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People Magazine has always been the most mature sophisticated magazine and they're the only magazine my mom subscribes too lol so anything they say will always be true or somewhat true because they never post gossip or untrue things.

They’re the only gossip rag that fact checks, so their sources are generally mostly legit

  • Ravenclaw: There's going to be snow!
  • Sytherin: Yup, enough to bury small animals.
  • Ravenclaw: Why must you be like this?
  • Slytherin: Why are you so excited about it?
  • Ravenclaw: Because now I can sit in front of the fireplace and read books.
  • Slytherin: You do that anyway.
  • Ravenclaw: Yeah, but now there's aesthetic.
What I wish I knew in High School:

Adult here. Write this down. If you have a weird hobby and your parents have said that you should quit because it’s not “marketable,” consider that there are real people, some of whom I know personally, with the following jobs that make real cash money:

Science writer (me)
Cosplay and prop maker
Stuffed animal designer
Dog artist
Political activist for LGBTQ rights
Political activist for affordable housing
Music licenser
Fan video mixer
Bone cleaner
Sports photographer
Digital hat maker

Tabi being tickled 😂
🔗 dynotabi

Paula and some Mr. Saturns, floating around for some reason~

me: i’m glad percy’s in a better place emotionally where even when he’s worked up he doesn’t just have smoke drifting out from under his clothes

also me: I Miss My Smoky Boy

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32. “Keep your eyes on me.” for andreil, please?

Hello, I have finally done this! Look at me actually doing things! :)

(Note: don’t be Andrew in this. The fish are trying to quit smoking; don’t enable them.)

Sometimes, Neil couldn’t quite think about his time on the run in a straightforward sort of way. It all twisted in on itself, becoming something summarized and nonlinear. There were posted signs all around it in Neil’s brain: Do not attempt to touch the memory lump; do not attempt to feed the memory lump.

So, when Matt asked, Neil really couldn’t say how long ago it had been that he’d been on a boat. Eight names. That was all he could say about it – eight names ago. How many years ago, how old he’d been, he couldn’t really say for sure.

Andrew would know. Andrew would be able to translate. But Andrew had disappeared for the moment, and Neil couldn’t very well say to Matt, “It was back when my name was Stefan.” So, Neil shrugged.

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1. Pull Over. Let me drive for awhile.

Gavin watched the sky turn gold. He had been keeping track of the colors for hours. Purple skies along the shore; pale pink swirls at dawn stretching to coax the sun across the sky; rolling, thunderous black clouds clashing against one another, raindrops falling like blood from a fallen warrior. He saw his favorite: clear bright skies, as blue as the ocean–as blue as the eyes that held the ocean in their grasps.

They were different here—no masks, no sharp, biting grins and calculating eyes. No Golden Boy, and no Vagabond. It was just them, in their rawest forms, two souls on an empty highway.

“Hey,” he said, poking Ryan in the side. Ryan squirmed in his seat, pushing the hand away.

“Hey, what?” He gave Gavin a small grin before shifting his gaze back onto the empty country road.

“Pull over. Let me drive for awhile.”

Ryan visibly hesitated, letting out an exaggerated humming noise that had Gavin pouting.

“Sod off, I’m not going to crash the bloody car.”

“That is what you said last time.”

“Ryaaaaan. C’mon, lovely Ryan, lemme drive for a bit.”

Ryan let out a fond sigh and pulled over onto the shoulder.

Gavin grinned brightly, already unbuckling his seatbelt. He got out of the car, stretching and breathing in the scent of country air.

“You haven’t slept in a few hours,” Gavin commented as he got into the driver’s seat, “I can wake you up to switch later.”

His insomnia had been getting worse these last few weeks, something Gavin could relate to, and it was just one of the many reasons for this spur of the moment trip.

“Thank you, dear.”

Ryan flopped into his seat, buckling himself in and turning his body so he was facing Gavin, his eyes already closed.

Gavin shook his head in amusement before turning back onto the road. He drove for miles in the silence, only shaking out of his reverie when he noticed that the sky was light blue. He smiled, glancing over at his boyfriend and grabbing his hand in a loose hold over the console. He pressed a chaste kiss to Ryan’s knuckles. Gavin looked back over at him, noticing electric blue eyes peeking out in slivers beneath tawny eyelashes. Overcome with an immense amount of affection, Gavin kissed his knuckles again before turning back to the wide open skies.