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here’s the video I was teasing y’all about!


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robot harry who’s lived in the forest for his entire memorable life. moss and flowers have started to grow in and on him, messing with his perception and logic modulators. he thinks he’s a tree and that trees walk and move, just like he does - they’re just shy and do it when he’s sleeping. he thinks he can communicate with animals but has really only gotten along with bunnies and chipmunks. although he is slowly breaking down from the plants growing within him, he loves his home and he loves being a tree. he wouldn’t have it any other way (not that he knows any better though)


The Day The Earth Stood Still……will be tomorrow all because of The Oscars and here I am celebrating by posting pics of cute Bun and hot Fox here on th-wait…..cute…..O_O;; i’m dead X_X (Side note: ALL CREDIT goes to the artists of these awesome as hell pics! :D as for the song….so damn stupid and sorta makes sense with  what they are but has love in it with animals, oops, spoiled the song ;p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpgTC9MDx1o anyways thanks to all of you, and pray for Zootopia to win Best Animated Feature Film :D <3 @andyourteeth )

sometimes I worry I’ve become a townie since moving to Auckland but I would like to inform you all yesterday one of my neighbour’s sheep got out and I chased it down and caught it with my bare hands and dragged it back into the paddock so there

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TBH my favorite blunt Luffy moment has to be in the very beginning when Coby asks why he punched him and he just goes 'Because i felt like it!'

ahaha yesss i actually have that moment queued up as a possibility to use, but i just haven’t decided if i want to use that one or the one of luffy telling coby he doesn’t like him, since i don’t wanna use two from the same scene :’D

remember when The Interview™ came out where yoongi said his ideal type wasn’t limited to girls n all the homophobes were up in arms about “mistranslation!!!” and how the interview was translated from korean into japanese into english and we “shouldn’t take it so literally” but it turned out that if you looked at the original japanese it was even more unambiguous bc the phrase used literally translated as “gender doesn’t matter” and was ALSO derived from the same chinese phrase as the korean phrase? clocked.