“Alright, ready to roll?” Dean asked, exiting the gas station, his arms laden with chips and jerky. Sam walked beside him, a single bottle of water in hand.

“Yeah, but where’s Cas? I thought he was with you.”

Dean shook his head and you looked toward the Impala, double checking he wasn’t back in the back seat where he’d been spending the ride so far next to you.

“Guys. Think I found him,” Sam said with a soft smile. He jerked his head towards a parked semi truck beside which Cas stood; fearsome Angel of the Lord taking selfie after selfie. Dean let out an exasperated sigh and turned his eyes on you.

“This is your fault.”

“He needed a phone!” you objected, still watching Cas with a grin on your face at the way his sweetness shone through, standing there not knowing you were watching him.

“Yeah but first it was all the texting and emoticons, and then it was friggin’ Candy Crush and Flappy whatever. Now this,” Dean grumbled. Sam was watching you now, his eyes bright when he saw how you couldn’t tear your gaze from the now technologically savvy angel.

“I think it’s cute,” you said.

“Of course you do. You think everything he does is cute,” Dean said. You couldn’t argue, so you called to Cas instead. He looked up, surprised.

“Time to go,” you told him, and he walked back to you.

“I sent you a selfie,” he said earnestly, and you had to stifle a laugh to hear the word from his mouth. Your phone buzzed not five seconds later and you looked at the photo he’d sent–at his beautiful smile, hair tousled slightly from the two-lane highway wind, and you saved it immediately, not letting yourself think twice about making it your home screen.

You placed a hand on his arm when you reached the car and he waited, holding your door open for you.

“We can take some selfies together. Maybe I’ll even set you up on Instagram or Snapchat,” you promised, and though you could practically hear Dean rolling his eyes from the front seat, all you saw was Cas’ smile widen.



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