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this is still so yikes to me because it’s like…. so bruce is AWARE that arkham is a shitty place for rehabilitation? he KNOWS it’s not where he should be dropping off rogues if they want a chance to get better??

so what, batman’s complicit in the neglect and patient abuse going on at arkham asylum???? NO LMAO I DON’T LIKE THAT AT ALL


#whatever you do don’t think about this scene #don’t think about how much kissing isak actually meant to even #he wasn’t just happy because he was kissing a boy he liked #he was happy because he was finally kissing a boy he liked who liked him back #it was probably the happiest he’s been in a long time #he had to break the kiss. to make sure it was real. and it was. and he smiled so brightly #we thought that this kiss was really important to isak #but it was even more important to even #just don’t think about it


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