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Something that caught our attention.

When Spencer and Aria spoke to Doctor Cochran, it takes us into a flashback that shows Mary’s second child (who is covered in a blue blanket) being taken away by a man. BUT, when the man then delivers the baby to Veronica Hastings, it is now in a white blanket? Is this a clue, or a mistake?

ALSO, Dr. Cochran says that after the baby was born that the baby was taken away or given to family services. The flashback in 7x11 almost completely ignores this, as the same man who took the baby in the 7x08 is the same man who gives Veronica the baby in 7x11.

How safe is it to tuck?

Someone asked us:

Okay, I don’t know if you’ve had this question before, but is “tucking” safe? What are possible side effects? What are the best methods if tucking with the least amount of adverse effects to my health?

Thanks for sending in these questions! Currently, there isn’t much research on the safety of tucking (the practice of concealing the testicles and penis) so we reached out to one of our own medical providers, Dr. Jen Hastings, who’s also on the advisory board at the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health for information.

Here’s what Dr. Jen has to say: “Unfortunately, we don’t have enough research to know the answer to this question for sure. It’s possible that tucking may affect the sperm and your fertility, as the testicles are held close to the body and are at a higher temperature, which may lower sperm count and make sperm move less well. This is not thought to be permanent, and the effect on sperm should reverse within 3 months.”

“Another thing to consider is that if you use duct tape instead of a gaff, your skin could get irritated and, rarely, infected. UTIs, yeast infections, and other skin conditions are also risks if you’re improperly tucked or stay tucked for too long.” Jen suggests taking regular breaks from tucking, like when you’re asleep, at home, or in other safe situations.

Finally, no conversation on tucking safety is complete without considering your emotional and social safety. Jen says, “For many trans women, tucking is mandatory for their safety and comfort.”

In the end, it’s up to you to decide if tucking is a safe option for you and your situation, and how often you feel safe taking breaks from it.

We hope this information helps!

-Mylanie at Planned Parenthood

Private Lives Chapter Eleven

Title: Private Lives Chapter Eleven

Author:  Kat

Reader Gender:  Female (Y/N Hastings)

Word Count: 1889

Series Summary: Jensen Ackles is an incredible actor. You’re taking a break from being a doctor to figure out what to do with your life. When your worlds crash together, what secrets will be revealed?

Warnings:   This fic will have feels, okay? It’s going to be a drama.

Chapter Warnings: Little bit of blood, nothing too descriptive, bullying

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A/N: OMG FINALLY. I am so sorry to everyone for how long this took and also I’m sorry it’s a tad short. I ran into some writer’s block that has finally seemed to have cleared up. I hope you like this chapter. The wait was soooooo long. I’m so excited with it’s following and where it’s going. I just hope you all don’t kill me for it. Enjoy!! 

Character: Jensen Ackles

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“Well, what do you think about the house that Marta showed Y/N?” Jared asked, sipping his beer.

“Oh, I don’t know, it’s not a huge house, but the yard is big and the neighborhood is great. I think I’ll make an offer tomorrow,” I said back, taking a drink from my beer.

“Oh, good, Y/N still on the fence about it?”

“A little,” I replied, pondering. Y/N was worried she wouldn’t be around enough for Gen if she lived with me, but I had assured her multiple times that everything would work itself out.

My phone began to ring from the coffee table. As I reached forward to silence it, I saw that it was Y/N. She was at work at the moment, which meant it must have been important for her to be calling during her shift. I answered the phone instead.

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Spencer’s twin is A.D. or A.D.’s helper: Mary Drake’s letter theory

I’ve been re-watching 7B, trying to find some clues and episode 11 really stuck out to me, especially the scene where Spencer gets Mary’s letter.

The first thing that came to my mind was “How did A.D. get that letter?”

We have two possible answers here:

  1. A.D. found the letter
  2. Someone gave A.D the letter

We know that the letter was written when Mary was still in Radley; that’s before the 5 years time jump and before Radley was turned into a hotel. We know that A.D. became A.D. when Charlotte died, so if A.D. is someone who isn’t related to the Hastings or Drakes, why would they keep that letter for all those years?

Either A.D. is related to Hastings or the Drakes, OR A.D. got that letter through someone. This is where the elusive theories of Spencer’s twins start to make sense.

Let me explain

First of all, we can see that the letter was intended to “My Child”, but which child? It’s been confirmed that it’s not Charlotte, and if we jump back to episode 8 of season 7, Dr. Cochran (the doctor who gave Spencer to Veronica Hastings) says “I dealt with two of her babies”. He makes it sound like Mary had more than two babies. You may think “that’s just a reach, the writers probably worded it wrong,” which honestly could be true, but I believe that it was intentional. This is the last season of PLL, I have faith that the writers were careful with what they wrote and the clues that they dropped.

Let’s just believe, for a minute, that Mary gave birth to more than two babies.

We know for a fact that Dr. Cochran was not in the delivery room the night Spencer was born – the flashback that they showed in 7x08 confirms it. He was waiting outside of the room. As soon as the nurse handed him baby Spencer, he walked outside to give it to Veronica.

What if Mary gave birth to another baby minutes after he left? You may think “but he would have known”. For all we know, he could have left Radley as soon as he gave Veronica baby Spencer; why would he stick around? He was not the one delivering the babies, all he did was “take care” of them.

You may also say “but how couldn’t they have known that she was pregnant with twins?” Well, the answer to that is pretty simple. People tend to forget that Mary was at a mental institution that neglected its patients. The staff probably didn’t even perform an ultrasound on her. Why? Because the sanitarium didn’t care about the child, they wanted it gone. That’s why they hired people like Dr. Cochran to deal with unwanted pregnancies with the patients.

Let’s assume that Dr. Cochran left Radley and didn’t come back. The sanitarium probably decided to keep the baby for the night and that would give Mary enough time to write that letter. She gave birth, not undergo a surgery. Mary could have decided to give that letter to the second baby she delivered, given the fact they’ll probably be abandoned.

That would explain how A.D. got the letter. If Spencer’s twin exists and is A.D., then that would mean that she had the letter safely kept for all those years. On the other hand, If she’s A.D.’s helper, then the twin probably gave A.D. the letter in order to help him or her.

The little kid in the BAU

There was a little girl in the BAU who was sitting down by the office glass door.

Everybody was wondering who she was because she only looked 5 years old or maybe even 4 years old.

She was drawing in her sketch book with headphones in her tiny ears minding her own business in her own place.

“Hey, what’s that little girl doing In here?” Emily said.

“What little girl?” Aaron said as he came down from his office.

“That one.” Emily pointed out as they all saw a little girl with long curly hair with a white headband with a bow on it , beautiful blue glowing eyes, a white dress with butterflies covering it, with white laced sandals with lace strings tied into a bow.

“Maybe she’s lost.” Jj suggested.

“Theirs no way she could be lost,no kids would just wonder in here without knowing where she was going.” Spencer stated.

“You think she’s somebody’s kid” asked Derek.

They all kept staring at her as they saw her flip a page on her sketch book and started to write something on it putting her pencil down she lifted up her sketch book towards them in big bold letters where the words.

“I know your talking about me, I can feel you stares. Just say hi” when she felt like they all ready she put her sketch book back down looking up as her beautiful eyes glowed in the light as she smiled and did a little rascals wave.

Making them smile at her, then suddenly a person walked pass her and she was gone scaring the leaving hell out of the BAU team.

“Where the hell did she go” spencer asked.

“I don’t know” Aaron said.

In full thought they didn’t hear or see Garcia come up behind them as she scared them.

“Wow what’s gotten into you guys?” She asks as they calm down

“They were spoked out by a little girl that was their but suddenly disappeared.” Rossi said.

“A little girl huh.” She says as they mood their heads yes.

“Would that happen to be this little girl.” She says with a smile as she then moves out of the way and shows the little girl that was on the floor drawing and listening to music was now in front of them drinking a juice box with a big box of fruit snacks on her knees eating them.

“Aww she’s even more pretty up close, what’s her name?” Emily says

“Her name is (y/n) Garcia” Penelope says as she looks down on her.

The little girl looks up and waves at the team while drinking her juice then eating her fruit snacks.

“Does she talk?” Aaron says

“Not while she’s eating.” Garcia answers

“Looks like your eating a lot of sweets their dear.” Rossi said with a smile.

“Well can I have spaghetti then?” She says with a smile.

The team smiled in awe at her adorable ness.

“We’ll go get you some when we get home,okay” Garcia says.

“Okay!” She say happily.

“But in the mean time this is Spencer, Emily, Derek, David, and Aaron” they all said hi.

“Hi,hi” the little girls says back.

“Wait…Garcia. You had a baby?” Derek says.

“What! no! She’s my sister” Garcia said making her little sister laugh and falling over.

“So why is she here?” Aaron asked.

“She’s are new programer.” Garcia says

“Really, that’s sick” spencer says

“Uhh!” She shrieks

“What’s wrong sweetie?” Aaron asked

“Someone has hacked into my data bAse! Come on mrs.snugglebite we have to stop the ugly bunny.” She grabs her sisters hand and runs back to the lair.

“Hahaha they’re so cute” Emily says

“A little girl working for the BAU that’s nice.” Rossi says.

“I guess now we have to protect her as well.” They all laughed and now were ready to start their day.

PLL Theory

I’m calling it. Aria knows who killed Charlotte, or at least something about the night she was killed. First she denies even leaving the hotel and then lies about going out to get her phone charger. Hanna tells her that she knows she was out for longer than that, but Aria in a sense tries to brainwash her, saying she remembered it wrong and was drunk. She then marches straight over to Ezra’s apartment and tells him that they never saw each other that night and of course Ezra goes along with it and doesn’t really look that surprised. The girls then find the tape of Aria leaving the hotel and confront her about it. So Aria tells them about Ezra (her alibi) and throws the suspicion straight off herself. Spencer doesn’t seem to truth her at first, but then Emily and Hanna convince her otherwise. And to think, the girls were so close to actually realising what Aria was really like.

Then at some point the girls give statements to the police and Aria lies about leaving the hotel. Seeing as the tape is currently ‘missing’ and has an unknown whereabouts, there’s nothing to say that she wasn’t there all night. The girls must back her up on this. Again, bad decision. In 6x18 the police receive a witness statement about an attractive brunette calling someone from the 2 crows diner. And who does Tanner go straight to? Aria. That in itself is suspicious. What about Spencer, or more importantly Mona who it actually was. Why not bring in all three? Because Tanner suspects Aria. She always has. Remember back in season 5 when she goes to Aria’s house to talk to Byron. She doesn’t go and talk to the other girls parents’. She tells Byron that the police are interested in Aria and that she is certain Aria is part of the complications.

The first sneak peek for next weeks episode shows Emily telling Hanna and Aria that Mona was the one who called Charlotte, but she never showed up. Aria then immediately suggests going to talk to the police, reminding the girls on several occasions that she’s still on the suspect list, which she clearly doesn’t want to be on. Why? Because she’s guilty. And not just of the fact that she left the hotel, but for everything that’s been happening to the girls since ‘A’ arrived in Rosewood.

Isn’t it convenient that as soon as Aria’s been taken down to the police station, she gets ‘set on fire’ by this new ‘Uber Bad’, who, may I just point out, really doesn’t seem to give a crap about torturing Aria at all. I know that she got burned by the fire, but she still hasn’t received a single personal text from ‘Uber Bad’ and I seriously don’t think that she’s going to in the remaining two episodes either.

I honestly believe that Aria getting burned was her playing the victim, thus throwing suspicion off herself. And an added bonus to that was that she could see how Ezra felt about her. She hit two birds with one stone. ‘Uber Bad’ proved that they were serious and when Ezra came running in, she knew that he still has feelings for her and cares about her. I mean, come on. It was so obvious when her face dropped as she saw Liam. She clearly would rather have been with Ezra.

So who killed Charlotte? Well, presuming that Charlotte is actually dead, which could go either way judging on what’s happened before, I actually think that it was Elliot (Dr Rollins). I didn’t at first, but after watching the 6x19 promo and seeing Alison clearly drugged up when she turned up on Aria’s doorstep, I honestly believe that he could have killed her. Charlotte went to the church. Why? To get married to Dr Rollins. But then he killed her instead.

But where did he get the idea from? What if Aria found Spencer’s paper? We know that Ezra read it, so he could have told her about it. What if Aria went out that night to check that Charlotte arrived at the church and then texted Elliot to say that the plan was in action? Ideally Aria wanted Charlotte to be locked up in the hospital forever. I predicted weeks before 6x11 aired that Aria would be the only one to say that she was still ‘scared’ of Charlotte. But that failed, so there was only one thing that could be done to keep Charlotte quiet. Kill her.

What did Charlotte need to keep quiet about? Well, the fact that she was just another cover up ‘A’ like Mona. There was no way that Charlotte could have built the Dollhouse and stalked the girls everywhere. No. She was only ‘A’ during season 4. She was Kisses -A and Mona was - -A. But what about -A? Well, that was and always has been Aria.

But this new villain isn’t part of the ‘A’ team. They’re clearly a copycat. So who are they? I can only think of Melissa at the moment. Marlene did say that ‘Uber Bad’ was related to one of the liars and ruling out the twin for a moment, the only liar with a sibling who’s got a storyline this season is Melissa. (I mean, I highly doubt any of the parents would do something like this, nor Jason who’s just disappeared off the face of the earth). Why? Because she’s being blackmailed.

Now, here comes the interesting part. Why isn’t Melissa attacking Aria? Because she knows about Aria being ‘A’ somehow, through Wren or Charlotte, I don’t know. I mean, she did try and kill Aria on the Halloween train, no questions asked, along with Wilden, so she must have suspected Aria for something. So they made a deal. Aria would help her find out who the blackmailer was. Only Aria lied to her and actually helped Rollins to kill Charlotte. Now all she has to do is sit back and watch the fun. Which seems something extremely like what ‘A’/Aria would do.

I mean, let’s talk about the wedding photos for a second. Only 12 photos were taken on that night, three of them from this ‘Uber Bad’ person. Aria was in the photo, which presumably means that she didn’t take the photo, but we can’t actually see her face, which I think was deliberate. Does this mean that she has a twin? That would be the best reveal ever. I can’t think of any more hilarious than two Aria’s running around Rosewood. The town would literally be screwed.

Aria looks at the photo that supposedly has her in it and then instantly zooms in while saying ‘I wonder who took it’. I hate to break it to you Aria, but zooming in isn’t going to tell you who took the photo. But conveniently zooming straight in on the note from ‘Uber Bad’ will get the girls freaking out. So was Melissa at the wedding? Highly unlikely, so I’m guessing Aria stepped in. What I am sure of it that Aria didn’t want Hanna to be there? Her reaction when she found out that Hanna definitely wasn’t positive. Maybe because she’d have to come up with another plan, or maybe her twin was going to be there? I’m not sure, but there is something fishy about the whole wedding thing.

Then afterwards Aria marries Elliot and Alison, no questions asked. Her reaction when she saw Alison was absolutely priceless. Of course, she was in on the fact that Elliot has drugged her, but clearly hadn’t been expecting Alison to be all ‘BFF’ towards her. This is literally the first Arison scene where the two girls haven’t looked like they could slit each other’s throats. They clearly have always hated each other, which is why Aria looked completely dumbfounded that Alison was acting like they’ve been best friends since they were born.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Aria was and always has been involved with the ‘A’ game and torturing the liars. Whether she actually realises it or not, which I don’t think she does, we don’t know just yet. With all the evidence pointing towards Aria and her constant shady behaviour in every single scene, she has to be guilty of something. I mean, seriously. I found around 20 Aria is ‘A’ clues in the pilot and there are literally about 2 for Mona, if that. Aria will always be the lead ‘A’ in my eyes no matter what, but if she’s not revealed to have at least some input in the ‘A’ game, I will be complaining. There’s just too much evidence to deny that she isn’t helping out or controlling the game.

Private Lives Chapter Twelve

Title: Private Lives Chapter Twelve

Author:  Kat

Reader Gender:  Female (Y/N Hastings)

Word Count: ~2300

Series Summary: Jensen Ackles is an incredible actor. You’re taking a break from being a doctor to figure out what to do with your life. When your worlds crash together, what secrets will be revealed?

Warnings:   This fic will have feels, okay? It’s going to be a drama.

Chapter Warnings: Talk of spousal abuse

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A/N:  This chapter took a long time to get out and I am sorry for that, but I hope you like this surprise chapter! I’ve been extremely busy between work, wedding planning, and doctors visits trying to figure out what is wrong, but I have been thinking of you ALL! Much love and please enjoy!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Thank you to all who submitted names to me. The two names chosen were Oliver and Laurel! 

Character: Jensen Ackles


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“Thanks, Mom!” I yelled, darting forward and wrapping my arms around Y/N. Suddenly I realized what I had said and my heart started pounding in my chest.

I pulled away and looked between Dad and Y/N nervously. At that moment, Gen, Jared, Tom and Shep came in.

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My Thoughts On "In the Eye Abides the Heart"

This video chat is probably the closest we’ll get to Aria being A.D. (Boo) so I’ll take it. I'love double take Ezra going to jail.

Good catching yourself Spencer that you wouldn’t have known Rollins/Dunhill was dead until the finger popped up…

Aria always had it easier than the other girls and A.D. seems overly eager to work with her. If she had the twin it would make me insanely happy.

Whoever A.D. is they must know Aria pretty intimately to be able to see it in her eyes when she’s lying..cough*cough Ezra….

Marlene I’m gonna need you to be a tad more specific than A.D.’s motive being “everything”.

Those comic drawings are pretty good. Does that mean Lucas could’ve drawn the pictures we think Bethany drew?

Spencer and Mary are literally sending each other messages in a bottle.🤦🏻‍♀️

A was always 5 steps ahead of the Liars. So if A.D. Is legit learning things from Aria this A sucks.

A.D. is a magician!!! 🎩

Who has access to those lockers? Ali, Paige, Emily and the high schooler who is Ali 2.0 (I can’t remember her name bc that’s how boring I find new characters).

Can someone tell me the point of “stopping” the game? If A.D. wants the girls to take their turn and they refuse, there’s a consequence. A.D. can still use these consequences to force the girls to do things even without the game.

Can’t Ezra just drive to Maine? 🤔

Not for nothing but all of Ezra’s girlfriends get kidnapped.

Aria should’ve looked in that bag bc guaranteed there was an Aria mask in it.

What the fuckety fuck Paige?

So we definitely just met Spencer’s twin right?

Um idk Ezra maybe it would occur to you to tell Aria?!? Or write it down for your next “book”…

Why is Ali thanking Emily for trusting her? Bc we shouldn’t and for all we know that baby isn’t Emily’s? Even though I think it is bc Marlene thinks this storyline is a “romantic” way to bring Emison together.

Dear God I want to see what’s in Arias file. Or maybe I don’t because it’s bound to be a let down?

This episode wasn’t as slow moving as I thought it would be. However, this most definitely doesn’t feel like the last few episodes of the “season of answers”. So in the infamous words of Paige and Emily: Nobody wanted this. Somebody did (MARLENE 😠). They just didn’t ask any of us.

LOL thanks for reading! ✌🏼

SLYTHERIN: “You think I’m fighting in here to keep you from killing me? Who the hell do you think you are that you think this is just about one person trying to stay alive? Do you think you’re just some guy I’ve fought? You’re a cancer. I’m not the patient. I’m the scalpel.” -Christopher Hastings (Dr McNinja: The Adventures of Dr McNinja)

I’m just gonna put out an unpopular PLL theory out there before the end of the show next week.. so after episode 19, A.D. is totally dr. sullivan.. like the car driving at the end of the episode? we all know dr. sullivan had to get to rosewood and was on her way there!!! also, the weird A.D./Aria facetime chat person looked and sounded a lot like dr. sullivan, not paige.. although there was a little bit of paige in the facetime person so she could be on the A team too.. And now to the more popular spencer twin theory.. they only reason at all I kind of  believe it is b/c there’s that random scene with spencer and wren which does not go with the flow of the episode AT ALL and there’s no follow up on it and “spencer” asks ezra to pretend he never saw them there which all adds to the spencer twin and wren as AD theory…. so in conclusion.. A.D. is a big team of ppl probs

Private Lives Chapter Ten

Title: Private Lives Chapter Ten

Author:  Kat

Reader Gender:  Female (Y/N Hastings)

Word Count: ~2700

Summary: Jensen Ackles is an incredible actor. You’re taking a break from being a doctor to figure out what to do with your life. When your worlds crash together, what secrets will be revealed?

Warnings:   This fic will have feels, okay? It’s going to be a drama.

Chapter Warnings: None really for this one, lots of parenting moments. 

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A/N:  This has taken awhile. Honestly, my life is insane right now. I have so many things happening. I haven’t stopped writing, but it has been hard trying to find time to actually post my writings. Thanks to those who are sticking with me right now, I truly appreciate it. 

Character: Jensen Ackles


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“Thatcher Ackles!” You yelled. “If you don’t get down here, you’re gonna be late for school!”

“I’m here, I’m awake!” Thatcher jogged into the kitchen and grabbed a PopTart that was waiting for him.

“You are lucky today is my day off, Kiddo,” you said, glancing at him.

“I know, I know. Thank you, Y/N.”

Once you were in the car, Thatcher sat in the passenger seat quietly. He looked like he was thinking something over. You looked over while stopped at a red light and noticed a small frown on his face.

“What’s up, Thatch?” You asked curiously.

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“Spence” she says as to get his attention,“don’t call me that” he shot back with anger in his tone which had shocked her.

He would never look at me with such hatred or ever talk to me with such anger in his voice.

“What did I do?, did I do something wrong?” She asked in concern.

“What do you think!” He shot back with a loud voice scaring the girl a lot as tears dropped down her face.

“Why are you mad at me? I didn’t do anything to you.” She says as to complete her argument.

“You made me lose her! She was the only girl that I loved! And now she’s gone because of you!” He yelled at her

“It wasn’t my fault I was told to-” she was cut off by him saying “ I don’t ever want to see or talk to you again” and he walked away.

Leaving his best friend to drop down to her knees and hold her hands over her heart as she cried in the empty room.

Breathing heavily she can see spencer heading to the elevator to leave as he was being stopped by every member of the team but he kept going.

Looking down and hiding under a vacant desk with her knees to her chest she can hear the door open and a voice call out to her.

“(Y/n) are you in here?” A soon as she heard the voice she knew that it belong to one person Aaron her boss.

Not saying a word or even trying to make a sound so he can just go away, she can hear him let out a deep breath and closed the door.

But she knew what he was trying to do s she stayed quiet and waited for him to actually leave which seemed like an hour or so.

Everyone began to start leaving until she was the only one there she got up from under the desk she walks out of the room and gathered her things and headed to the elevator.


The elevator sounded and it opened its doors walking in and pressing the button for the lobby the doors closed.

It started it ascend down at a normal speed then suddenly it stops, (y/n) scared to death already she tried to press the button on the elevator door but nothing was working then Suddenly the elevator started to fall but then stopped,now (y/n) was completely terrified.

“Someone please help me!” She than called out but their was no answer and that was it the elevator feel down and with a mass explosion killing her instantly.

- few hours later-

It was now 4 in the morning as build was found on fire in the basement when agent hotch had gotten a call.

“Ring ring”

He reaches over to grab the phone that was on his dresser.

“Hello….this is him….really!? When!?….okay I’m on my way”

Getting up out of bed he put his clothes on and headed out the door and calling the rest of the team as well.

-seconds later-

They all showed up to the seen as the fire department cleared all the fire and the paramedics walking up and out of the building with a body bag.

Just then spencer pulled up and jumped out if his car and tried to run to the body bag that was laying on the sidewalk but his team stopped him.

“Spencer! Spencer stop!” Morgan said as they are both breathing hard.

“No! Let go I have to see her! I have to make sure that’s not her! Please let me go!” He pleaded back with tears in his eyes.

“Let him go” Aaron said to Morgan

“But hotch” Morgan tried to protest but he knew to let him go.

He takes off to the body bag and opens it as he sees his best friend lying in the bag her hair burned off in some places along with her body and clothes.

He cried over her and told her he was sorry shaking and crying out of his mind he was going delirious.

As the rest of the team watched and put their hand over he’s shoulder as tears escaped their eyes as well.

“I’m sorry (y/n)…p-please open your eyes for me pleases…I’m so sorry” as he cried Garcia couldn’t take the pain in her heart so she walked to a quiet place and cried for her friend.

One of their team members had described what appears to be a letter that was left on the ground just outside of the building.

Rossi grabbed the letter reading it and then passing it on to Aaron who looked at it and called the team back over to where they were standing.

“What’s going on please tell me this was an accident"Emily had said to Arron but she was sadly mistaken.

"No not exactly” he said to the team as he was about to go on spencer spoke up.

“What do you mean not exactly?” He said as he is sniffling with red puffy eyes.

“She was murder” Rossi had said which left everyone in shock not knowing what to say, someone had killed their friend a member of their family. And the last thing spencer does is scream at her for something that was not even her fault.

Spencer couldn’t hope but to feel guilty,“what was that paper in your hand what did it say?” Rossi and Aaron looked at each other than they spoke up.

It said, “ you shouldn’t have screamed at her for something she didn’t do, now she is on her way to say hi to her brother”

“That’s right (y/n) brother had died in a car crash it think this person is watching are vey moves and if we are mean to each other it kills one of us making the other feel guilty.

"And it was me I said those mean things to her I made her cry it’s all my fault, I killed my best friend spencer says to the team.

"Don’t worry spencer will get the asshole who did this to (y/n), promise” Aaron said as they all walked out to go solve the case of their best friend.

Spencer can hear her crying voice and pleads to him as she wanted to say sorry for something she didn’t so to gain the trust of her friend back the words kept repeating on his head the words that said.

“Why are you mad at me”

“ I don’t know, I was never mad at you I was mad at myself” spencer as the body of his former friend was driven off to the hospital.

Mother of all Theories Part 3: Uber A

So, hiatus time has come yet again and we find ourselves looking for any clue, any shred of information to hold us over until PLL comes back and saves us from the void it leaves while off-air. Normally during this time I tend to go back and re-watch every season to find out who A is, but this hiatus is different. A new story was told with entirely new players and we were given a mere 10 episodes to wrap our minds around this new villain. Or… Is it a new villain at all?

Charlotte is alive. She is Uber A. It was planned from the minute she was caught.

When Nick and I figured out that Rollins was indeed one of the bad boys of Rosewood, something about it just didn’t seem right. We knew he was bad, we knew he was using Alison, we knew he had a lot to do with the bigger picture… But how, if his motivation was indeed Charlotte’s death, did he know to seduce Alison BEFORE Charlotte had even died?

It’s because he and Charlotte had planned it from the very beginning, or rather- Charlotte had planned it from the very beginning. When Charlotte’s plan to blow up Radley was foiled by the liars in 6x10 and she was taken into custody, she knew she would most likely be in either mental institutions or jail the rest of her life, and Charlotte just would NOT stand for that. She had done too much to too many people and she had worked too hard to spend the rest of her life locked away, she had already spent too long locked away thanks to Kenneth and his transphobia.

I was going over Bethany’s tapes after the recent finale after figuring she was talking about Mary and Cece, “Is it like mother like daughter?” I had always wondered why this was said… Because as far as we knew, Jessica had never done anything evil or bad to anyone the way that Bethany was describing. And then the next tape “You could be the nicest person in the world, she gets them to do … 5 minutes with her and you’d drown a bag of kittens if she asked, 2 minutes if you’re a man!”

Charlotte seduced Rollins while she was in the mental asylum, she seduced him and made him fall in love with her- she made him afraid to lose her and brought him in on the plan. I wondered, if Charlotte was indeed sorry for what she had done and if she was done messing with people- why call Wren and tell him what Melissa had done? Why antagonize Melissa further by taking the only thing she had left?

Simple. Because it was a set up.

Charlotte had the video of Melissa’s confession, she had it and she wanted Melissa to know she had it. We know for a fact that Melissa was in Rosewood when Charlotte was “Murdered” if her luggage handle was supposed to be the murder weapon, it was all a set up.

Now, how did Charlotte get away with faking her death? Easy. She used the same drug she used on Kenneth, Mona, and Jason to get away with it, the drug would send her into a death-like sleep. She was paralyzed, couldn’t move, couldn’t say anything, all she had to do was keep her eyes closed, and as for the autopsy? That was Dr. Rollin’s doing, after all who better to doctor a medical record than an actual doctor who could get her medical records?

This is why Veronica’s health records were brought up, we were meant to question who had access to medical records and why exactly that person was there in the first place… It sure as hell wasn’t to check on the health of ones mother. This is also how Yvonne’s abortion was brought to light, someone with medical clearance and access to all medical records was working with Charlotte to make sure she was in fact declared dead.

Now, why seduce Alison? To get half of her company back of course, how was a corpse supposed to run a company from the grave? She couldn’t, so she employed Rollins to do it for her.

She has everyone fooled. Even her own birth mother. She has to make people believe she’s dead so that she can live, having Mary believe that she is dead and employing her as “A.D” (which is yet another huge hilariously obvious clue that Charlotte is alive which I will get back to later) while also blackmailing Melissa to find her killer is absolute genius. She has multiple people on a wild goose chase to find her killer so her case will be closed, no one will question her death. They saw her body. They have the murder weapon. They have the killer. Or at least, they think they do.

As I said before, this “amoji” isn’t the killer, nor is it Mary/Rollins, but it is in fact Melissa trying to turn the killer over to Mary/Rollins- the fact that it was said over and over that they needed the killer by election day meant they had a deadline. If “amoji” were in fact Mary or Rollins avenging Charlotte’s death, they wouldn’t NEED a deadline, they would just keep going until one of them admitted to it. This is why Melissa was calling over and over during Veronica’s election party, it’s most likely Rollins/Mary/Charlotte gave Melissa the election day deadline and if she failed to get one of the girls to admit it they would release her confession video- this would destroy not only her life, but her entire family as well.

Now, to get down to this “A.D.” business, I’m sure a lot of you are aware that after year 1 of our calendar, it is referred to as “A.D.” (Anno Domini means “Year of our Lord” in latin… Latin lessons coming in handy finally.) Mistakenly people think it means “After Death” because B.C. means “Before Christ” but it really isn’t true, I actually had wondered why religion was becoming such a thing on the show… Like they praying? It really just came out of nowhere, and the fact that the church has become like the center of Rosewood (Yaaay for staying out of the DiLaurentis and Hastings yards!) and the fact that raising from the dead is becoming kind of a thing… Also with Charlotte’s mother being named Mary… It really is just entirely TOO coincidental.

People also keep asking me how Sarah Harvey plays into all this… The poor sweet cinnamon roll has quite literally been trying to help the girls since she was discovered in the dollhouse. When she was discovered, she tried over and over to get the girls to look at Charlotte- when they thought it was Andrew, she said “Are you SURE it’s him?” In the 6x10 finale when the girls were trying to get in Charlotte’s control room Sarah gave them the combination and then locked them inside SO THEY WOULDN’T GET HURT. AND WHAT DOES SHE GET? ELECTROCUTED AND PUNCHED IN THE FACE! I believe Sarah knows, or at least has a very high suspicion that Charlotte isn’t dead. And while she knows the liars hate her, she wants to protect them (lord knows WHY)… Which is why she lead a breadcrumb trail down to the tunnels in her room, along with Mary Drake’s patient file. She wants the girls to know Charlotte wasn’t telling the entire truth in 6x10, she didn’t pluck the name Cece Drake out of the air for no reason.

Charlotte knows exactly what she’s doing, she always has a plan, and when plans don’t go as planned… She makes up a new one. This is her game, no one can take it from her.

Welcome back, bitch.