hashtag panda


This evening is the Christmas party from my work (I know, rather late) and it is a theme party: pajama party/couch potato.
I decided that it’s a good opportunity to wear my panda onesie. Fingers crossed that I’m not the only one who dresses up like this! :D
Either way, my plan for this evening is: eat as much from the buffet as possible, maybe get a bit drunk (I mean: everything is free!) and talk with some of the coworkers I know. :D
I hope that everyone has a wonderful evening/night/day (idk timezones and stuff).
Looooveeee ❤️

makethemnv  asked:

Can the theme song for Hashtag the Panda please be a ringtone?

Hey, makethemnv

Do we have a Hashtag the Panda ringtone? 

Not only do we have a Hashtag the Panda ringtone, we’ve got a bunch of others like The Tonight Show Theme song, Sara saying “Ew!”, and many more! 

Check out the whole ringtone catalogue here! 

Hope you find the perfect ringtone for your phone! - Noah