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if you and the rest of the IDIOTS hadnt pushed for a negative trend this wouldnt have happened. I hate you so much for doing this. We were doing fine until you and the other bitch came along. I hope you die and stop ruining what we have.

I hope you’re in a comfortable spot of whatever crusty old couch you’re sitting on because I’m about to take your gobbling, witless, bland turkey ass on a ride. I’ve been minding my own damn business all day and staying out of everything but you and your ilk have kept nagging in my inbox with your vitriol even though I explicitly said someone was going to get it if you kept pushing it. Guess what, ding ding ding…you’re the lucky winner.

First of all, I’ve been here since the beginning. I pretty much haven’t shut up since minute one of this whole mess and my stance has never wavered. I’ve never tried to do anything but what my professional experience leads me to believe is best. I’ve tapped my sources in the industry to bring advice and information into the movement. I didn’t “come along” from anywhere. I didn’t one day suddenly decide I wanted endless stress, significantly less sleep, and non-stop hate directed at me. I potentially have my career in this industry riding on this because I had to put myself out there, so before you start throwing around baseless accusations at least know what you’re talking about unless you enjoy being forcibly shoved back into your lane.

There’s three main reasons why there was no trend tonight and I’m going to try and dumb everything down for you in the hopes that your defective brain can process some of it:

  1. Trending is not just about numbers. You want to know what is needed for a trend to go worldwide? People from all over the world to be talking about it. You what to know what we didn’t have? Exactly that. Brazil, Russia, Spain, Mexico, and other big parts of Europe…all gone because the forum and the thumb-twiddling mouthbreathers that follow them are biphobic, transphobic, and xenophobic assholes who pushed the most important support system of our movement away. 
  2. The trend was poorly constructed. It had nothing to do with negativity. This trend had support and that was proven, but even if all of us had tweeted it wouldn’t have gotten up there because words squished together without a hashtag hardly ever trend. Very rarely. If rash, ill-advised decisions hadn’t been made in the middle of the night because certain factions kept putting pressure and lying about blacklisted words then me or anyone else with social media knowledge could’ve told people that. After Code307 both my friends who work in social media management explained to me that things like that don’t trend. Regardless of all the bullshit that lead up to the picking of the trend, I wasn’t going to put in time and effort or ask people to do the same on a trend that was never going to be registered by the algorithms. 
  3. There was a distinct lack of vocal leadership during trending hours. I follow probably 500+ Clexa blogs including all the biggest and I didn’t see more than a handful of people pushing either trend. I’m usually on Tumblr for 4-6 hours straight hours not shutting up and hyping the fuck out of people because I know crowds need motivating and I’m good at that. As a Director and Producer my job is to literally deal with logistics and lead people day in and day out. I have to make my actors and crews keep working their asses off and give it their best on hour 15hr of a grueling set day. I have to make people do what we need accomplished even when they’re exhausted and over it. My day job is basically me connecting with people and getting them to do what I want, when I want it, and the way I want it. I’m great at mobilizing groups because it’s what I’ve been doing on a daily basis for years. I’m explaining this not because I’m tooting my own horn or patting myself in the back, but so you can understand exactly what I didn’t see today. I didn’t see anyone consistently and loudly pointing the group in the right direction. We need that. Any movement needs that. And by no means am I implying this has to be my position within the movement. It can be anyone who is good at this and has those attributes. As long as this person(s) have common sense the movement should be fine. 

At times you have to lose a battle to win a war, and some of us made the choice to do just that. The past couple of weeks leading up to today have just been honestly sad to watch. I can compare it to witnessing something akin to a bunch of blind people bumbling around in a room trying to find the door but can’t and even though you’re begging them to let you help they continuously refuse so you just stand there watching them bump into walls all day long. A very marked point needed to be made. Today was it. 

This is what it comes down to: There needs to be a shift in power structure. Immediately.

People need to understand something: the forum doesn’t have the numbers or the support of the majority. They just don’t. That is a fact. If today was a lesson at all, I propose things change. Drastically. This is a movement of the community, for the community and because of that the interests of the majority need to be represented. It’s time to take the power back from the few who have been self-appointed and misguidedly decidedly they are falsely entitled to control. Below a list of things I suggest.

  • People have been talking about an election of representatives and I wholeheartedly agree. I propose a Council with 7 members. 3 from Tumblr, 3 from Twitter, and just because I know some people will cry foul ONE from the forum. They don’t represent or speak for most of us, not even close, so they get the number that best exemplifies their actual percentage in the community. They would basically serve as tie breaker if there ever came a vote that ended in the same number of votes. 
  • I propose weekly trend polls. The council comes up with 3-4 trends they deem appropriate and those are put to the vote. Polls open Friday or Saturday, run for 48hrs, and winners are announced by Tuesday night or Wednesday morning at the very latest. Trends voted by the majority are FINAL and if there is to be a wording change it has to be approved by the majority of the council. 
  • It is understood that simply because you are a part of the council, it doesn’t mean you OWN the movement. This is owned by the community and no one gets sole credit for anything. 

This was never about me or any other “IDIOTS” ruining anything you ignorant dunce. Today’s failure was a long time coming and an unavoidable setback that presented itself as a direct result of a misguided minority trying to shove their weak and preposterous agenda down the throats of an entire community that clearly knows better than they ever could. We’re now fed up with it and won’t participate in their crap anymore. We want a voice. If you’re tired of how things are right now and want change then we have to make it happen. There needs to be a shake-up and soon. One week of not trending doesn’t kill the movement, continuing to follow people who have no fucking idea what they’re doing will. 


Say my name, say my name
If I become a hashtag
Don’t let my image go bad
Don’t let me die in vain

Say my name say my name
The news will try to smear me
Don’t let the vultures near me
And please don’t be afraid

Say my name say my name
When they let me bleed for hours
Please cover me with flowers
And don’t you shed a tear

Don’t let us be forgotten
The innocent we’ve lost and
Those who share our fear