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violaslayvis submitted:

I would like to submit my friend Shay, a bi black trans scholar & organizer in Chicago. From his website http://decolonizeallthethings.com: “I’m Shay Akil McLean (twitter.com/Hood_Biologist), I’m a Pan Africanist (Nkrumah Toureist/scientific socialist) & anti-colonial community organizer (on & offline). I’m a Transman of African descent on stolen Indigenous land, writer, public intellectual, human skeletal biologist & sociologist.

I’m a sociologist & biological anthropologist studying STS/HASTS, bioethics, medical ethics, philosophy of biology, genomics, health, knowledge production and medicine. As a scholar I study how systemic inequity results in the differential distribution of health, illness, quality of life, and death. I’m currently working on my PhD in Sociology, specializing in STS/HASTS, genomics, & bioinformatics.

My academic work includes studying the impact of social, political, & economic inequality on human skeletal biology. My Master’s work looked at the impact of food insecurity, high poverty, & racial residential segregation on the dental health of poor Blacks in the 4th poorest city in the U.S..  It is through this work that I aim to construct community based grassroots interventions that change the marginalized’s relationships to knowledge and power to strategically gain equitable access to the very resources that heavily impact disease risk & life determinants while also resisting the ever present processes of settlement and displacement.”

He consistently provides invaluable knowledge on both on his website & his twitter so any donations at http://cash.me/ShayAkil would go directly towards a black trans person.


So I’ve gotten more than a few asks regarding my feelings on certain ships, so instead of answering the same question a few different times, I thought I would just make a longer text post answering them. Before I start there is 2 things I want to make clear to anyone who reads this: 

1. When I started watching PLL, I didn’t really care for the shipping. I was more into the mystery. 

2. I am NOT in any way, shape, or form someone who bashes others for their preferred ships. I think that’s really messed up because at the end of the day, everyone has their own opinions and are 100% completely entitled to those. 

I haven’t really ever been one to ship the main canon couples. I’ll start by telling you my PLL OTPs, which are: Jaria, Vandermarin, Emaya, and Wrencer. (I also love Sparia!!) 

I have nothing against the main ships of the show. I really enjoy Haleb and Spoby. Although, I will admit that Haleb after the Caleb/Spencer/Hanna mess, I’m not sure how I feel about them. 

Ezria, I don’t think I really need to get into this. I dislike Ezra, and I think he’s a creep. That being said, I think Lucy and Ian have wonderful chemistry. 

Emison, I want so badly to love them. I really do, Shay and Sasha have amazing chemistry so I really hate myself for not being able to really get into them. I’m so happy that they will be endgame though, the writers queerbaited the FUCK out of them throughout the ENTIRE series. They truly deserve to be together, happy, and in love. 

Honestly though, I don’t care who ends up with who, as long as the overall story makes sense and the characters I’ve been watching for 7 seasons end up in good places in life. 

So there you have it. If you want to know more, feel free to message me or throw me an ask. 

Collecting the pieces

Sooo I decided to make a final post before A is revealed and do a recap of the pieces of the puzzle I think are true:

What I’m pretty sure of: Wren is a fake doctor

He misspelled ‘diagnosis’ and even Rosewood PD calls him “Dr.” Kingston

Possible implication: His whole identity may be fake

What I’m pretty sure of: Ali planned on faking her death all along

I think she did this so she’d be remembered forever. For the same reason she wanted Ezra to write a book about her (yes, I think she also planned that). She also made sure there was a lot of story for that going on while she was gone (like leaving the diaries full of secrets for the liars to be found)

What I’m pretty sure of: The liars did something terrible that night or at least that’s what A thinks. They either hurt Bethany or Ali or both. That’s the reason for A to torture them.

Especially Spencer is involved here.

Possible reasons: They either were sick of Ali’s games and went crazy under the influence of the drugs she gave them or (more likely) were tricked into helping her to fake her death and don’t remember. Bethany in both cases was mixed up with Ali and hit because they thought she was her.

What I’m pretty sure of: Jessica wanted to help Ali by burying her. She knew her daughter could hold her breath for a very long time.

Ali always did that to blackmail her mom into giving her what she wanted.

What I’m pretty sure of: There’s a significant reason we’ve never seen Bethany’s face.

Possible reasons: Either her face was disfigured or burned in some way or (more likely) she was an extreme look alike to someone we know (aka twin)

What I’m pretty sure of: There’s a huge connection between Charles, Bethany and Marion Cavanaugh that’s gonna be very important (besides them all being Radley patients)

It’s probably gonna involve Jessica and be about who pushed Marion off that roof and why.

What I’m pretty sure of: There’s something up with Aria. They don’t show her looking into mirrors all the time and in the black swan dress for no reason.

Especially this parallel is striking af I think.

What I’m pretty sure of: Maya knew Ali was alive

Look at the bag in the background, it’s the same one Ali had when she left Rosewood (disguised as Vivian Darkbloom). The second picture is from Noel Kahn’s cabin. This means Ali probably was staying there for a while and must have met Maya there (Maya had a huge connection to that cabin).

What I’m pretty sure of: CeCe is connected to a lot of things in some way.

Note how the top CeCe is wearing is the one Mrs. Marin found in Mrs. D’s bag. I’m also pretty sure Ali and CeCe had a good reason the let CeCe try and sneak into Radlyes pretending she was Ali (I think this has something to do with Bethany).

Now I’m not 100% sure how all of this will fit together but these are the pieces I figured out.. I really hope it’ll all make sense in the end!

So I decided to edit the scene where the supposed Maya appears and now I can confirm that is her. It’s the same nose and everything. For the ones wondering which episode Maya makes an appearance in, is 3x24.

Besides, if you look at her hair in this gif, it looks very similar to the one in the photo.


Maya is coming back theory...

So, the thing is, I never in a million years believed that Maya St. Germaine died. Maybe missing, kidnapped, left under an ultimatum…but not dead; and I’ll tell you why.

Why don’t I believe that she’s dead? Well, remember that website, blog, whatever you want to call it, that Mona gave to Hanna and Aria? Remember the the videos that Maya uploaded onto it? It seemed a bit odd; right? Okay, let me explain. The way she went about the content of the videos, and that tone of voice when she was reading the poems she wrote, whom I’m guessing were for Emily…it was almost like she knew it was coming. Maybe someone was forcing her or telling her to leave, to get out of rosewood (maybe ordering her..) , or maybe she just had a feeling something was gonna happen to her. What I’m saying is, nobody in their right mind knowing that they were gonna die or that something life threatening was gonna happen to them will just sit there like sitting targets…right?

I always believed that Maya was on the A team… Why?

Remember when at the championships sharks party, that took place in Hanna’s house, when Maya out of the blue told Emily that her parents were gonna ship her off because they found an old joint? And when Emily tried to calm her down, and told her that she’d help her persuade her parents for her to stay, she said that it was no use right away? I’m thinking that if it were just her parents she would have gone with Emily’s plan and persuaded them. But that was someone else, someone she might have been scared of, someone she didn’t want to cross; and thought it was just better off to leave and save herself and Emily the trouble.

Another little thing that I think is a gigantic clue. Is it coincidental that Maya was “friends” with Noel Kahn. The same Noel Kahn that helped Ali when she was gone, the same Noel Kahn that broke into Hanna’s house when Ali asked him to…. I think not…

What annoys me is when the excuse is “I.Marlene King spoke about that in an interview once, she answered our question”. What would have been great is her actually answering and solving the big plot hole in the show, for all the fans to see. Or even for her “explanations” in interviews to make sense with the rest of the show