haste the day's final show


   This will most likely be my last, lengthy post on this subject, so here it goes…

   After a month long wait, I’ve finally recieved my pre-order for Haste the Day’s “Haste the Day Vs. Haste the Day” on CD/DVD (with an exclusive t-shirt, of course). I don’t know whether or not to push off the inevitable by staring at it for the next couple hours on my television stand, or watch it this very moment and just get it over with. Either way, it’s going to be a bittersweet moment when I finally do cave in to viewing this historic Haste the Day event, most likely one that will induce an amount of tears, both in sadness and joy. I can still be happy to say though, that I made it to their final show, and for me, that’s all that counts. 

   As I type this now, I’m beginning to realize that it’s already been 4 long, extremely tough years! I can still remember the room I was in, and how I was feeling when I first laid eyes on the album artwork for “Dreamer”. If not for that album, I may never have opened this door to growth in both faith and musicality. Most importantly though, it wouldn’t be too long before “Dreamer’s” message really hit home for me, when my mother was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. My life had been changed for what seemed like the worst. Not only that though, but because of her illness, the hospital insisted that we had to leave the home that we knew for all our lives, otherwise, my mother couldn’t get the care she needed. In search of some kind of saving grace, I lost myself in the sound and the words of Haste the Day’s message. “Dreamer” in particular, captivated me, and gave me hope (and it still does) that there will be an end to her disease. 

   Haste the Day has single-handedly picked me up from the worst of my troubles, and gave me hope that there’s not only a better tomorrow, but a brighter life ahead of us all, no matter how truly impossible life may seem. My only hope, is that every one of the members knows how deeply grateful I am for their passion that they gave to every one of their fans, and also, what they’ve all done for me.

   Haste the Day, thank you.

   From the bottom of my heart, thank you.