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The office doors open suddenly, and a boy walks in, blood dripping from his nose. Alex couldn’t help but gawk. The blood had been what initially caught his attention, but the boys eyes are what made him stare. They were beautiful, more so than any comparison would do justice. His face was a constellation of freckles, each star highlighting the vastness of his fairness. Alex could feel his heart stutter for a completely new reason, it wasn’t the claws of anxiety tearing at his soul, it was something different. Something warm. (read more below the cut)

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Ok so that Inkheart AU

Aaron first uses his power when he’s around 7, reading one of his favorite books out loud that his mom used to read to him before bed. He doesn’t notice the small pocket watch that tumbles to the ground out of nowhere, or the shoe that disappears from his closet.

When he’s 11, Aaron and Bellamy are having a sleepover, reading a book out loud in the comfort of a hastily made blanket fort. One moment Aaron is reading and petting the tabby cat on his lap, and the next moment there is an owl trying to escape the blanket fort, and a cat nowhere to be seen.

After managing to get the owl outside, Bellamy and Aaron do their secret handshake and swear to never speak about what happened.

KBTBB - The Break-Up: Your parents don’t approve. Pref 002

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Eisuke - “So just like that – it’s over?” His words hit you harder than walking into a brick wall and stopped you in your tracks just after you flung your purse across the other side of the bedroom. Fingertips to your temples to massage out what felt like a mental kink, you sighed heavily; exhaling your frustration. This hadn’t been the first time you’d attempted to introduce Eisuke to your family – with his high profile and less than ethic lifestyle your parents, in particularly your father – hadn’t at all been approving. It was getting to the point now that trying to keep harmony and happiness amongst the two parties just wasn’t going to happen and so even at surprise to yourself, the moment the cab came to a rolling stop after you’d kept silent for the close to hour drive back to the penthouse suite, that you’d hastily made the ‘I think we should break up’, suggestion. “I guess it is”, you coyly remarked with tears in the corners of your eyes, shoving a few pieces of clothing into an overnight bag which you’d take with you to the dorms tonight where you’d sleep. Hearing your sniffles and sensing that something more was bothering you, Eisuke grabbed your wrist, spinning you around to face him. “I’m not giving up on my woman”, he said clearly; lips lightly skimming across your own. The comment was enough to extract from you a small shy smile before you walked out of the bedroom, leaving him with his own thoughts on how to correct the situation with nothing more than a whispered goodnight.

Soryu – You shook standing by the kettle in the kitchen; an emotional wreck as steam began to whistle. Warm tears and mascara streamed down your cheeks and your body trembled – a mixture of anger, hurt and frustration that you knew you would possibly have to just get use to. Soryu’s arms wrapped around your waist from behind; his chest firm against your back as he buried his face into the crook of your neck; apologetic for how your parents had overreacted to the news of your engagement. “Are you okay?”, he asked quietly, knowing that any answer he got from you would be a twist of a lie. “Yes”, you mumbled making tea, “I just don’t think they expected their little princess to get caught up with a guy like you.” “To be honest”, he half chuckled, knowing the timing for that wasn’t right, “I didn’t expect it either.” Pouring hot water into both mugs set down infront of you and dropping your shoulders – a hard exhale escaping from your lips, you toyed with the diamond ring on your finger, spinning it around and around and around before even to your own shock, you slipped the perfect silver band off. “Sor.. I…”, you stuttered turning to face him, “I need some time.” “Whatever you need”, he confirmed with a nod, hands rubbing up and down your arms to comfort. “Thank you.” Dropping the engagement ring into his jacket pocket, you broke away; trying your best to keep it together as you paced off in a hurry towards the bedroom. He knew in the morning though; even after sleeping on the couch tonight that he’d have trouble finding you.

Baba “You lie, you cheat, you steal, you deceive – I know you see yourself as a modern day romanticised Robin Hood but sweetheart my parents aren’t going to see you as anything else than a crook.” You had been rehearsing far different words inside your head for the last hour since an argument between your boyfriend and father hadn’t ended as cordially as you’d expected, the way your family had distanced themselves from you due to who you were dating starting to take its toll as all you wanted was for everyone to get along. “But I’m not a bad person – It wasn’t and has never been my intention to hurt you, to hurt anybody..” “I know, I know”, you spoke up, placing a finger in the middle of his lips to silence him, “But my mom and dad don’t see it like that.” Sighing, Baba dropped his shoulders in defeat and took a seat beside you on the park bench you’d stormed off to in the midst of what should have been your birthday celebrations. “I came out tonight to have a good time; not to have my father and boyfriend at each other’s throats with sly, undertoned comments towards one another on who could be the better man in my life.” Folding your arms across your chest and shivering because of the cold, Baba was quick to sling an arm around your shoulders and press a soft kiss to your cheek. “Did you want me to take you back to the party?” “No.” “I promise I’ll behave myself.” “No.” “Well is there anything I can do for you?” “No.” You stubbornness was something you weren’t proud of but would have to push. “I just… want… to be left alone.” “Ok.” Baba knew better than to argue. For the rest of the night he watched you from afar, enjoying yourself, spending time with your family and friends and wondering if, the next time the two of you spoke, there’d be an ‘us’ at all to begin conversation with.

Ota – You kicked your heels off at the door, slamming it behind him to half lock him out as Ota tried his hardest to keep up with you. This whole day had been a disaster; what was planned to be the perfect dinner party to introduce him as your boyfriend to your extended family had turned pear shape the moment you had explained your intentions to your mother. She – more than anyone, had a cruel, malice disliking towards your boyfriend and of course Ota, being his at times less than charming, infantile and at times petty self hadn’t made the confrontation any easier. “Maybe if you stopped acting so childish all the time my mother wouldn’t see you as one.” “I am not childish for god-sakes!” The bickering and arguing had been nonstop from your parents the whole way home. “You’re acting like a child now.” “Why are you always defending your mother?” “Ota I’m not – it would just be nice if the two of you got along or at least attempted to.” “Well I’m trying Y/N, and I can’t say she seems to be doing the same”, he mocked using your mothers tone, rolling back his eyes. “Just stop it – please. I want this to be worked out civilly, I don’t want to have to get to the point where I have to choice between one of you.” Amidst your own, stampede like footsteps you heard his stop softly, short of the bedroom door. Looking over your shoulder, you caught Ota playing with the cuffs of his jacket sleeves; eyes fixated on the ground. “Are you coming to bed or not?” “No-unti-you-ose”, he mumbled quietly beneath his breath. “Excuse me?”, you asked a little louder than usual, raising your voice so that you got an answer. Ota lifted his head – a flush of regret in his eyes as he repeated louder the words he’d just said. “Not until you choose”, he spoke clearer. “What between you and my mother?”, you hastily spat out in confusion; angered by his ultimatum, “Well it’s obvious”, you snarled, slamming the bedroom door behind you as you walked in; your voice loud enough to be heard from the corridor where he stood, “Definitely not you.”

Mamoru - Saturday night – soba bar – just the two of you. This is what your social life had been brought to after sabotage from both your fiancé and your mother in what, how and when you should do things. You couldn’t spend time with the woman who brought you up because Mamoru was convinced she was trying to interfere with your relationship and you couldn’t spend time with your fiancé because on the flip side, with his line of work and the way he presented himself your mother just didn’t see him as the right ‘fit’ for you. Blowing onto your chopsticks to cool the noodles you were about to eat, you rolled your eyes at his squabbling on how much of a bitch your mother was, dropping your chopsticks down in comical defeat after taking a bite. “Y’know Kishi, maybe if you put a little effort into yourself my mother would see you as the gentleman I see you.” “What ya talking about kid?” “As much as I agree with you on my mother not being the easiest person on the planet to deal with – your outlook on work and life and even the way you present yourself doesn’t exactly help her paint a perfect – no not perfect – ideal image of you.” You wondered if this would all be easier if your father were still around; if because of his line of work, also in the police force – if he’d be more willing to support you. “So what? You want me to put on an act when I see her?” “No. No. No, no, no, no, no”, you shook your head, reaching out to place your hand, tenderly over his, “I want you to be you – I want her to see the sweet, loving, caring, honourable side of you that I get to. I don’t want things to be awkward; I don’t want to upset my mother and I don’t want to upset you.” “Fine.” “Excuse me?”, you shook your head in disbelief. “Fine”, he repeated toward you, “For you.” Smiling to yourself, you wondered without Mamoru, what you’d ever do.

Work in progress of Keyleth from Critical Role. Modeled almost entirely in Sculptris, except the crown whose base I (very hastily)made in Maya.

The newest project. Wow I haven’t uploaded anything on this blog in…forever.

I am learning SO MUCH from this project. Next project, I will craft hair separately. Looking back, the leaves on her crown probably should have been separate too… I guess I felt like torturing myself by just extruding an amorphous blob.


I found a programmer who wants to help me build Kairo The Gryphon in Unity. His name is Kada, and together we’re going to get this project rolling!

To get started, I figured I had to abandon vertex animation (for now), because I couldn’t find a solution to the strange single-animation limit (vertex animations can’t be stored as keyframes in the Action Editor!). Today, I set up a bone-rig, and some shape keys for facial expressions. Here are some early animation tests.

These will probably be refined (or even swapped) later down the line, but Kada was eager to start putting things together, so I hastily made them as temporary placeholders.

UPDATE: Forgot to reset bone roll values before I began animating, so I’ll have to remake everything. Ah, the joys of 3D.

Just hours before his successor assumes the office; a disheveled and clearly injured President Obama, from an unknown location, releases a hastily made video on YouTube confirming every major U.S. conspiracy theory. The video ends with rushing lights and gun shots before going dark.