Hahahaha ha ha ha.

I don’t know why I’m laughing.

Oh yeah, excuse me.


-coughs- Um, anyway, onto the ep:

  • Love love loovveeee the beginning. Carm breaking her bitter, petty, post-breakup routine to express genuine concern for Laura? YES THANK YOU. We haven’t seen genuine feelings from Carm in a while :)
  • Darn it, I also called Laura closing the curtain in Carm’s face. :/
  • “Market value” wow Mattie xD. Also her hair <3
  • Mattie looked at the camera when she said “I lived through the stuff you’re lying about” THE BARON SO ISN’T LYING OMG. Why is Mattie covering for him though? .-.
  • Ohhh, I just got it but the two icons at the bottom of the screen are the owl lady and the Hastur-whatsit.
  • Also Mattie is a bit like Batman with the “plans on how to kill my colleagues.” It is pragmatic so not at all surprised Mattie did it.
  • Wow, kudos to Sophia Walker. First time Mattie loses her cool and it was brilliant.
  • Did he drop his cane because of the powers that come with being Chair or because he didn’t need to continue that farce? Hm.
  • Omg Laura you nerd this is not the time xD (It’s like the puppet debacle all over again. Poor Carm)
  • I’m always curious as to what’s written in the script when montages come on…
  • -clears throat- called it. 
  • Also, during my first run of the ep, I only saw Carm’s reaction to Vordie (nice Nat, part of your head went out of frame xP ), but omg Jeep xD He was like “Well.” and then hides behind LaFerry.
  • Laura’s “oh crap.” Aw you poor dear. She’s not even surprised at this point. Tiny gay can’t catch a break.
  • Preview: Hm, so Carm doesn’t rip through the tape, grab JP, and make a hasty getaway. Wonder where Mattie went… Ah well. Next time on Carmilla: The fallout and Laura regretting that yet another plan blew up in her face.

…I don’t know how to sum this up other than: Laura’s plan blows up in her face. The Baron, and new Board Chair, is shady and has a grudge against fixation on vampires. 

Welp. In the paraphrased words of LaF “This is gonna be fun.”

Blade of Hastur


“Hastur (The Unspeakable OneHim Who Is Not to be NamedAssaturXasturH'aaztre, or Kaiwan) is an entity of theCthulhu Mythos. ” Appeared as a benign god ofshepherds


Like the one I mentioned in octopus 102? Cthulhu’s anatomy is described as part man, part dragon, and part octopus.

-The god of shepherds????   THE GOATS!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn’t find the connections before, but knew we should not ignore the ocotupus.

And the sea theme was something intriguing me.

Now things are making sense!

I love this series. I love the hidden things <3






Cat Omens

Thought more about this feline au and even came up with a little story:

Aziraphale lived in a library and Crowley was a street cat that visited daily. One day, the bookish feline’s home was lost to a fire, so Crowley took the dusty cat under his care and taught him how to survive. However, Crowley works for a gang of bad cats; in exchange for his safety, Crowley steals food and trinkets for them. Hastur and Ligur visit him often to make sure he’s meeting his quota. Crowley keeps Aziraphale a secret since he doesn’t want him to fall into the nasty cats’ paws. During a checkup, Hastur isn’t pleased with Crowley’s work and finds out about Aziraphale. A cat fight breaks out, injuring Crowley, and Aziraphale springs into action and fights Hastur and Ligur off, causing them to flee. While the bookish cat tends to Crowley, Adam Young finds the two shivering in their cardboard box and brings them back to his home.

Adam Young adopts Crowley and Aziraphale and happy cat times are had. The End.