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lyric dedications from Joshua’s favorite artists  #가장_위험한_세븐틴_교회오빠_탄신일

a happy happy happy birthday to the boy whose sole existence is my happiness, to the boy who inspires me to do better, to the boy who wakes up everyday away from his family to reach for his dreams and make his family and everyone of us proud, to the boy who’s beautiful inside and out, happy birthday our prince hong jisoo. I wish you happiness, good health and more success. Thank you for being a part of SEVENTEEN. Thank you for being a part in our lives. Continue smiling and inspiring people. I love you 

lionmettled  asked:

If you're still doing vibes, for some reason I think of Klimt paintings if Klimt painted hockey players. And cried about them.

……..OH my god this is the best thing anyone has EVER said to me

Girl Plays The Ballad of Pittsburgh, “Flaming Out In The First Or Second Round of The Stanley Cup Playoffs”

The Family Tree Of Players You Have Loved And Lost To The Western Conference

Snakebit: The Goddess Of Literally Everyone On Your Roster Sustaining Bizarre And Terrifying Injuries, For Example The Mumps, Honestly, What The Fuck, The Mumps

Woman Learns To School Her Expression Into Polite Disdain While Listening to Hockey Media Narratives 


#ForeignTravelsFriday: reelbearmedia’s (lovely) footage of a few shows in japan, set to lovely. 

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