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So Seb has been away filming for Infinity War, so your son hasn't seen him for some time. James gets really excited when you tell him that his dad is coming home. When Seb walks into the door and you say that daddy's home, he starts to cry and say "that's not my dad, I want daddy". Seb and you are confused and then you realise that it's probably the beard. James has not seen him with the beard. Seb starts talking to James in Romanian when he screams "DADDY".

Omgggggg I love this so so much

Daddy Wednesday™

So I was thinking

Growing up, Damian didn’t know who his father was, right? But he did get to hear Ra’s and Talia talking about someone named “the Detective” all the time– and Damian’s a smart kid. He must have made the connection. 

So now all I can think about is Damian, very little and totally obsessed with detective novels. One detective in particular, really. Probably the most famous one.

Sherlock Holmes, right?

I mean it would make sense– Conan Doyle’s work is considered classic literature, so it’s the kind of thing he would have been allowed to read. Talia might even have encouraged it, to help him develop observational skills. (And she would have enjoyed the irony.) There’s also the bit where Holmes famously played the violin

Which, as we know, has been a Damian thing ever since he was small. 

  • running around trying to solve mysteries 
  • dramatic violin music
  • trying to deduce the other assassins 
  • pretending to be a detective like his dad

elsa is apparently a queen.

Stimmy Recommendations #1

Studio Ghibli movies! 

They have very pretty animation and a very nice whimsical feel. They’re aimed at kids (of various ages), but I don’t think they’re any less enjoyable for an older audience! Most of the scenes are very visually stimulating.

I think “Ponyo” is especially stimmy (and less dark than some of the others too since it’s aimed at younger kids), but my favourite of the films are “Spirited Away”, “When Marnie Was There” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service”. Another one I would reccomend is “From Up on Poppy Hill” , which I think less people have seen (it’s very good).


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Spirited Away:

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When Marnie Was There:

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Kiki’s Delivery Service:

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From Up on Poppy Hill:

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what movies do you recommend to someone who hasn't seen many horror films? i'm just starting to really like them

It is hard to say where to start.  So this is a list of some of the more famous and popular horror movies as well as some lesser known ones mixed in.  You should find some of the more traditional sub genres in here as well as a few foreign horror movies.  It kind of all depends on what you find interesting.


American Mary

American Werewolf In London

The Amityville Horror (1979)


Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon

The Beyond

The Birds

Brain Dead

Bride Of Frankenstein

The Burning

The Cabin In The Woods



The Changeling (1980)


Dark Night Of The Scarecrow

Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

Day Of The Dead (1985)

Dead & Breakfast

Dead Air

Deep Red


The Descent

Don’t Look Now

Dracula (1979)

Event Horizon

The Evil Dead (1981)

Evil Dead II

The Exorcist


The Fly

The Fog (1980)



Friday The 13th series

Fright Night

The Frighteners

From Beyond

From Dusk Till Dawn

The Funhouse

Halloween series

Hatchet series

The Hautning (1963)

Hellraiser series

Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer

High Tension

The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

The House Of The Devil

House Of Wax

The Howling (1981)

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte


In The Mouth Of Madness


The Innkeepers

The Innocents

Interview With The Vampire

It Follows

Jacob’s Ladder


Jeepers Creepers

Land Of The Dead

The Last Exorcism

The Last Man On Earth

Let The Right One In

Let’s Scare Jessica To Death

The Lost Boys

Maniac (1980)

Maniac (2012)



The Mist

The Mothman Prophecies

Near Dark

A Nightmare On Elm Street series

Night Of The Demons series

Night Of The Living Dead (1968)

NIght Of The Living Dead (1990)


The Omen (1979)

The Others

The People Under The Stairs


The Pit And The Pendulum






The Return Of The Living Dead

The Ring

Saw series



The Sentinel

Shaun Of The Dead

The Shining


The Silence Of The Lambs


The Sixth Sense

Sleepaway Camp series

Spider Baby

The Stepfather (1987)

Stir Of Echoes

The Strangers


Tales From The Crypt

Tales From The Darkside: The Movie

Tales From The Hood


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

They Live

The Thing (1982)

The Thing (2011) (Watch this one first because it is a prequel)

Trilogy Of Terror

Tourist Trap

Tucker & Dale VS Evil

Two Thousand Maniacs

The Vanishing (1988)

Village Of The Damned

Whatever Happend To Baby Jane

What Lies Beneath

When A Stranger Calls (1979)

The Wicker Man (1973)

The Woman In Black

Wrong Turn


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I wouldn't worry about LL. It's more than likely just Black Siren assuming her identity, and shes gone by the end of the episode. (Also, KC hasn't been seen filming.) I just feel bad for those who are fans of hers, who keep getting these almosts.

Anon I got a bit carried away….thanks for sending me this note and for being such a kind person. 

I know and thank you for pointing it out. I tend to well overreact… and then once time has passed say 24 hours or so my head clears and I’m back to being a rational human being. The problem with this show is I’m almost too invested. I react before I think. I generally don’t post my thoughts because frankly they’re usually too all over the place for any sane person to find the sense in the endless circle of emotion. I too feel bad for the LL fans because this honestly sucks. The writers did such a disservice to her character and each time they dangle her before them like a chicken wing they damage her memory even further. 

Tonight however I’ll admit I felt bad, I mean how could they do this to my couple! How could they create this amazing relationship and then use a wrecking ball to dismantle every tender word and soulful glance. How could they destroy my fandom? How could they destroy a place where I finally feel like I sort of belong? I mean as @quiveringbunny so beautifully put it the problem with this show is that we’re just too attached because it’s personal. We’ve made lasting friendships because of one shared interest. We’ve either met at cons or we’ve just chatted and shared our stories. We’re a family and when our family is disrespected, (end of season 4) or hurt via Tumblr or Twitter we react in kind. We throw on our armor and grab our blades. 

So yeah when MG says something nasty about the Olicity fandom we get angry because it’s like a family member has been attacked and whlie it’s crazy it’s just what happens. When a LL fan disrespects our fandom we again get mad because it’s not just about a couple on our screens it’s about something deeper and far more profound. It’s crazy I know but we’re like a very strange, thrown together family and yeah it hurts when members of our extended clan are sad or down. 

@scu11y22 does an amazing job of live blogging this show and I was crushed as I saw those lost posts on my dash. I was sad about my couple yes but what really affected me was the posts that came after. She was sad, she was drepressed and for once my sane voice of reason seemed to be losing her way. Now granted by tomorrow morning she’ll be better but in those moments she wasn’t okay and as her friend neither was I. @hope-for-olicity was also down and normally she’s my little ray of positive energy. This episode affected us all. Some of us were like hey we got this and dusted off the Susan of it all. Other’s saw yet another massive roadblock and cried in one collective voice can we please go back to worrying about Ray “Never was a real threat” Palmer? 

My point is I posted my thoughts and if they made sense that’s great but for the most part I wanted other’s to see what I saw. I wanted to say that I know LL is not a threat but for some reason the writers like to dangle the idea of a LL reunion with OQ as a tangible reality. What I saw was them once again repeating the same old storyline from really the end of season one. In the end Oliver is never going to chose her. She wanted a commitment and he ran with her sister Sara aboard the Gammit. Tommy died and again she wanted a relationship so what did he do he ran. She went through a really rough patch in season two and instead of finding his way back to her he find his way into Sara’s arms. What made matters even worse was that while he was hiding with Sara he was falling in love with Felicity. In season 3 he made some really poor choices but none of them were about his relationship with her.  She wanted to be seen as hero and he couldn’t do so until he was basically out voted. In season 4 they were on equal footing. He’d found the love of his life and she made peace with the fact that it wasn’t her. Hell her last words were about that very fact and now in the 100th episode what does Oliver do? He once again leaves her only to find his way home through Felicity. So yes back to your original very insightful observation LL is not a threat but what’s awful is how they keep destroying the memory of a character who should have been given the respect she deserved from day one. 

I also wanted to say that while I’m an Olicity shipper I’m also an Arrow fan. This show is a great show and yes the writers have truly fucked up multiple times but, they’ve also gotten a lot right. I think we should listen to @jbuffyangel and @dust2dust34 when they say take a deep breath and relax. Let the events unfold this is only episode 9 of 23 we have such a long way to go before the final act of this season is shown. We’re going to suffer my friends and I’m guessing we’re all in for a rough ride when the winter hiatus is over. I’m seeing a lot of screaming, and ranting and more are you fucking kidding me posts but we’ll see it through. We’ve seen only a portion of the picture and now we have to wait for the rest of it to slowly take shape. 

In the mean time read the fics by @anthfan @befitandchase @yespleasehawkeye @diggo26 @hope-for-olicity @vaelisamaza @mel-loves-all @so-caffeinated @supersillyanddorky06 and the list can go on. Let them ease your worries with their thoughts and feelings, let them fill your head with different versions of the events we’ve seen or just read the amazing stories that take place in a completely made up universe. Enjoy the edits from @cherrychapssstick and @songbin. Let the meta’s ease your soul and let the many pictures of the shirtless Stephen Amell make you swoon. Talk, and share your views (just do so respectfully) and let other’s talk you off the ledge. Be apart of this fandom and, don’t be afraid of sounding stupid or dumb. Be brave and challange other’s to see your side of the situation.

Another thing that I have to say is I appreciate this fandom and all the people that make it as great as it is. We might disagree and we might even be a bit unkind but we’ll always work it out. Anways I’ve rambled enough and I’m sure I’ll see this post tomorrow and go WTF! Anon I know I went completely off course but hey as I said 24 hours is how long I usually wait…. Thanks for the ask and again for being such a wonderful human being. 

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You know, even if I'm trying to remain optimistic, lately I've been really worried about Felicity actually being the one in that grave... the description of the 409 episode, the fact that Emily was the only cast member who was not in the last Con, the fact that she hasn't been filming and that I've seen her sad lately when asked about the show... I don't know. Is it just me?

Felicity is NOT in the grave. For pretty much a million different reasons. The biggest one being that CW enjoys making money. Over EVERYTHING else, they do what they do to turn a profit and produce successful shows that have decent ratings so they can charge advertisers higher rates. Period. And they are well aware of what will happen to those ratings if they kill off Felicity. 

That aside, Felicity being taken/hurt in 4x09 and the ramifications of that being seen in 4x10 and maybe 4x11 is almost a guarantee that she’s not in the grave. We’re going to see Oliver go through that. We’re going to see him distraught and almost destroyed over thinking he’s lost her. Why beat that narrative thread to death a couple months later when we find out who’s in the box? This is the same reason why I think Thea is also safe. We already know what Thea “dying” would do to Oliver, we saw it in 3x19/3x20 last season. 

Now, the last part of your question…the interpretation of all these disparate events. One can choose to view them as separate things that have no bearing on one another, or choose to think theres some sort of grand conspiracy and everything is connected. 

EBR is under ZERO obligation to attend cons. I’m really getting tired of a certain faction of this fandom hounding and bullying and calling her out on twitter for not attending. If you can’t understand how utterly shitty that sort of behavior is…I can’t help you. The only con I think she is contractually obligated to attend in SDCC, anything other than that is her own personal decision. And considering she just spent the past couple days doing press for the show I don’t fault her for not wanting to go to a con last weekend and again this weekend. This isn’t some sort of bad omen, it’s called EBR was aware of her schedule and smartly didn’t overbook herself. Or maybe she just wanted to chill in her bathtub and eat pizza instead of going. Regardless, it’s her decision and she owes people nothing. 

Regarding not shooting…maybe…maybe not. And if Felicity IS injured/still in the hospital or recuperating in 4x11 then her scenes would probably be pretty light for that ep. Thus allowing her the time to go do all that press. 

And speaking of all that press…if that’s what you’re referring to when you said you think she looks sad…I did not see that. I saw someone who is pretty damn adorable, and exited about her character, and very much committed and engaged in what’s coming up for her. 

It’s all about perspective. You can choose to look at all the info we get with the squinty eye of a skeptic or someone waiting for the worst to happen. Or you can enjoy this season because we’ve earned it. I know that well done, healthily portrayed relationships on tv are not the norm, but they are bending over backwards to do just that. The show is doing this right. More than right. They are proving to everyone in the industry that this sort of relationship can be done successfully. Have some faith in that. 


Because Olicity=$$$$ 

and now we’ve returned full circle to why Felicity Smoak isn’t going anywhere. 

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Remember that Keegan hasn't been seen on set since they filmed 6x10, so there's a very real chance he actually is dead

Woah. If that’s true and that was Spoby’s actual last kiss and actual last goodbye, then my thoughts are with the Spoby fandom because I cannot imagine being in that situation.

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I enjoy reading TD theories. But I'm wondering how Beth will still be in the show when EK hasn't been on set to film anything. I know there was the Bethfoot picture and something about a house, but that wouldn't be very many scenes. Do you think she'll come back only for a few scenes? She hasn't been seen on set since they filmed the episode with Tyreese's death. And she has been doing all sorts of other things, so it doesn't seem like they're just hiding her.

Oh you sweet summer child.

Emily filmed throughout all of season 5, and almost none of that footage was shown onscreen or put on the DVDs as deleted scenes. In season 5, she was in 5x04, 5x07 (barely), 5x08, and 5x09 (minimally). Those episodes were filmed in early June, mid to late July, early August, and late August. (The exact dates can be found in my filming spoilers tag). She should have been finished with filming on August 29th, as that is when the bedroom scenes were finished. Yet she was confirmed to have been filming from September into October.

Those aren’t a few scenes. Depending how much was exactly filmed, that could be at least an episode or two worth of footage. As in bottle episodes that would explain Beth’s backstory. Here is a breakdown of the known missing spoilers:

  • the Rottweiler and white houses scenes (late May 2014)
    • included heavy security for “critical scenes”
    • included several actors, the show’s costume designer, and two major producers on the show
  • Beth in the backseat of a Grady car (early July 2014; 5x06 filming)
  • Beth driving a car out of the Grady hospital/Bethfoot 1 (mid July 2014)
    • included gunfire and heavy security
  • Explosions at Grady (late July 2014)
  • 800 walkers for the MSF (early August 2014)
  • Don’t f**k with me zombies (August 28th, 2014; tweet implied she would be fighting with zombies. The picture she posted also appeared to have her in make-up with faded scars)
  • Bethfoot 2 (November 17th/18th 2014)

While some of them were deleted or changed by T$DF after Beth’s “death,” I have recovered/discovered many of them, especially surrounding the white houses. On May 23rd, TWD filmed at two neighboring white houses in suburban Griffin. This was when episode 2 was being filmed, but none of the scenes match with what happened in that episode. Traffic was blocked off, and security was noted as being heavy. People who came to the site reported that Steven, Lauren, and Alanna were all filming there, and all three actors were photographed at the site. Alanna was even photographed in costume as Tara from 5x01/5x02 and mentioned in a tweet still being covered in dirt and sweat. More than one walker was also seen done up. They filmed at the two properties throughout the day and that evening a white van was seen pulling right up to the steps, and Emily dressed as Beth was seen being rushed inside with two security guards. The van came to the house a second time, and afterwards Emily conveniently tweeted that she was at the movies, even though at least 15 different people saw her on set. Lennie James dressed as season 5 Morgan was also photographed on set that night. Steven, Lauren, and Alanna all came out to take pictures with fans, as well as the producers Denise Huth and Gale Anne Hurd. It takes about eight days to film one episode, so why would the show just scrap an entire day’s worth of work? Especially since it contained very important scenes that were being filmed out of order, hence the costume designer (for costume continuity) and producers being on set. Furthermore, two days before a dog owner tweeted his Rottweiler, a professional acting-dog, would be filming that day, and he later tweeted that his dog had filmed two scenes. The show doesn’t use animals often, and for scenes like the one in Them (which did not have a Rottweiler), it used dogs that belonged to cast members. So the scenes filmed with that Rottweiler were intense, the kind of scene that required more time (and thus more money).

Those filming instances are suspect alone. Yet we also have more throughout the whole season, that were consistent. Emily was shuttled in a white van through extreme measures and security was heavy. Regarding Bethfoot, Emily had no reason to be outside Alexandria dressed as Beth, as Beth never made it to the safe zone. It was also during filming for the season finale. Emily would have been finished filming for months by that point.

To assume that Emily isn’t filming because she hasn’t been seen on set is a poor assumption to make. The show can hide people if it wants to, such as the actors present in Tyreese’s hallucination never being known, or Lennie James in season 5. Emily could easily have filmed in a studio or remote woodsy location during seasons 5 and 6. Season 7 filming will always be under heavy security until after the premiere, because of the finale death being a secret. There are reports already of people being arrested and filming in the studio. It would not be that difficult to sneak Emily in as well, since she’d be hidden anyway.

@kjs12345​ has also been keeping up with Emily’s activities and until early June, she has been free for the last few weeks. In June she goes back on tour, but she performs on weekends usually, when the show doesn’t film. Last year at this time when she was on tour, her performances were compared to filming and they didn’t overlap for the most part. She had free time to film, and many of her shows kept her in the southeast, not too far from Georgia relatively speaking. In October 2014, Emily spoke about the tour but needing to wait after filming, and even in February 2015 she still hadn’t released tour dates (X). In context with everything else, it appears that she was waiting to announce the tour once she had season 6′s filming schedule. Tour dates are usually scheduled months in advance for the venues and so the fans can buy them well ahead of time.

Emily still even refers to the show and Beth in present tense, and even once described a filming project as ‘taking a break’ from TWD. When Beth comes back, she’s coming back for good. I’m not worried at all about Emily not being seen. Father Gabriel said it best, “We look not at what can be seen, but we look at what cannot be seen. For what can be seen is temporary but what cannot be seen is eternal.”

All of this information referring to filming spoilers can be found under these links: X, X, and X