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I've got an Instagram, now what do I do?

I’ve got an Instagram, now what do I do?

I wanted to talk a little further on Instagram this week, why it might be the right tool for some self-promotion. While having a Facebook page is almost essential it might not longer the best way to get attention. Facebook serves as a more of a guestbook or holding space for all the other media available.   This is a mobile based, real time sharing platform gives users a way to combine visual and…

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Video: How the Seattle Mariners Use Tagboard to Bring Social Media to Their Game Day Presentation

A few months ago we profiled the Seattle Mariners, showcasing their game day social media implementation, powered by Tagboard (read). We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kevin Martinez, Director of Marketing for the Seattle Mariners, to discuss how the implementation of Tagboard has changed the way they connect with their fans during games.

“For us it is all about accessibility to the fans and being transparent. Our main objective is to make sure that every fan is heard and that we are engaging in that conversation with them,” said Martinez. “We really pride ourselves on being responsive to our fans… Without Tagboard we would not be able to have such a high presence of social media in our game presentation… We have seen the amount of posts spike 10-fold.”

Curated posts by fans — both at the game and from outside the venue — appear on a screen that is over 200-feet wide and just under 60-feet tall; wider than an Olympic-size swimming pool is long, and taller than a five-story building. Just imagine the feeling fans have when they see their Tweet or Instagram post come across the fifth-largest screen in the world, and third largest in a North American sports venue (#priceless).

“It is an interactive experience that we have never seen here at Safeco Field before and we think we are just scratching the surface. It is hands down something every sports team needs.” said Martinez.

We are thrilled to partner with the Mariners to help achieve their goal of getting closer to their fans on game day, and excited to share this video as a case study of Tagboard’s capabilities.