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Hey, your blog is amazing! Could I have headcanons/scenarios (whichever's easier for you) for Gaara, Kiba & Naruto when their s/o sacrifices themselves for them and ends up dying in their arms?? Sorry it's pretty sad >_<

this was a long one and it absolutely killed me. thank friend

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Gaara Reacting to his S/O Dying in His Arms

His eyes were everywhere, unable to focus on one thing for too long, but he made it his top priority to make sure you were alright. He caught snip-its, little flashes of your hair, your specially made kunai flying across the field.

Gaara had put his hands up in the air to defend himself with his sand from a sudden onslaught of kunai and shuriken lobbed his way, hearing someone shouting for him. He was focused on the fight in front of him, he didn’t even notice the fatalistic grunt behind him.

Curious, he turned his head to the person behind him, only to find you with a blade through your gut.

“I-I…” You groaned. “I tried g-getting your attention…”

It was like time slowed down to a near halt, like everything was moving in cold molasses as you began to fall. Gaara’s body felt like it was encased in ice, however his blood was boiling at a white-hot rage. Creating a large arc with his sand, knocking the enemies back, Gaara ran over to you, picking you up and holding you close.

“____ please… Please, keep your eyes open, please don’t stop breathing… ____, please…” Gaara begged. “I-I can get you to a healer… Please, just…”

“Gaara, I-I…” The colour in your face had drained, your lips bereft of the familiar pink he’s kissed all to often. Your hand reached up, shaky, tangling your fingers in his hair, barely tugging.

“Please…” He whispered a silent prayer, however it was too late. You were gone.

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Kiba Reacting to his S/O Dying in His Arms

It was supposed to be a simple intelligence gather mission. Who knew it turn this way? It was going so well before, you and Kiba hadn’t come across any of the enemy ninja, and you were as silent as possible. How did they find you?

“Kiba, keep an eye of your surroundings.” Your voice was quiet amidst the noise of the enemy approaching. “I’ll go grab the intel and meet you back here.”

“No…!” Kiba protested, holding onto your arm before you ran off. “I’m coming with you.”

You couldn’t resist the puppy-eyed look he was giving you. Akamaru tugged on your sleeve gently. “Fine. But stay close, I don’t want to lose you. Either of you.”

Both of your footsteps were fast paced across the flooring, avoiding hordes of enemies, ducking and covering, trying to stick to the shadows. It felt like an eternity before you both got the intelligence you needed, making haste to the main gates.

You looked over your shoulder, eyes widening as you saw an attack intended for Kiba. “Look out!” Your instincts ran in at a new speed as you shoved your boyfriend out of the way, taking the full fatal attack intended for Kiba’s back.

“No!” Kiba’s voice was shrill as the enemy withdrew with the intelligence you and he had taken, suffering a bad bite from Akamaru. “No-no-no, no!” Kiba held you close, your blood soaking his jacket. “No! You’re not-no!”

You raised a blood covered hand to his face, cupping his cheek in the palm of your hand. You couldn’t form words, everything was blurry, save for Kiba’s face.  You felt numb, and if Akamaru was nudging you, trying to get attention, it wasn’t working.

“No…” Kiba buried his face in your shoulder, sobbing as quietly as was possible, given the situation. “P-Please, don’t…”

As silent as the night, he heard you gag out the last three words he would hear for eternity; “I love you.”

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Naruto Reacting to his S/O Dying in His Arms

War was hell, that much was true, and Naruto thought he had it in the bag when you arrived at his side. Sure, you were a little worse for wear, a little tired, but having you at his side made it all seem better. His father was there, yes, Naruto had introduced the two of you, but that didn’t make the tension in the air disappear.

You jumped to his side, completely out of nowhere, making a small grunt, Naruto completely focused on keeping an eye on the area. Minato had followed not a second after, only to stop short. He still couldn’t believe that all these people were fighting for him and Bee.

“Naruto…” Your voice was uncharacteristically quiet, if a little shaky.

“Hey,” His voice was the only think keeping you from closing your eyes. “You alright?”

“Never…” You did what you could to hold back a wince. “Better.”

“Naruto…” Minato’s voice was warning him.

Naruto dared a glance at his father, wondering what he meant. He turned his attention back to you and the fight, trying to keep both of you out of harm’s way. He couldn’t help but think there was something deathly wrong, however. He never knew how right he was.

“Remember when…” You took a sharp intake of air.  “I told you to keep an eye on your surroundings…?”

“Yeah…?” Naruto was beginning to really worry, and that gut-wrenching feeling of worry wasn’t for nothing when he saw you with a nasty gash across your chest. “____…” His eyes were wide, unable to process what exactly had happened. “No… No!” He held onto you before you fell. “No, I can’t lose you too - ttebayo!! What can… No!”

“It’ll be alright, Naruto…” Your voice was quiet, Naruto’s sobs barely muffled in your blood-soaked shoulder.

Naruto felt a hand go on his shoulder. His father, most definitely, but he shrugged it off, unable to muffle his cries any longer as he heard your last breath leave your body.

This damnable war had cost him too much.

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maine/wash with 2 ”This is an apology pizza. Please take it or I will start crying right here”, please and thank you! (it can be shippy or just platonic, it's up to you!)

[AO3 | FFN | Fic Tag | Askbox]

Wash swam back to consciousness with his usual cocktail of a pounding headache, heavy limbs, and an overwhelming sense of regret for every single one of his life choices. The mattress sank down as someone sat on the edge of the bed next to his feet, and he had a moment of dizzying vertigo, like he was being sucked into a minor gravity well. Then Maine said, “Hospital.”

“Grph,” Wash said, which about summed up his feelings on the matter, and opened his eyes, squinting at the too-bright light that was racing into the room, ricocheting off the walls, and generally not being conducive toward anything approaching a restful and pleasant reawakening. He squinted disapproval, swallowed, and tried again. “Ow.”

Maine, who looked equal parts terrifying and terrifyingly normal in his civvies, snorted. “Baby.”

A moment passed while Wash’s brain shoved his memory into high gear. “You!” he said.

Maine held his hands out palm-up and shrugged.

“No no no,” Wash said, trying to push himself up on elbows that had apparently been replaced by wet noodles in his sleep. “I remember exactly what you did!”

With no undue haste, Maine got to his feet, turned, picked up a box, and dropped it onto Wash’s chest. It was warm and smelled like all things good and wonderful in the world. Mainly it smelled like melted cheese. Maine said, “Sorry.”

Wash stared at the pizza box for a full thirty-five seconds before he managed to drag his higher cognitive functions back online. “Oh, no. You’re not getting out of this with a pizza.”

Maine shrugged. “Good pizza.”

“We got attacked and you picked me up and threw me at the bad guy!”

Another shrug. “Seemed like the easiest option.”

Wash glared. Maine stared back, eyes wide and innocent. The pizza’s heat was pressing down on Wash’s chest through the thin blanket. With an effort, he managed to raise his hand enough to point at Maine. “I am never going on shore leave with you again.”

“Said I was sorry,” Maine said, and reached out to tap the top of the pizza box.

Wash was having trouble keeping the edge in his voice; the smell of pizza kept dulling it down. “Oh, and I suppose you’ll be hopelessly crushed if I don’t accept your peace offering. Cry into your pillow every night.”

Without changing his expression, Maine sniffled.

“You’re terrible,” Wash grumbled, and shuffled back against his pillows so he could open the pizza box. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Maine edging toward the door. He opened the box just as Maine broke and ran, sprinting off into the hallway.

“Are these anchovies?”