This is the Rory Gilmore I hope I’ll always remember. The shy, smart, stubborn girl who relished learning and standing apart from the crowd. The one who promised she’d never eat clams again either. Who never let boys get in the way of her passions, and who didn’t care how “weird” she came off to them. Who grew up in a garden shed, held a funeral for a caterpillar and sat outside with a peanut butter sandwich waiting for fairies. Who liked to spend lunchtime reading and listening to her walkman. Who liked clothes and shopping, but didn’t care about makeup or fashion.

She was cautious and kind. She was flawed, but she could recognize it. She was humble and down-to-earth; witty, sarcastic and awkward. She cared deeply about everyone, and was always looking for the good in people. She didn’t give up, even when she floundered (sometimes quite badly).

This is the Rory Gilmore I’ll always look up to, and strive to be more like.

BTS CRIMINAL AU (sort of? maybe??)

so this was originally supposed to go on my vine account but my dumb ass couldn’t figure out how to post longer videos so i’ll just post it here on tumblr, hope y’all enjoy this ^^

song link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Omf59Kmi64o 

Hyungwon and J-Hope interacting

They were so cute, especially when Hyungwon collapsed to the floor lol. I wonder what they were talking about.