hashtag upset

  • Lance:My strategy for flirting with men is much like the American justice system-
  • Pidge:Broken?
  • Lance:What? No, I was gonna say gay until proven straight... why would you say broken?
  • Pidge:I don't see you with a boyfriend but I do see continual lenience from the courts on straight cis white males
  • Me:*acts as close to perfect as humanly possible in an attempt to please parents*
  • Me:*does not kill self so as to not hurt parents feelings*
  • Me:*desperately tries to obtain parental love*
  • Parents:Why aren't you smarter?! Why aren't you prettier?! Why don't you work harder?! Why aren't you nicer?! Why aren't you more social?! Why are you so emotional?! Be better!!!
  • Me:well fuck

This post is intended to clarify what happened across Aug. 14-15 on Tiffany’s instagram and snapchat accounts. 

The following picture is in Korean but should be legible - it shows pictures from 11:02, 11:03, 11:05, and 11:09.

The media and netizens are manipulating the timeline of Tiffany’s posts to make out her intentions were malicious. I am not excusing her from using that geofilter and people can have issues with her using it all they want, but please report the truth.

She used the geotag, deleted it within 2 minutes, presumably realizing how bad that was, then edited the tokyo caption from her post from the night before.

The media is not reporting it like this and people who don’t follow her are taking the media’s version as facts and its a big part of the reason shes under such fire because they think she was gloating about being pro Japanese after she knew using the Tokyo hashtag upset some people. This is not true.

Netizens have also made a zoomed in version of her apology note and are using it next to a previous photo of her signature to make it look like she wrote a heart instead of dots so they could imply she wasn’t sincere or serious with her apology.

This is not to say don’t be angry she used the geotag or look past the history behind the design, its to say report and comment and criticize based on what actually happened, not fabricated lies.