A friend and local artist, Ali Cantarella, asked me and a few of her other artist friends to draw up some promo images and guest art for her awesome, successfully funded and nearly complete graphic novel “The Hasty Pastry”.  Here’s my contribution, a pinup of the two main characters Cat and her best friend Pugsly.

Check out her site: www.thehastypastry.com

Please understand I have little to no understanding of how to use tumblr effectively, hence this screen cap.

That said, YES!  Buuuuuttt not till August 23rd. I am launching a Kickstarter this month to help cover some small printing costs, but you can read it all in the black and white lineart form at Www.TheHastyPastry.com, and keep up with updates here or on my facebook :)  Thanks for your interest.  

Read The Hasty Pastry Here!

My other art and illustrations!