hasta la proxima

#TransLivesMatter “Como esta mi hermanito de otra madre? Me ha dado mucha alegria conocerte. Cuando vamos a bailar bachata otra vez? Quiero sentir nuestra bonita energia. Espero te encuentres lleno de armonia. No me hagas extrañarte hasta la proxima marcha. Me encantaria que sigamos trabajando en todo lo que se pueda.” This was the last txt I received from Zoraida.

Another Trans Latina sister taken away from our community, from our familia, from our global movement for respect and dignity for all Trans and Queer people. Our movement was blessed to have Zoraida Reyes creating change in California. Every time a Trans Latina girlfriend disappears to be found unidentifiable and dead by the police, we must wonder, how many more Trans daughters, friends, classmates, and neighbors we have to lose for us to speak up and affirm that the lives of our Trans siblings and lovers matter and should always be celebrated?!

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