I hate it when other Christian girls (this seems to be a feminine phenomenon) talk about their female friends as a “preparation” or “replacement” for dating. Friends are good in themselves. I guess it’s just another way that women devalue their own relationships with other women. Never, ever in my life have I ever heard a man or boy refer to his friendship with another male as a “preparation” for a romantic relationship, though occasionally I think they refer to their friendships with women as such. I don’t think I hear women talking about their friendships with men as preparations for marriage/dating much, either. I guess friendships with women are mostly valuable for what they prepare you for, instead of what they are.

This is an insufferable attitude towards friendship. Jesus didn’t say “This is the greatest love, that a man lay down his life for his friends” for you to use hashtags like “sisterpreparingmefortheMister.”

I suppose healthy friendships are a preparation for a healthy romantic relationship in the same way that being a good student, or sister, or daughter, or employee is, because it teaches you patience, how to handle difficulties, etc. But friendships (and those other things) are not to be treated as a means to a good future relationship.

Bi women who primarily or currently date women are shit on and ignored so often.
We are constantly told by friends, family, (even other bi people) that we’ll end up with men and treated as though our relationships with women are less important than our relationships with men. We’re treated that because we may be attracted to men, our relationships with women are done purely to sexually please men.
The only time I ever hear bi women being talked about is to give bi women dating men reassurance. No one ever talks about us.
I want all my fellow bi women to know that their relationships to women are beautiful and inspiring and important and valid.

WOCwD = Women of Color with Disabilities


I’ve been racking my brain about how to connect with more disabled women of color online, & I thought of the idea to create a hashtag for us to make that happen.  

I wanted this hashtag to be short, sweet, & easy to remember.  

I took time to research many combinations to make sure that I wasn’t appropriating an already used one.  (I learned from the #NoShameDay incident earlier this year.)  Hashtags like “DWoC” & “WOCD” were already in use, & I didn’t like the possible misinterpretation of “DisWoC” (could be used to *diss* WoC / used in a misogynoir manner).  

So, after seeing that WOCwD had very little use online (only a handful of tweets since 2012 & 2013, & they didn’t seem to be about anything cause/advocacy worthy), & saw that there wasn’t anything tagged on Tumblr with this hashtag combination, I thought that this may work.  

I want this hashtag to be ours.  I want this hashtag to bring disabled WoC together because it’s hard to find each other in this online world.  

Please support, & signal boost this tag.  I’ve registered it on Twubs, so it now has an “official” purpose.  

I’m asking my disabled advocates of all shades to signal boost this for me:  wheeliewifee, ficdirectory, theperksofbeingdisabled, darling-letemstare, cripplesofcolor, dollhospitaljournal, cripple-fabulous, wheelchair problems, autisticwomen, blackgirlmentalhealth

Also, go-blackfeminism & gradientlair, would you two mind sharing this?  

And my social work peeps:  beatacaroline, socialworkmemes, socialworktech, sharpcarnival​, indianacaseworker, politicalsocialworker, thenotoriousamy

And Carol since her artwork has depicted disabled women so well:  carolrossettidesign

~ Vy, proud WOCwD

So Troy Baker quotes a joke about Brett Michaels that just mentions Caitlyn Jenner and the Sensitive Joss Whedons on twitter get angry thinking it’s a snide remark about transpeople(it wasn’t) and harrass him, Troy Baker then makes a tweet saying “it’s sad when people would rather be offended than laugh” and they go even more apeshit to the point he leaves twitter…

And somehow Troy Baker is the bad guy in all of this?