Life Lately 

  • Last Sunday was my brother’s 19th birthday! We celebrated it at Alabang and stayed there until Monday. 
  • I’m still not registered because *insert reasons*
  • There were a lot of readings, assignments, and group works already! Btw, we have this group presentation and all my group mates were freshies and were supposed to have a group chat instead of a face to face meeting, but until now no one’s adding me up and I don’t know anyone. Wth!!! 
  • So stressed with the video I made for our group presentation last Friday. I can’t open the file (idk y) and it was 3 am, our presentation was 7 am. I end up editing it all over again and was not able to render it. Only half of it was presented because the preview won’t work at first and there’s a time limit. A waste of effort hu hu but we’ll still submit the video. I hope that our professor will watch it again.
  • In one of my courses we had a multiple intelligence test and the result of mine were ‘visual-spatial and musical’. Visual-spatial was acceptable since I’m a visual learner and I can also navigate using a map etc.. But musical?? Really? I don’t even sing and I always forget how to play the piano. So how come? Maybe I have a good taste in music? Jk ha ha
  • Some of the photos above were taken during our stay at Alabang. Those were from my Instagram account. I just recently changed my username from @krstnhnnh to @hannahkca. I always try to have a minimalist feed, but I always fail and it looks a bit messy ha ha

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