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This section of the hold reeks of salt, rotting ropes and stale piss. Crammed as they are into a space much too small for six adult men, Damen and his crew alternately grit their teeth and curse through the battle. Damen meets the grim eyes of every one of his men in turn, silently sharing with them the feeling of being so helplessly, infuriatingly passive, unable to do anything to affect the ship’s movements or the fight’s outcome. Unable to do anything at all except wonder if the next ball to splinter its way through the hull will take one of them with it, or allow seawater to come flooding into the cage of the brig.

When it’s finally over, Damen feels weak and almost sick from the endless wash of it over his nerves, like a high note just off-key, held and held and never allowed to sag back into tune. Physically, they came through it well. Pallas has a jagged scratch on his arm and Damen’s own ankle aches from one of the more sudden rolls, but that’s the worst of it. The din of sea battle is stripped back to the normal wooden groans of a ship and the faint slosh of waves, and the tense quiet in place of huzzahs indicates that His Majesty’s vessel the Charity has come off second best in this engagement.

“What will happen to us?” asks Pallas. Of them all, he’s newest to the life; he’s never been taken prisoner before.

“That depends who it is, doesn’t it?” says Nikandros shortly.

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summary: in which fred gains the extraordinary opportunity to attend his own burial with the company of the grim reaper herself.

a/n: i’m trash for this idea so i made a part two and i might also do a part three so bYE



      She was standing at the far back of the area, where no one would see her, where no one would wonder why she was there. The girl was still wearing the same outfit she had worn the first time she saw the Weasleys — a black dress, a black coat, but the only missing was the fedora hat which was the piece of clothing she only wore when she worked as the Grim Reaper.

      “I still can’t believe the Boss let you come with me.” said Y/N as she crossed her arms, white gloves covering her delicate hands while she glances beside her where the ghost of Fred Weasley was standing. “I mean, He does it a lot whenever someone dies so young and heroic, but I was under the impression you weren’t going to accept His offer and attend your own burial.”

      Fred looked back at her. “Well, clearly you don’t know me enough.”

      “And after being so dramatic on that day — it’s all put into waste.” sighed Y/N in what seemed like a teasing manner.

      “They still can’t see me, can’t they?” asked Fred just as a few people began to walk away, the ones who only went for the sake of condolence and not because they really knew who Fred was.

      Y/N shook her head, “No, you’re still what we call a pending soul.” she flickered her attention back to the place where the said Weasleys and some close friends were the only people left. “Should we go or would you like to wait until it’s only your family there?”

      He took a deep breath. “Let’s just go ahead and see.”

      “If you say so.”

      The two of them began to march in a fairly fast pace forward, Y/N unaware that Fred was slightly hyperventilating because of anxiety. He didn’t know why he was so anxious or why he was still capable of feeling as if his heart was going to leap out of his chest when it was clear that he was no longer alive. He clenched and unclenched his hands in attempt to calm his nerves.

       It was Fleur who first saw Y/N walk towards the graveyard, and upon seeing her, she gently tugged on Bill’s arm to make him look. He decided to approach the strange girl who stopped half-way to let him do what he wanted, his eyebrows furrowed because he has never seen her before nor was even sure if she was included in his brother’s peers.

      “Good Afternoon, Mr Bill Weasley.” began Y/N in a very polite and formal manner. “How are you and your family?”

       Fred nudged her quite hardly. “You really are bad at small talk. You shouldn’t have started it that way like you did with me.”

       She ignored him since she was the only person who could see and hear his presence.

       "Getting Better.“ answered Bill in an equally polite way. “Er — if I may ask, who are you and are you a friend of Fred’s?”

       Y/N smiled lightly. “To be honest, it is better if you do not know. But regarding your second inquiry, you could say that I am a friend of his.”

      Bill cocked an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

      “Can I speak to you and to those who are important to Fred?” asked Y/N, looking around. “Namely, you, Charlie, Percy, George, Ron, Ginny, your parents, and if you’d like, even Hermione Granger and Harry Potter.”

      “H-How did you know our names?” Bill was mystified.

      “Through Fred, of course.” She smiled.

      “Okay then,” he eyed her suspiciously, “why don’t you just wait here?” said Bill but he didn’t bother to wait for her answer for he was already walking away.

      “You’re creeping him out.” said Fred once he was out of earshot, as if Bill could hear him even if he was still with them. “Was it really necessary to say each of their names like you’re some kind of collector —”

      “I am a collector.” smirked Y/N and it was one of the rare times he ever seen her out of character. She was usually stuck in her poker face and serious attitude. “And please, can you just shut up? They’ll think I’m more of a nutcase if they see me talking to no one.”

      Fred fake pouted. “But you’re not talking to no one.”

      “They don’t know that, Fred.”

      “Fred?” repeated someone behind her.

       It was George Weasley with the same red hair, same brown eyes, same features, even had the same voice. His forehead was wrinkled and he seemed to have heard the conversation without his twin brother’s voice, apparently making Y/N’s guess true that they’ll think of her as a nutter for talking to nobody.

      When she didn’t answer, he spoke again. “Who were you talking to?”

     She noticed that his eyes were searching for someone he couldn’t see.

     "George Weasley, isn’t it?“ Y/N changed the subject. “Nice to meet you. I’m Y/N.”

      Fred turned to her, “Don’t you have a last name or something?”

      She ignored him like earlier.

      “Do you know Fred?” George asked, forehead still wrinkled and confusion evident on his voice.

      “I do.” smiled Y/N. “I’m actually here to deliver a message.”

      “Deliver a message?” said George, pressing his lips together into a thin line. “Look, stranger — as you can see, my twin brother is dead. He can’t be delivering a message through you or something and you can’t say he told you this before he died because I don’t know you nor would he do something like this and not tell me.”

      “Very clever, Georgie.” mused Fred.

      Y/N raised her eyebrows. “He says you’re very clever, George.”

      George’s expression softened. “He’s — He’s with us right now, is he?”

      Before she could answer, Bill tapped her shoulder which caused her to turn around once again and face the Weasley Family with the addition of Hermione and Harry. They were all staring at her expectantly as if they’ve been waiting for her arrival.

      “Good luck, Grim.” chuckled Fred.

      Y/N, hearing what he just called her, suddenly laughed. She quickly covered her mouth and muttered an apology, clearing her throat while they shared a look with one another. Though George was staring at her intently, his eyes flickering from her face to the empty space beside her.

     "Why don’t we all take a seat?“ suggested Y/N when she was done composing herself, subtly sending a glare to Fred’s direction.

      They nodded and took the vacant chairs that were used before the burial began. Now, it was only them at the graveyard, the people who were there before had gone home as well now that the ceremony was finished.

      "Hello there, everyone.” She smiled.

      Molly frowned. “Not to be rude or anything, dear, but what is exactly your purpose here? As you can see, we still have a lot of cleaning up to do after this and —”

      “Your son wants me to tell you not to be sad over his death.” Y/N cut in gently.

      “Fred?” asked Arthur in confusion.

      “Who else?” George sat down beside Y/N, facing her. “Just get into the chase. You can talk to him and see him, don’t you?”

       "You’re very clever like Fred.“ said Y/N instead. "It took him less than thirty minutes to figure out what exactly was happening.”

       Hermione gasped. “Wait a minute, you could see Fred?”

       "Something like that.“ shrugged Y/N. "The point is, I’m here to tell you that he wishes all of you a happy life. He doesn’t want someone to mourn after him, he doesn’t want people to think of him and only recall sad memories. Fred just wants all of you to be genuinely happy. There’s no other way to put it.”

        Fred sighed when he saw his mum burst into tears yet again and slowly, he stood up and approached her. Molly stopped all of the sudden when she felt a cold embrace, looking at her husband expectantly only to know that it wasn’t him who was doing it.

        “F-Fred?” called Molly with a quivering voice.

        “Tell her I’m here.” said Fred to Y/N.

        Y/N nodded. “Molly, he’s with us right now.”

        George stood up. “Where?”

        “I could feel his arms around me.” sobbed Molly. “A-Arthur, he’s really here.”

        The father of the Weasley clan opened his mouth to speak. “Tell me, who are you really?” He directed the question to the girl who was still sitting calmly on her seat, hands folded on her lap as he watched Fred do little significant actions towards his family.

        After he hugged his mother, he approached his father and gave his shoulder a tight squeeze. He then moved onto Bill, patting his back; then to Charlie, doing the same; to Ron wherein he managed to ruffle his hair — much to Ron’s shock; came to Percy and held onto his shoulder; and went to Ginny and gave her a similar tight embrace. Last but not the least was George who was following Y/N’s gaze and realized that he was the next in line.

        “I’m sorry for leaving you, buddy. Don’t worry, I’ll ask Y/N to visit you once and a while at the shop. W-Would you, Y/N?” asked Fred, tears forming in his eyes, placing two hands on George’s shoulders.

        She nodded and Fred forced a smile to his face, hugging George in which the younger Weasley twin almost fell back at the impact, breathing heavily at the sensation of Fred’s strong and cold hold, goosebumps travelling along his body because of it.

        “How are you feeling?” asked Y/N as she walks along with Fred away from the graveyard, finishing the talk with his family after two solid hours. She was now wearing the fedora hat again that made her invisible among mortals; Fred speechless with his hands inside his pockets.

        “Can I apply as a Grim Reaper?” said Fred abruptly, disregarding her question.

         She snorted. “It doesn’t work that way.”

        “Then how does it work?” He frowned. “I want to be like you so that I can act like I’m alive again. So that they can see me and I can talk to them.”

        Y/N furrowed her eyebrows. “You wouldn’t be able to talk to them even if you were.” She claimed.

        Fred stopped walking and so did she. “What do you mean?”

        “It means you won’t remember them.” answered Y/N. “And souls like you don’t get to be Grim Reapers. You’re pure and you have died a noble death. I’ve heard that the Boss only picks those who have taken their own life or were sinful when they were still living.”

        “Did you take your own life?” questioned Fred silently.

        She looked at his eyes, shrugging. “I don’t know. I can’t really remember.”

        There was something about the way she looked at him that told Fred that she considered being a Grim Reaper as a miserable punishment. From he remembers, she was older than Nearly Headless Nick and if that was true, then that meant that she has been walking around this earth for so long — watching people come and go all the time without herself having the peace she deserved.

        “Where are we going after this?” He broke free from her steady gaze.

        “To the office.” She breathed in.

        “You’ll erase my memories?”

        Y/N’s expression turned sad. “It’s part of the rules so that in your next life, you wouldn’t remember anything.”

        “Have you met me in my past lives?” wondered Fred out loud.

         In fact, she have, every single time he died she was his collector. She has met Fred in every single life he has lived — always dying at the age of 20 — and she doesn’t know why. Maybe they were destined even for a little bit; it was also amusing that even though his name changes, his accent changes, his attitude changes, he stayed the same and always asked her that particular question every time.

        “Yes, and you forget me all the time.” She laughed. “Anyway, let’s get going so that we can get this over with.”

        Fred didn’t object, he just watched her as she starts to do her thing, to move them to one place to another through shadow travelling. But before they can completely vanish, he suddenly leaned in and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips, catching Y/N in surprise.

         And that was how in every lifetime, he would forget her; because one innocent kiss from the Grim Reaper was an alternative way to truly forget your memories.

Wrapped Around Pt. 1 (Usnavi x Reader)

Word Count: 2,395

Warnings: Angst, Swears

Authors Note: Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while! Now I’m back at it again with the requests! PLEASE SEND ME FEEDBACK ON WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF MY STORY, OR WHATEVER ELSE YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT :) not my best story but I’m easing back into it.

Request: 192, 245 and 311 w/ Usnavi?

 -“If you walk out right now, it’s over for us.” 

- “What did I ever do to you?”

 -“Please don’t cry.”

Part 2


You woke up to the loud rattling of the NYC streets, still wrapped in Usnavi’s arms. You smiled slightly before moving his arms to face him. “Babe” you whispered, poking him. Nothing. God he was such a heavy sleeper. You gave him a soft peck on the nose and he stirred. ‘I see how it is.’ you thought. You smirked as you placed your lips onto his in a heavy kiss, tongue in his mouth. You moved on top of him so you were straddling him. He started to kiss back, only realizing a moment later what was happening as his eyes shot open. “Good morning.” you say moving back from him. His face bright red, he used his hand to rub his eyes. “Morning.” he said sheepishly, giving you a bashful grin. You couldn’t help but laugh. You two had been going out for a few months and Usnavi still got embarrassed easily. You slipped out of bed and made your way to the closet. You turned around only to see Usnavi looking at you up and down. When his eyes met yours he blushed once more. “Stop blushing and get dressed.” you said giggling. It was nice to know he mooned over you, it felt like you had him wrapped around your finger. He groaned loudly before rolling out of bed. He came behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, resting his head on top of yours. “Do we have to?” he asked. “Yes, unless you want to live on the streets of New York City.” you replied wiggling out of his grasp to slip on a dress. He groaned once more before finally getting dressed. “You don’t have to come with me. I’m sure you have better things to do on a Saturday morning.” Usnavi clarified. “Better things to do than hang out with my hot boyfriend? I don’t think so.” you replied brushing your hair. “Wha-did-yo-…Did you just call me hot?” he croaked out. You laughed as you looked at him through the mirror.

Once at the bodega, you sat on the counter while Usnavi wiped the counters. “You’re gonna have to get down miss.” he joked as he made his way over to you. You gave him a fake pout before reaching at his head, grabbing his hat. You slid the hat on your head and stuck your tongue out. “Naughty, naughty.” he said shaking his head. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him close. “Do something about it.” you said suggestively, raising an eyebrow. Your lips were just about to touch when the door opened causing you to jump off the counter. “God guys, get a room.” Sonny groaned as he walked into the bodega. Usnavi rolled his eyes before tossing the rag at Sonny. “Because you decided to show up 30 minutes late, you can wipe the counters.” he said heading to the back room. You awkwardly followed him there, trying to ignore Sonny’s knowing looks. You handed back Usnavi’s hat, flattening your hair. “You look good it in.” he said shoving his head into his hat. You smiled at him, leaning into his chest. “You ain’t got no skills!” someone exclaimed. You laughed at Benny’s signature entrance before heading out to see him. “Benny!” you exclaimed giving him a high five. You and Benny were best friends from high school. Usnavi gave you a possessive kiss in front of Benny. You slightly rolled your eyes at that action, you knew Usnavi was always jealous of Benny. He swore that he was into you. “Are you guys going to the club later tonight?” Benny asked once Usnavi moved behind you. “What’s the occasion?” you asked. He looked at you questioningly, stealing glances behind you to Usnavi. “Didn’t you hear? Vanessa’s coming back.” Sonny said filling out a slurpee cup. You slightly tensed at her name. Usnavi put an arm around your waist and gave you a reassuring squeeze. Vanessa was Usnavi’s ex. Things hadn’t worked out when she left for Manhattan, that was when you stepped into Usnavi’s life. “I mean I dunno.” Usnavi said looking at you. You knew he wanted to go, he wanted to resolve how he had left things off and you understood. You forced a smile and looked up at him. “You can go if you want to.” you said. “No, it’s fine.” he said trying not to hurt you. “Usnavi, I know you want to go. You can go. It’s fine with me.” you say more sincerely now. “Come with me?” he asked knowing it was a stretch. “Nah, I’m ok. I have some essays to write for class anyways.” you say. It wasn’t a complete lie.

You sat on the couch reading as Usnavi got ready to go out. He came out of the bedroom in a big red button down. “How do I look? Do I still look hot?” he asked with a smirk. You put your book down to give a glance. “Didn’t I tell you that I hate that shirt last time we went out?” you said laughing. You made your way over to him and began to tug at the loose parts of the shirt. He laughed with you. “Yeah you did, that’s why I’m wearing it.” he said. “What do you mean?” you asked confused. “I need to look bad so nobody gets with me. I’m reserved for a special someone.” he said nudging you. You laughed harder and looked at him. “Yes, yes you are. Don’t forget it.” you said sternly, joking with him. “Yes ma’am.” he said as he saluted. You gave him a push on his chest and walked over to your coat stand. You tugged his signature hat off, and placed it on his head before giving him a quick peck. “Don’t do anything stupid. please.” you cautioned, your voice cracking at the end. “You know I don’t have feelings for Vanessa anymore.” he said giving you a longer kiss to prove his point. You smiled as he waved to you before heading out the door.

“Hey man.” Usnavi said making his way to the bar, sitting by Benny. Benny handed Usnavi a shot, which he gratefully took. “How have things been with you and Y/N?” Benny asked. “They’ve been really good.” Usnavi replied. “I’ve never met anyone like her, and I’m never gonna let her go.” He said, putting his guard up slightly. Benny caught on. “Relax man, I won’t steal her from you.” He chuckled at how protective Usnavi was of you. “I’m gonna head to the bathroom real quick.” Benny said getting up. A buzzing made Usnavi look down onto Benny’s bar stool. Benny’s phone layed there buzzing obnoxiously. Usnavi went to answer it when he flipped the phone over to see your name lighting up the screen. Why were you calling Benny and not him? He tugged his phone out of his pocket expecting calls from you but there were none. His hand slightly clenched Benny’s phone before he put it back on the bar stool. Was he crazy to be this jealous? He motioned for another round of shots from the bartender, and drank all of them within a few minutes. He slammed his hand on the bar, and got up. He was going to have a good time forgetting you.

You sat at the table trying to write your essay when your phone rang, you anxiously picked it up. “Benny! I’ve been trying to call you for the past 10 minutes. Where are you?” you said into the microphone. “Sorry. I misplaced my phone.” he mumbled. “What do you need?” he asked. “Is Usnavi ok? I knew he wouldn’t pick up if he was too drunk.” you laughed. “Actually, he’s really drunk and for some reason won’t listen to me. Can you come and get him? I don’t think things will end well if he’s here for another minute.” he asked.  You sighed getting up, and grabbing a parka. “I’ll be there as soon as possible.” You knew Usnavi when he was drunk, it was like he was a different person with a shot of alcohol. Not expecting what trouble he was in, you took a taxi to the club worried to death. After digging around the people of the club you found Usnavi slung over somebody. You moved closer only to wish you hadn’t. He was slung over Vanessa, red kiss marks over his lips and neck. Benny made his way over to you. “Hey Y/N…” he began before his eyes followed to what you were staring at. “Oh shit.” he said rubbing your shoulder. “I know you probably hate him, but please get him home safe.” He said. It didn’t matter how much you hated him, you didn’t know if you could live with yourself if he got hurt. You swallowed your feelings and stood stiff while Benny called Usnavi over. Usnavi made his way over to you stumbling over his feet. “Heeeyy babbee.” he said a smile on his face. You slightly cringed and took Usnavi’s arm and slung it over your neck. “Thanks.” Benny mouthed before you dragged Usnavi out of the bar. You stood out in the cold NYC air as you tried to hail a taxi. “Mmmmm, you look good in this.” Usnavi complimented, his hand tugging at your parka. You didn’t respond, in fact you didn’t even turn to look at him. You thought if you looked at him you would lose it. Break down crying in the streets like a maniac. “Baaabeee” Usnavi whined, needing attention. You hailed a taxi and shoved him in the back seat while you climbed into the front seat. You sat looking out the window at the passing lights. You thought back to the past few months you had spent with Usnavi. The amount of times he had said he was over Vanessa, it was all a lie. You didn’t want to know what else he had lied about. The times he said he loved you, how you looked beautiful, how you were the best thing that happened to him. How were you supposed to react if that was all a lie. The taxi driver pulled up to your shared apartment and you paid him. You reluctantly got out of the taxi and opened the back door. Tugging on Usnavi’s arm you yanked him out of the taxi.

Once in the apartment you tossed him on the sofa, making your way to the bedroom tears beginning to fall. You needed to sleep, you needed time to think about what was going to happen tomorrow. “Baabee wait.” he called. You heard him get up and follow you. He tugged on your wrist and you faced him, tears falling down your face. “Please don’t cry.” he said moving a hand up to your face. You slapped it down and a shocked look emerged on Usnavi’s face. “You don’t get to tell me what to do.” you said using your own hands to wipe the tears. “Why are you like that?” he asked. “Why? Why am I like this?” you rose your voice. “Let’s see.” you used your fingers to wipe at the red smudges on his face. You brought the fingers up to his face. “This. What the hell is this?” you began to scream. Usnavi’s face became red, realizing he was caught. “I saw you” you sniffled. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He said, alcohol giving him an override of confidence. “What do you mean you don’t know? I saw you with my own two eyes all over Vanessa.” You began to cry harder. “What did I ever do to you?” you bawled. “I know you and Benny have a thing.” he said, his breath reeking of alcohol. “You know I don’t have feelings for him. I told you that. You told me you were over her though. You aren’t over Vanessa are you?” you sobbed in his face. “Can you stop crying in my face?” Usnavi shot back, annoyed that you refused to admit to being with Benny. “Answer my damn question and I will.” you say, unable to stop the fat tears from falling. “Maybe I’m not.” Usnavi said, calmly. The fact that he was so casual about this made you feel enraged. You pounded on his chest with your fists, tears falling harder now. “How dare you waste my time.” you cried as you drew yourself back. He just gave you a shrug. You sobbed harder. “I trusted you.” you cried. “Well then you can’t exactly blame me can you? It was your mistake.” he replied a smug look on his face. You stumbled back, processing his words. He wanted to hurt you like you had ‘hurt’ him. He had you wrapped around his finger. You just crumbled there, in the middle of the living room. Your knees gave out and you fell to the floor, hands barely able to keep you up. You heard Usnavi move towards the door. “Where are you going?” you managed between sobs. “Why do you care?” he slurred out. His hand hit the door knob. “If you walk out right now, it’s over for us.” you cried, still on the floor. His hand paused, and your heart stopped. His hand resumed and swung open the door. At that moment, your heart shattered into a million pieces. You cried harder, and somewhere from crying you fell asleep.

Usnavi opened his eyes when he realized he was extremely uncomfortable. When he moved, a bashing migraine caused him to stumble back. He slowly peeled his eyes open to examine his surroundings, expecting you to be next to him. Instead he was greeted by the hard floor and the apartment stairs in front of him. He was sat there, leaning on your apartment door. He hurried to get up, confused as to what happened the previous night. He began to pound on the door calling your name.

You awoke to the pounding of the door, still in a ball on the floor from last night. Your eyes were puffy from all the crying, and your hair a disheveled mess. You swung open the door only for your heart to get caught in your throat.

Usnavi stared at you, all the events of last night flooding in. He opened his mouth to speak.

Consider this: It’s pretty fucking obvious Marcus’s new boyfriend is just a poorly disguised Aiden Pearce. DedSec stacks up the evidence.

  • Marcus insists his boyfriend is just an Aiden Pearce fanboy - has the exact “replicas” of the iconic hat and coat. 
  • Loves that his boyfriend knows self defense. Owns a dozen guns and keeps a baton ready.
  • “If he really were Aiden Pearce why would he go under Abram Petrov? That’s stupid, plus Aiden is Irish, not Russian.”
  • “How do you know Aiden’s Irish?” “Abe told me.” “For fuck’s sake, M.”
  • His boyfriend looks nervous whenever Ray’s around. Ray just. Stares.
  • DedSec is so tired.

anonymous asked:

If asks are open still, could I get Leon, Souda, Kaito, and Hoshi reacting to S/O saying they love them for the first time please? ((S/O says "I love you" to the boys;;))

Of course! I hope you like them!

Request: Leon, Souda, Kaito and Hoshi reacting to S/O telling them they love the for the first time

Leon Kuwata:

- No S/O you don’t get it this time he’s definitely got it

- He no got it

- And by that I mean him learning to play the guitar

- You just roll your eyes as he tries his best to play something that sounds like a tune

- “Okay so turns out I need more practice”

- You don’t say!

- “But you’ll help me right?”

- “Only because I love you”

- “Haha ye- Wait WHAT”

- Did you just

- Omg you said it

- He’s hugging you and fanboying over it “Aw S/O you’re so cute! Say it again!”

Kazuichi Soda:

- You bet he made a new invention!

- He made a little robot who can record your voice!

- “Awh that so cute Soda!”

- “Well, come on say something to it”

- “Hello, my name is S/O”

- The little robot lights up “Hello, my name is S/O” and then it goes dark again

- “Andddd it remembers what you said so it’s sort of like a recorder”

- Hm… You have to test this out. You grab the robot and exit the room quickly

- You return about 20 seconds later and place the robot in Soda’s hand

- “Play the audio back”

- “I love you Soda - kun!” He just kinda stops and blushes

- Soda.exe stopped responding

- You poke at him until he starts responding again

Kaito Momota:

- Momota decided it would be nice to go camping under the night sky!

- He even got a tent with a little window so that you could see the stars

- You gasp “Momota - kun! I think I found a new constellation!”

- He takes hold of your shoulders, eyes wide “WHAT?! Where?”

- You point to a random spot

- “Huh?..”

- “Do you not see it Momota - kun? Here let me show you” 

- You take his hand and guide it along the stars

- “See look right here, I… Love… You!”

- That’s not a cons- OH


Ryoma Hoshi:

- You’re just sitting eating out of your sweet bag as Hoshi attempts to reach his hat that is on the very top of the coat rack

- Wonder who put it there

- “S/O maybe you’d, you know, help?”

- “Busy”

- “Doing what?!”

- “Eating sweets”

- Hoshi is not impressed

- After watching him jump a few more times you laugh “Okay, okay, but only because I love you~”

- Good. He’ll get his hat b-

- Hold the phone, what was that

- “What did you say?”

- “Hm? That I’ll get your hat for you?”

- “After that.”

- “Oh that I love you?”


- You hand him his hat and he just quickly pulls it over his face blushing majorly

  • Friend: I can't believe you want to fuck that... Dave. Why are you like that and why have you murdered everyone.
  • Me: as if I haven't drawn already porn of them.
  • Friend: ... no you did n-
  • Me: -also golden fur coat do you picture that ?
  • Me: and a fancy purple bowtie and hat set.
  • Me: also he's so scared of me I love it.
  • Friend:
  • Friend: <i>Man, you are scaring me.</i>
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: You better fucking be, <i>Old Sport. </i>
Dear Journal,

Today was a long class day. We started with potions and Sirius and I did a forgetting potions almost perfectly. Professor Slughorn was proud of us and gave the two of us a really good mark. After potions we had Charms. We worked on a few new charms that we needed to learn for the next evaluation. It was a bit boring since I already knew half of them. After Charms we had a free period and the boys and I went in the library to study (the boys didn’t actually studied, they planned their next prank on the slytherins.) I was reading my herbology notes while writing my essay when I noticed Sirius. He was asleep on the table. James was about to brush his feather on his nose but I stopped him.

“Let him sleep Merlin!” I whispered.

“Come on moony it’ll be funny!” He quietly laughed.

“If he’s mad at you for walking him up, you can’t say I haven’t told you!” I said.

He lightly brushed the tip of his feather on Sirius’ nose, making him move in his sleep.

“Mmmm.. St-top.. mmm.. Re..” he mumbled, his eyes still closed.

I couldn’t stop laughing. He opened his eyes and realized that it was James who woke him up and he pushed him out of his chair, slightly laughing too.

“We need to work on that prank! Come on! Stop sleeping everywhere and help us!” James told him.

“What are you guys planning?” I asked.

“We are going to change all the boys shampoo to a sticky gel! Their hair will look awful!” Peter laughed evily.

“Don’t get caught though! I don’t want to be the one saving your butts again!” I giggled.

“Don’t worry moons. We have this one under control.” James smirked.

After dinner, we all went outside to look at the beautiful sunset. The air wasn’t cold, it was more like a fresh sentation. We were just wearing light coats. Lily and Sophie decided to join us too. Sophie was telling us about how a Ravenclaw that was in her transfiguration class wanted to changed his cat into a hat, but failed and changed it as a furry bowl. We were all having fun, celebrating the end of the week. Lily was braiding Sophie’s long golden hair and Sirius sent me a look.

“Remus, do you know how to do braids?” He asked me.

“Lily tought me last year so I could do them on her. I think i still remember how to do them yes… why?” I responded.

“Can you braid my hair?” He smirked.

“I can try Pads! But I don’t promise you it’ll look good!” I laughed at his request.

“As long as you do it it’ll look great!” He giggled.

I sat on a higher rock so I could be able to braid the two sides of his head. His hair were soft and smelt like fresh flowers. I had trouble getting it started, but once I remembered how to do it, I was like a pro..Well.. okay a good beginer let’s say!

“I’m done baby!” I patted his shoulders.

“Really? How do I look?” He said, turning around.

“You look very cute I would say!” I kissed his soft lips.

We hung out outside until the sun was down and went back into our dorm to go to sleep, we were all exhausted. We layed down close to eachother and I could feel Sirius trying to get comfortable.

“You okay love?” I asked.

“I can’t find a comfortable position with these braids on!”

“You can take them off baby.”

“No! I wanted to wear them tommorow!” He said, pouting like a puppy.

“I can redo them tommorow babe. They will even be prettier!” I said kissing his cheek.

“Okay.. do you promise?”

“I promise i will!”

I removed the muggle elastics Lily gave him and started to undo the two braids. When I was done, he rubbed his hand through his hair and looked at me. His hair were all wavy and curled. I couldn’t hold my laugh so i softly giggled.

“I look stupid don’t I?” He said half pouting, half smiling.

“You look cute! Don’t worry!Now let’s get some sleep.. I’m tired.” I said, laying back down.

“Okay.. goodnight Re..”

“Goodnight Pads”

*sorry my day was a bit boring… I blame the classes ;)..

- Remus
Febuary 3rd 1976

Catch You - Jacob Frye x Fem!Reader

A/N: Jacob comforting reader about certain insecurities she has. I decided to write this since I’ve been feeling a little insecure lately and it turns out I actually did have a request for this as well so it worked out perfectly. I hope you all enjoy it.

Words: 1,472
Warnings: A little self-loathing

The grey, rainy day fit your mood perfectly.

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anonymous asked:

Hey Donnie! Why don't you just use a disguise to go outside? I would give you a hat and a trench coat !

Okay, take a good look at me. See me? I’m right here in this pic.

Do you see my feet? They are gigantic. They are bigger than my head. I have three toes. Do you really think there is a pair of shoes in the world that are going to cover those feet so they look human?

Do you see the color of my skin? It’s green. People get stared at for having a slightly darker skin tone as a human. What do you think green skin will do?

But what about gloves, you say? I have three fingers and those fingers are larger than most of your hand. Your hand can fit inside my hand. You really think no one is going to notice that? 

I have a hard shell on my back. Maybe a trench coat could cover it, but a trench coat isn’t going to take away the enormous  hump everyone will stare at.

The entire purpose of costumes is to not draw attention to yourself. There isn’t a human piece of clothing I can wear that is going to make me look like a normal person. I will draw even more attention to myself than if I just went out as a regular turtle. People stare at others with different hair colors. A trenchcoat isn’t going to save me. 

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Writing prompt: To get the toys from Santa, every parent has to sign a contract. The parent has to deliver after the children stop believing

Sal doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas. It’s a gamble, really, since once you start the tradition you can’t stop. Year after year of christmas trees and garlands and those awful lemon cookies his neighbors make even when the kids stop believing. But Greg’s adamant that their kids experience the joy of a Christmas morning, the scent of fresh cinnamon rolls in the air (not part of the contract, just an added bonus), and the excitement of presents.

That’s where Sal has an issue. The presents.

It’s not that he doesn’t think his kids deserve presents. They do, they’re great kids, awesome kids, the best kids really. They deserve presents and sugar and love. That’s why Sal and Greg adopted them, that’s why he even agreed to this whole Christmas thing. It’s that, once the truth is known, the financial burden of the presents falls on them.

“We can’t afford it this year,” he tells Greg, shoving a Santa cap down onto Greg’s curly mop of graying hair. Sal frowns and adjusts the hat. “Any means necessary, Greg, do you hear me? Any. Means. Necessary.”

Greg takes the rough treatment with good humor, fixing the red coat wrapped around him and tightening the belt. “Relax, hon, Chrissie and Gabby still believe. I don’t think we have to worry about our part of the deal until Chrissie’s ten. At least.”

“But Gabby’s been hanging around that Mathews girl,” Sal says darkly. “Mark my words, she knows about the deal. She knows. Anything we can do to brainwash our kids before she gets to them needs to happen now.”

“Hence the Santa suit,” Greg says, looking down at himself. It’s hard to do past the fake beard. “And is brainwashing really the right word?”

“Yes,” Sal says and tries to shove a pillow down the front of Greg’s jacket. “Because that is exactly what I intend to do.” He’s bought books. He knows how to do it.

“I’m not going to argue,” Greg says, taking the abuse with a good deal of grace. “I want to go to Burma next year and the extra funds will help. It’s just…”

Sal finishes fluffing his husband and looks up. “What?”

“I have some concerns,” says Greg.

“Concerns aren’t in our budget,” Sal says.

Greg frowns at him. “I have some concerns about the chimney. Namely its size relative to my body.” When Sal just stares at him he elaborates. “I don’t think I’m going to be able to fit down it in this getup.”

“Oh,” Sal says, “you’ll fit. You’ll fit if I have to dislocate your arms myself.” He chuckles under his breath. “One by one.”

Greg’s eyebrows fly up. “Woooow, and you don’t think you’re getting to into this?”

“No, Greg,” Sal snaps, “I don’t. Getting to into it would be actually renting the reindeer from the local zoo and hiring a local construction crew to lift them onto the roof!”

Greg stares at him. “That’s an oddly specific example. Should I be prepared to defend myself from antlered animals up there?”

“No,” Sal says, “the reindeer were booked. Now chop chop, the girls will be getting up soon!”

With a long suffering groan, Greg heads downstairs to where the ladder is set up in the garden. Sal cracks his neck and goes to manipulate his children.

New Year’s Wish: Yongguk

Sorry this was sooooo late! Uhg this was suppose to be done by New Years so well….I tweaked the story a bit since I made this so late hahah…haha….awkward laughter. Anywhose I miss this gummy bear so much but I’m so glad that the boys are enjoying the vacation this month! They deserve all the rest they can get! Anyanyways back to the scenario requested by @rwby-brought-me-baek-to-life

Hello and happy 2017! Since I’m still starting to miss Yongguk, how about his scenario when the girl makes a New Year’s wish and when Yongguk is here, he made a proposal to her. <3

Originally posted by gldnsky

A/N: this cutie TT_TT Please be feeling better! Pllllleeeaaassseee! Just be happy and healthy!

You idly sat on the park bench, swinging your legs back and forth and enjoying the cool winter breeze as you waited for a certain gummy bear. It was your day off from work and you thought that you would spend it in bed catching up on some Z’s. You thought wrong. 8:00 am sharp, your phone buzzed uncontrollably while the bright light from your screen blinded your sensitive eyes. However, your grumpy expression softened at the sight of the text message sender. Your beloved Gukkie. With his rehabilitation for his anxiety disorder, you forced him to focus his time and efforts on his recovery, you kidnapped everything related to work from his apartment. To your surprise and slight delight, with the so much free time on his hands Yongguk became clingy and whiney in a good, cute way. He would coax you into going on dates with him, come over to his apartment and just snuggle, and though the offers were always tempting you were forced away by your work and studies. You would try to compromise with him stating that your drives together to his therapy appointments were technically dates, but you would only receive a deadpan stare in return, along with a pout.  The look on his face when you couldn’t celebrate New Years with him could kill you. You felt so bad seeing his kicked puppy expression, but unfortunately you had a buttload of work that you had to catch up on. It was odd to be on the other side of the busy spectrum.

“Aiiish, it’s getting cold…” You shivered as your rubbed your arms rapidly attempting to store some heat. Yongguk had told you to wait at the park for him since he knew you had a day off from the text you messaged him a few days ago. You expected him to call you out on a date, judging by the amount of happy emojis he replied with, but you didn’t expect it to be at 9:00 am. During your reheating state, you felt warm hands cover your eyes, causing a big grin to spread on your face. “Guukkiiieee~ It’s too early for a date.” You looked up at the smiley gummy bear. You gently removed his hands from your field of vision, playing with his fingers as you held onto them.

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Sun Rise >> Yongguk, You (Scenario)

Don’t know how I’m always ending up with more than 1k words XD Enjoy!

Quote: “ Love in such a way that you make the person feel free.” 

It was three in the morning, when you heard your phone ringing beside you on the night stand. You had a long day at your work, a really long tiring day, for some prank night calls.  

Opening your tired and heavy eyes, you groaned shifting your body to the side, reaching for your phone, ready to snap at whoever was calling at an hour like this.

Without seeing who the caller was as you barely could open your eyes, you put the phone on your ears and sighed.

“You are sleeping?” A voice said from the other side, which you couldn’t recognize as sleep was taking over you again.

“Whoever you are, you will get your ass kicked. I promise. Who the hell won’t be asleep at a time like this?” You murmured, but frowned when you heard a soft chuckle from the other side.

“You are really a sleepyhead.” The caller said, making you wonder who the hell he think he was, talking as if the both of you knew each other for years.

Lifting the phone from your ear, blink to clear your vision, you smiled and half laughed when you saw who the caller was and your voice changed 180 degrees, from annoyed to cheerful girlfriend mood on.

“Oh! Why are you calling now?” You said, softly.

“You sometimes freaks me out.” He laughed and you whined, cutely.

“What is it?”

“Can you open the door?” He asked. “I’m freezing to death.”

“You are outside.” You exclaimed, kicking the blanket away from you as you ran downstairs to the front door, opening it.

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Imagine taking Ahkmenrah out for New Years.

The cold air nipped at your face. There wasn’t much of a breeze. But the closer you got to Times Square the more the tall buildings lining the streets created a giant wind tunnel. A freezing frigging cold wind tunnel. You glanced over at Ahkmenrah all bundled up in an old gray wool coat and matching beanie. His scarf wrapped snug around his neck, and his hands shoved into the pockets of his jacket.


Poor guy. He’s not used to this kind of weather. He looks so different in ‘normal’ clothes. Still hot as hell though. You thought to yourself.


“We should be able to see the ball drop from here. We aren’t going to get any closer to Times Square. Trust me.” You explained looking up and down the street. “People have been saving spots there since this afternoon. There’s a bar here that can hook us up though. We can pop in and have a drink or two before midnight. It’ll still be good.”


“So what exactly is this holiday about again?” Ahkmenrah asked shivering.


“It’s about celebrating a new year. As of midnight tonight the old year will be over and the new one will begin.” You told him.


“Why is so much alcohol consumed?” He asked as he watched a few people stumble around drunk.


“Um, I don’t know. I guess because it’s a celebration and people like to drink while they celebrate.” You shrugged. “Have you ever been drunk?” You asked him.


Ahkmenrah thought for a moment. “I did partake in some wine here and there but it was not proper to become highly intoxicated, especially for a pharaoh.” He answered. A small smile started in the corner of his mouth. He turned, facing you. “Well, there was this one time during the Festival for Sekhmet. I did drink in excess then, under close supervision, of course. I really don’t remember much though.”


You started laughing. “I promise you will remember tonight. We’re going to take it slow. I was thinking champagne? I told Emily champagne. Although champagne might not be best because the bubbles can go straight to your head. But you gotta do champagne for your first New Years. I don’t know, you seem like a lightweight. We are definitely staying away from hard liquor.”


“Lightweight? Please Y/N I assure you I am no lightweight.” He scoffed.  


“Yeah, sure.” You said as you rolled your eyes.


“Oh yes, I forgot. You are an expert at all things alcohol according to the many, many stories of drunken debauchery you’ve told us.” He said glancing at you sideways.


“Are you calling me a lush?” You accused him.


“No, no. Just stating that you have a great deal of experience because of all your ‘adventures’.” He said air quoting ‘adventures’.


You stuck your tongue out at him. “Oh whatever.”


“Oh I am so sorry Y/N. Did I offend you? I thought that’s what you were going for, you know, Mistress of Spirits.” He said sarcastically.


You gave him a playful shove. “I thought you liked my stories. Ok. Fine. Fine. No more stories for Ahkmenrah.” You said sticking your nose in the air, feigning offense.


He reached behind you and grabbed your hood and pulled it down over your face.


Flailing your arms around you shouted. “Hey!” Then yanked your hood back down and glared at him.


He had the nerve to look surprised. He turned all around, like he was looking for your assailant. Then held out his arms. “I don’t know what happened?”


You looked him shaking your head. “You think you are so damn funny.”


He shrugged, laughing, quite pleased with himself. It was impossible to be mad at him, not that you were. His face had such a unique combination of innocence and darkness you found so fascinating. It was hard to imagine him as a pharaoh, ruling over thousands of people. He was so kind and sweet. He truly cared for the other exhibits in the museum. And he was so curious about everything. The first few days after his release from his tomb he must have touched every single square inch of the museum. And asked a million questions. He did love listening to stories. Everyone’s stories, backgrounds, cultures. It was like he couldn’t get enough.


“Come on chuckles. This is the place.” You laughed as you pulled him into a nearby bar.


When you walked in, you waved to the bartender. The owner of the bar just so happened to live down the hall from you in the same apartment building. Sometime in passing you mentioned you worked at the museum, her owning a local bar. Once you had this night planned you asked her to hook you up with a bit of VIP treatment if you got her and her family free admission into the museum. The bartender motioned for you to sit at an empty table near the front. You and Ahkmenrah sat down at the table, shedding gloves, hats, scarves and coats. The owner weaved through the people toward your table with a bottle of champagne and two glasses.


“Thanks so much, Em. I really appreciate this.” You said.


“Oh it’s no problem sweetheart. I’m happy to.” She told you as she placed everything on the table. She opened the bottle and poured both your glasses. “The kids had such a great time the other day at the museum. Thank you so much for that.”


She looked at Ahkmenrah, he smiled and nodded at her. She turned back to you and winked.  “You two have fun.” She giggled as she made her way back through the crowd.


You both drank your champagne as you chatted. Akhmenrah asked you a dozen questions about the bar and Times Square. You tried your best to answer them. More than once you caught yourself studying the features of his face. Smiling faintly as he looked around the bar, taking it all in. The way his eyes sparkled. How he bites his lower lip when excited. You were aching to run your fingers through his hair. With the bottle close to gone you noticed a change in his demeanor. He seemed more relaxed, almost giddy.


“So when this ball drops, what happens then? Is that it?” Ahkmenrah asked.


“Pretty much.” You shrugged. “Why?”


“Oh nothing. It’s just I heard there are traditional things that might happen immediately after the countdown is over.” He hinted. “Things you’ve neglected to mention.”


You narrowed your eyes at him trying to decipher his words for a moment. “What did Larry tell you?”


He smirked. “I do not know you mean?”


“Ahk. Men. Rah. Tell me. What. He said.” You demanded.  


“Fine, fine.” He said leaning in eyes wide and sparkling. “He said that when you are out with someone during this celebration, after the ball drops you kiss.”


“Are you drunk already?” You asked.


“Pfft, no.” He said taking another swig. “Perhaps.” He chuckled over his glass.


“Wow. See, like I said. Lightweight.” You laughed. “And yes, some people do kiss at the end of the countdown.”


He stared at you over the rim of his glass before taking another drink. You squirmed in your seat from the way he was looking at you.


“Maybe you should slow down there alkie.” You teased.


“What time is it?” he asked.


“Close, we have about 5 minutes.” You answered.


“Good, time for one more.” He said pouring more champagne into both your glasses.


“If I bring you back plastered Larry is going to kill me.” You groaned as you took a large gulp.


“We don’t have to go back to the museum right after.” He said as he downed his glass.


You stared at him for a second before finishing your glass as well. “So, then what do you want to do instead?”


“Do you not live close by Y/N?” He inquired with a smug smile.


You almost choked on your champagne. “Yeah. Yes I do.” You stuttered. “Why?”


He looked you up and down, his tongue wetting his lips. He just grinned as he started to put on his hat and gloves. You were just staring at him. Not knowing what to say or think.


Did he just ask to go back to my place? Did he seriously hit on me? He’s always been a bit flirty but never like that. Holy balls. You thought as you struggled to put on your coat.


Ahkmenrah took your hand as he led you out the door of the bar. The cold air slammed you in the face as soon as you stepped outside. You tried to hide your face in the collar of your coat. Ahkmenrah put his arm around you and pulled you in against his chest.


“Better?” He asked.


“Much.” You mumbled against him.


“You know, there are other ways I can keep you warm Y/N.” He whispered in your ear.


You felt your face flush, you knees weaken. “I’m going to have to get you drunk more often.”


Just then a small group of people barreled out of the bar, almost pushing you both into the street. Ahkmenrah turned and glared at them. A few apologized, taken aback by the indignant stare they just received. One bellowed “60 seconds!” from the middle of the crowd. You took Ahkmenrah by the arm and moved up the street away from the people he so obviously wanted put to death. You pointed to the giant ball as it started its descent. People all over the streets started counting down. Ahkmenrah’s eyes lit up, a huge smile plastered on his face.


30 seconds. 20. He was screaming the countdown. “10…9…8…” You couldn’t help but laugh at how excited he was. His eyes fixed on the ball, yelling at the top of his lungs. It felt so good to bring him this much joy into his life. As cheesy as it sounded it was true.


“5…4…3…2…1 Happy New Year!” Everyone screamed.


As soon as the ball dropped Ahkmenrah picked you up by the waist and twirled you around. Grabbing his shoulders and holding on for dear life you squealed like an idiot. He set you back down, his hands sliding up your back, your neck, until they were cupping your face. He bent down and brushed his lips against yours, sending shivers down your spine. His first kiss was gentle, tender. The second was deeper, needy. He sucked your bottom lip as he pulled away making your body melt.


“Happy New Year Y/N.”

so the shadowhunters have this huge database of downworlders right

but can you please explain me why do they have this picture of the high warlock of brooklyn being the cutest little nugget on the top of what mount everest? 

also can i have the original copy please

Hayes Imagine (Grocery Stores)

Hayes Imagine
Request: Hii so I know you have a busy schedule so whenever you get a chance if you could , I would like a Hayes imagine. I’d like it to be where we are like best friends and we both like each other but don’t say anything because we are scared that we wouldn’t have the same feelings for each other. Idk if that’s confusing sorry but thanks (:
This is for the radiant saraad1443
“Hayes let’s go to the grocery store, my mom wants me to pick up a few things,” You tell him.

“Ugh y/n can’t you go by yourself?” He asks from the couch.

“I could but I want you to come with me, besides the couch isn’t going to go anywhere and it’s not like you have anything important to do,” You point out.

“How would you know? Maybe I do!” He exclaims.

“Oh okay, what is your oh so important thing then?” You ask him in a very interested tone.

“Don’t do that,” He whines.

“Don’t do what?” You ask with fake innocence.

“Don’t ask me to tell you what it is when you know it’s really nothing it only makes me look more stupid, UGH just stop, fine I’ll come,” He whines.You knew Hayes’ weaknesses. You should you have known each other your whole life. 

“Why do you always have to be right?” He mutters.

“I don’t you just let me,” You say with a grin as you grab your coat and hat. You pull them on and then you two are out the door.

“So what’s on the list?” He asks as you two are walking down the sidewalk.

“Milk, flour, lettuce, apples, and sugar,” You read off.

“Okay,” He says.

*At the grocery store*

You arrive at the grocery store and you both race to get to the carts first. Of course Hayes got there before you but you played it off like you meant for it to happen. Even though you and Hayes were best friends you really wanted something more but you wouldn’t ever bring that up because you knew Hayes didn’t see you that way. He always introduced you as his best friend and constantly referred to you as his best friend. But you were happy just to be able to spend time with him.

“Okay fine you can push the cart but I want to ride it,” You tell him. He chuckles but let’s you stand on the small bar at the bottom of the cart and then he comes behind you and his hands are on either side of the cart to steer. Your heart couldn’t help itself as it beat faster and faster at the close proximity of Hayes.

He started to push the cart down the aisles of the grocery store as we searched for the first thing on the list. Milk.

“Found it,” Hayes said from behind you and you looked to where he was pointing.

“Okay,” You said and you checked it off of the list. “Next is flour but I think the lettuce should be in this section too,” You said as your eyes scanned the refrigerated sections until they landed on a bag of lettuce. “I found it,” You said as you hopped off of the shopping cart and walked over to get it. When you came back with the lettuce you put it in the cart and then you got in yourself.

“Standing on that thing was too exhausting,” You tell Hayes.

“Oh I’m sure it was,” He says while nodding.

“Don’t mock me,” You say as you playfully hit him.

“Ow!” He exclaims. At first you were afraid it actually hurt him but then you realized it didn’t actually.

“That didn’t hurt,” You tell him.

“Maybe not but it was funny to watch your expression when you actually thought it did. You were at a loss for words so you resorted to sticking your tongue out at him and turning back around. You heard him chuckle.
"Okay next thing is flour. Also the sugar should be in the same section or general area as the flour,” You tell him.

*Check Out Line*

You had finished gathering all of the groceries and now you were paying for them. The lady bagged up the groceries and sent you and Hayes on your merry way.

You put the groceries into the cart and then you hopped onto the bar like you had originally done and Hayes got behind you and started running.
He was pushing the cart faster and faster until you guys got to the little shopping cart area where they herded them all. You used to call it the cart stable because it reminded you of a barn when you were little.
You got off the cart and then you and Hayes took out the groceries. As you were walking out of the cart stable you heard someone call to you.

“Excuse me,” You both turned around and looked and you saw an elderly woman coming over to you.

“Yes ma'am, do you need help with something?” Hayes asks her.

“Oh no I’m fine dear, but I was just wondering how long you have been together? I saw you two in the grocery store pushing each other around and you look absolutely adorable,” She says. You could feel your cheeks heating up at just the thought of you and Hayes as a couple but Hayes’ voice interrupted.

“Actually we’re just best friends,” He says. There it is. He always reinforced the label of best friend on you.

“Yeah,” You say with a fake smile.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that,” She says.

“It’s fine,” You say.

“Also if I may say one more thing, maybe you should reconsider that,” She says with a smile before walking away. You were stunned by it and you didn’t want to look to see Hayes’ expression but you did and he looked just as stunned.

Well this is awkward.

You turned around and dragged Hayes so he would turn around as well.
Hayes didn’t say a thing while you guys walked back.

“Do you think she’s right?” He suddenly asks out of the blue. You knew exactly what he meant but you didn’t want him to know that you were thinking about it too.

“What are you talking about?” You ask.

“You know what I’m talking about,” He says with knowing eyes. You let out a sigh. “I don’t know if she’s right,” You say quietly.

“Y/N, I’m not asking if you know I’m asking you what you think,” He says.

“Yes,” You said instantly without a thought and your eyes widened and you covered your mouth with your hand. You just ruined it, you just ruined everything you ever had.

“Oh thank god.”

“Wait–what?” You ask confused as you look at Hayes.

“I thought you didn’t like me,” He said shyly.

“Of course I like you. How could I not like you. You’re fun to be around. You’re smart. You’re funny. You’re attractive. You’re different. You’re crazy. You’re perfect in an imperfect way. You always speak your mind. You have the best laugh. Of course I like you. You’re you,” You rushed out but you slowed down at the end once you realized he was staring at you. You suddenly felt uncomfortable and you could feel the blush rising on your cheeks.

Suddenly you felt arms wrap around you and at first they startled you but then you realized they were Hayes’ and you hugged him back.

“I like you too y/n,” He said.

“Really?” You ask.

“Of course,” He said as if it were obvious.

“But you always referred to me as your ‘best friend’,” You say.

“Well that was because I thought that you didn’t like me so I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable and I thought that if I kept reminding myself that you are my best friend that my feelings would go away, but they didn’t,” He said. “And I am so glad they didn’t.”

You laughed and jumped into his arms giving him a huge hug.

“Um, y/n,” Hayes said.

“Yeah?” You ask.

“I think we need to go back to the grocery store,” He says.

“Why?” You ask again.

“Because we dropped all the groceries,” He said and you looked down and he was right. The flour and sugar had toppled over and due to the wet pavement it had ripped the bag and now the ingredients were all over the side walk.

“Oh well, I don’t mind as long as I get to go with you,” You say with a smile.
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Lazward unique accessory-giving dialogue - Translated

>Giving Lazward the Awakening Shield (known as the coat of arms shield in Japanese)

な 、なんでこれを僕に!?僕は覚醒の儀 は できないよ… ! ?

W-Why are you giving this to me!? I’m not able to do the Awakening ceremony…!?

>Giving Lazward Lucina’s mask (Lucina amiibo accessory)

うわあ、懐かしい仮面 … ! 僕 がつけていいの? なんか緊張しちゃうな。

Wow, what a nostalgic mask…!  Is it okay for me to put it on? I’m kinda nervous.

>Giving Lazward the bear hat (Lucina amiibo accessory)

うわ ああ! 相変わらず熊くさい! ! こ、これ 、僕 がつけなきゃだめ…! ?

Aaargh! As usual, the bear stinks!! D-Do I really have to put this on…!?

>Giving Lazward Grima’s feathers (Robin amiibo accessory)

これはちょっと…嫌 なこと思い出すかも。

This is a little…I may remember unpleasant memories.

 Translations by me.
Screenshots by twitter user ダムトロ ‏(@damutoro)


You hear someone nod on the door and smile - it must be your neighbor with the Christmas cake. You are a very strange neighbor - never aging girl that was sent on Earth many thousands of years ago. It took you some time to get used to this traditions of sharing cake and cookies, and stuff.

“I’m coming!” you open the door and freeze looking at the Santa-man in front of you.

“Marry Christmas!” the man standing at the door is Lucifer. Older, different vessel, but still Lucifer. “Have you been a good girl this year?”

“Lucifer? Is… Is that…” you can’t say it.

“Me?” he winks at you. “Yes, Y/N. That’s me. I am back.”

“You are back,” you make a step forward and touch his hand, making sure he is real.

“Hey,” he smiles and pulls you closer, as you slowly realize that he is actually back - your Lucifer, your best friend and ‘fiance’ (as humans call it), is hugging you. You start suffocating, unable to say a word. “I got you. Are you ok? They didn’t hurt you, did they?”

“No… No. They wouldn’t. How did you…”

“I am glad to see you too,” you feel his hands on your shoulders and waist and realize that you are standing in the cold.

“Let’s come in,” he doesn’t say anything, but simply picks you up and makes a step forward, closing the door behind you.

“Sure,” you take the Santa Clause hat and beard off, looking at the tired face, that you missed the most in the world. “Hi.”

“Hi. They told me you lost your grace.”

“Yes. I did. I fell,” you look away, afraid that you disappointed him, but he grabs your face and gently kisses you.

“Y/N. I will get it back,” you smile, as he takes the stupid coat off and looks at you with a wide smile. “You look tired.”

“Hey, that’s my line.”

“We both do, don’t we?” you nod. “I will make them pay, Y/N.”


“Because we lost a lot of time,” he pulls you closer. “I missed you, Y/N.”

“You are back. I can’t believe you are back. Have you told others?”

“They killed others,” you freeze. “Every angel that rebelled is dead. You are the only one who was saved,” he kisses you on forehead, and you stay close to him, listening to his heartbeat. “It’s just us.”

“Hey, that’s already pretty gorgeous!” he laughs.

“True. Pretty gorgeous.”

the valiant never taste of death but once

(act i.)

act ii.

They ventured out, in that first month, only a few hundred yards onto the Ice. People were going to die – Findekáno knew it, Nolofinwë knew it, the host now dug in on the shores of Araman knew it very well. But no one has died yet, and in a way it paralyzed them, waiting for it. They inched along the sheer ice faces and rolled logs across to test where it can bear the weight and were painstakingly, excruciatingly, careful. 

Climbing the ice was not in fact particularly difficult – not as difficult as Findekáno had imagined it, certainly. They had broken down the wagons into thick ice picks. You lit a fire at the bottom of a cliff and left the ice picks in it, to absorb the heat, so later they would slide like butter into their positions on the cliff. You stood there and held them, heat eating its way through your mittens and hand, and waited for the ice to freeze again around your new addition. And then you climbed down, grabbed another, climbed up, did it again. They were testing the best pick shapes and the best distances; the cliffs on the lip of Araman were studded with climbing holds, and with climbers.

“At this rate -” Findekáno said to his father -

“It would take us ten Years,” his father said grimly. “We won’t proceed at this rate, we learn more every day.”

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