape as he just stares at you. Perhaps… you can add one more thing. You turn, facing him.

“Do your best, hero!” You throw your hands up in the air, laughing before leaving him, not looking back as you decide to follow your own dreams.