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return to mars by Danielle Nelson
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Five of five from Maui today. Image made with my Hasselblad 500 C/M.

Rehab, Day 26, March 1, 2017

On the day of her discharge from rehab, following knee surgery to repair a broken patella, my 93-year-old grandmother settled in a lift chair in her home that belonged to my grandfather, who died in 2011. My grandparents had been married for 67 years. 


Trioplan 100mm/f2.8+Hasselblad Flexbody+Hasselnuts HN-10+iPhone SE

taken with,
Contax RF Carl Zeiss Jena T* Biotar 75mm/f1.5+Leica M3+Kodak Portra160

Rehab, Day 26, March 1, 2017

Throughout her rehab process, my grandmother has demonstrated tremendous strength, determination and, of course, patience with my camera following her around nearly every step of the way. She truly has given me full access, often remarking, “What choice do I have?” The image, here, was made the morning of her discharge from rehab – just in time for her to travel to New Orleans to attend my cousin’s wedding on March 4.

Rehab, Day 36, March 4, 2017

My grandmother’s goal was to make it out of rehab in time for her to attend her grandson’s wedding in New Orleans – a goal she achieved. Here, she receives a kiss from a great-grandson, the nephew of the groom, who played cello during the wedding ceremony.


hasselblad by haco-otoko
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hasselblad 500cm

Rehab, Day One, Feb. 4, 2017

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My cousin gave our grandmother a plush red monkey toy to comfort her in bed. She named it Valentino in honor of Valentine’s Day.