hashtag not the face

Witness me!

Having my second multi-chapter pinecest fic reblogged by the goddess of pinecest not once, but twice, with the endorsement that she’s not only read it but also enjoys it, is so far beyond the realm of understanding I am practically catatonic with validation.  @in-your-face-elizabeth ‘s hashtags give me the warmest of fuzzies and I’m not sure if I should screen-print them onto a t-shirt or simply tattoo them onto my face.


03 / 04 / 17 • March break is for room decorating and selfies
ig: cemeterybabie

Nursey and Dex are cuddling on the haus couch when Nursey gently looks down at him, kisses his forehead and says “I love you.” Dex, not paying attention, absentmindedly responds “Hashtag Gay.”

The look of pure unadulterated joy on Nursey’s face contrasting with the look of pure and utter horror and disgust on Dex’s face is legendary.