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why??? the fuck?? would you come here?? to my house?? in my living room?? to tell me that?? matt is a clone?? what??? how dare you??? who gave you the incentive??? the motivation???

okokok here’s the thing though.  Even if that picture somehow has a scar (which I still don’t see), you’ve gotta admit Matt’s reactions and interactions with the Paladins are a little….off.  Something about Matt is just weird.  

His reaction to finding his baby sis in space is a little….dull?  Like if I had a younger sibling and they suddenly showed up in SPACE I’d lose my mind??  Like he hasn’t seen her in months, maybe almost a YEAR!!  Idk….idk…

His reaction to seeing Shiro again was a little stiff too.  You’d think someone he thought was dead would get more of a greeting than just a “good to see you, sir” or whatever.  And Shiro pulling him in for that hug??  Was a bit strange too…Shiro and Matt are just OFF AND I THINK THEY’RE CLONES OK.

Clone or not, I thinks there’s something pretty fishy going on.

My two cents that no one asked for:

1. I’ve had just about enough of people “convincing” Gillian to do things without giving her the full picture. So that’s my starting point with that.

2. On the other hand…if Gillian really had no clue what she was posing for a picture of that David was about to post all over social media (and so was she), then she could have, like, asked him. Or taken two seconds to google it if she really wanted to go all out. 

3. On the other other hand, I’m sure she trusts him at this point, after all these years, and knows him well enough to know he’s not going to rope her into some cause she doesn’t believe in. 

4. On yet another hand, David joking about it and being all like “lol she had no clue what she was doing, but I was like, this will be cool, lol she can’t drive either” is undeniably tone-deaf and undercuts the message of what they were doing in a disheartening way. To be blunt, it makes it all feel kinda fake and staged. 

(4a. Even if five minutes of lending your famous name/face to a worthy cause is better than none minutes, regardless of how dashed off it is.)

5. However: David loves to tell a story, loves to be funny while telling that story, and – I suspect – everything else falls by the wayside while he is constructing and delivering that story. I’m not trying to be a DD apologist here when I say I’m not sure how literally that story should be taken.  

6. Regardless, and regardless of how it actually went down with taking the photo, he shouldn’t have been so flippant about it. Honestly, this shows neither of them in the most flattering light. 

7. On the (*counts* Scully, you’re not going to believe this) fifth hand, though, perhaps one thing that this shows us is that, like the rest of us, David and Gillian are muddling through, trying to give important things the attention they deserve but at the same time busy and distracted and self-centered and not always as good at it or as informed or as dialed-in as they aspire to be. 


Bleeding scare number I’ve lost count was apparently all nothing, which is both obnoxious and a relief. Here are the Doublemint Twins as of this morning.

Baby A is really chill; you can see in their first picture that they’re just sucking their thumb and lounging around. Baby B went to the Sam School of How Baby and spent the whole time jumping around like a maniac. Kyle and I both agreed that if Baby B is a girl, she’ll be our Carrie.


                                                                  BANG SUBIN as a VAMPIRE


                 The moon, his sun

                  the night, his day

                blood his fount of life

                   and you, his prey


okay everyone, story time: so last night taylor joined my live video and we talked about reputation and diet coke and it was so much fun and i started crying…and then (here comes the real plot twist)….i….woke….up

@taylorswift maybe next time it will be for real (ig: inscreamingcolors so stay tuned)


I’m so happy announce that Nour is officially live on Kickstarter!!!! I’m so happy to share my strange and surreal world of food with you all! This game will hopefully fill your virtual appetite. It’s like a meal but for ur mind


This is Allura exiting her cryopod during episode 1:

And this is Coran:

Allura eye’s are closed because, in this scene, she is literally ‘waking up.’ We know that Alfor knocked her out before putting her in the cryopod. But Coran’s eyes are open from the very beginning. This means that he willingly, consciously, stepped into the cryopod. Which raises a new question: Did he start the cryostasis process himself, or did he have help?

Judging by his solemn expression, controlled posture, and downward gaze- I’d wager that the last thing Coran ever saw was Alfor’s face.


press one button, see something wild happen—like a hoverboard and other things “that should never have noodle versions of them” falling from the sky into a meat grinder, where they’re squished into noodles” - STLMag