name: hasikon or pokesikon

a mysterius pokemon able to use many attacks , not much is known about this pokemon and pokedexs are haveing a problem scanning him 

he appears to be protecting two pokemons like a father though there are no way they can be related

if he transforms his colors will always stay the same for some reason , doctors have not found out why yet

there are traches of genetic manipulation on his dna and body which might explain why he dosent have a pokedex entry or data , his dna and mind cna get unstable

enraged form: (made by me)

(pic made by http://rsccooperinc.tumblr.com/ )


pic 1: “when men ly eon theyre grav wait for savior to come” hasikon is running

pic2: “and thinks is he gonna be saved” sees pinkamena

pic3: “maybe your a jumper and you deserve to die” gets shot by pinkamena

pic4: “they where crying when theyre son left” sees the past of him waveing goodbye to skype pony

pic5: “god is wearing black” discorded celestia reserving hasikons tombstone

pic6: “he come so far to find hope .hes never comeing back” hasikon falls onto his knees

pic7: “he have come so far to find the truth hes never comeing back” is on his knees infront of pinkamena

pic8: “maybe your a goner maybe you deserve to die” face shot right before he gets killed

pic9: “wellcome to the soldier side” his grave

idea came from this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSQlKS9EPB0

eryone in this

pinkamena http://question-pinkamena-diane-pie.tumblr.com/

discorded celestia http://thediscordedcelestia.tumblr.com/

skype pony http://skype-pony.tumblr.com/

hope you all like :3 rushed a bit though

name: hasikon diane lolipop evil changeling crystal pie (short: hdlp)

hes a mix of many many races since hes parents are askpinkaminadpie and ask-machine-god-discord , his grandparents are chrysalis and zombra ,he have a sister named fun toy and a brothr named winter

hes body is like seen , pony-ish , bat/dragon-ish wings , a reptilian tail with a snake rattle on the end and a sharp end ,his left hind leg is a changeling leg though he cant change it , his right front leg is a griffon leg/arm ,he have a kinda long mane like his mother and he have the same horns as his father and he can some chaotic things like his father but his still learning how to use them correctly

around strangers and others hes very happy and nice and playfull but around his family hes a bit evil , hes easely angerd around them usaly anoys them by changing theyre gender , he kinda eats anything he wants and he loves loot , if he gets sad he usaly just leaves and walks into his secret forest room and stays there

anonymous asked:

What if Hasikon and Um what's her name? Mishu? Misha? Something like that. Anyways what would you two look like if you were combined and fused into one.

void being of both nature . knowlegde and destruction

holy void O__O


hasikons ref/s 

i feel like i forgot something but that should be it

so now i finally have a good better ref for hasikon

and i included difrent versions of both his arms and legs

heres the best pic currently of how he looks when done