hasta el final vamos real!


With Pepe, Danilo, Jese, Kros, Benzema and Zinedine the legend, real madrid players were crowned European champions for the 11th time in their history🏆

El madridismo es un sentimento fuerte que no podemos explicar. Somos de la Casa Blanca, somos por los Merengues.

Really, this video gives me goosebumps. I want us to win that Duodecima but ever more, I want them to be proud of their jersey, of their color, of their club. Against all the World, us, Madridistas will be your 12th player. 

I always prouder to be a Madridista and support the Greatest Football Club of all the time after watch it. No one, no other team is bigger than Real Madrid. Many legends proudly wore, played, defend, loved our color since 115 years ago. More than 100 years of hardwork, respect, passion, love & success. ¿Como no te voy a querer? Hasta el final, Vamos Real. Reyes de Europa. Reyes del Mundo 💕 Hala Madrid Y Nada Más.

El blanco, nuestro color. Madrid, nuestro ciudad. El Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, nuestro casa. Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, nuestro orgullo.

“The Real Madrid shirt is white. It can staid of mud, sweat, and ever of blood but never of shame.” — Santiago Bernabéu