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when tsukki was in the infirmary getting his fingers taped during the shiratorizawa match and he was in a lot of pain, do y’all know what he did? he took a deep breath and concentrated. and you know what he thought about? — kuroo’s advice, akaashi’s praise, and bokuto’s encouragement ;;

“dont come in feeling like a decoy” // “stop. then jump.”
"so, you noticed? not bad.”
“tsukki! jump some blocks for me, okay!?”

like no offense but when will your otp ever
this is why third gym is king.
they all want him to succeed. they all do their best to help him succeed.

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Sanvers prompt: Maggie proposes, but Alex is unable to accept and can't tell her why. Later Alex realizes that she doesn't want to get married without her dad.

Maggie had been so sure. So sure that Alex would say yes, that she would accept her abuela’s ring without a second thought, crying ‘yes, yes, of course I will’ the moment the question left Maggie’s lips.

She had been so sure.

But now she sits at the bar nursing a drink, hoping to find comfort at the bottom of the glass. She feels the sting of the liquor as it hits the back of the throat, a pain more welcome than the suffocating numbness she feels when she remembers Alex’s answer.

“I can’t marry you, Maggie.”

Maggie’s been a cop for a long damn time. She’s been shot, attacked, thrown around by criminals a lot bigger than she is, and yet she’d rather face that a thousand times over than have Alex reject her.

And worse than her refusal was her inability to explain why she’d said no, why she was refusing a life by Maggie’s side.

“I don’t know, Maggie. I just… I’m sorry.”

They’d spoken about having a life together constantly. Small quips of ‘when we get a new apartment we need one with a balcony so Kara has easy access’ and ‘this won’t stand when we’re married, Maggie. You can’t just hide ice-cream from me’. When Maggie thought about her future, she imagined a small house with Alex just outside the city, with plenty of space for a lot of dogs and a stocked fridge to keep her sister-in-law happy. She imagined commuting to work together and date nights and passion and love and old-fashioned happiness, her and Alex, just plain and simply meant to be.

But now, she doesn’t know what to think.

She barely looks up from her glass when she senses somebody sit next to her. She refuses to acknowledge the small ‘hello’, refuses to nod or smile or pretend she exists. 

“Please, Maggie. Please look at me.” Maggie hears her voice break and she knows Alex is crying, and as much as she hurts, as much as Alex hurt her, Maggie turns on the barstool and looks at Alex.

“Why, Alex?” Maggie asks quietly. “I thought… I thought you wanted this. I thought you wanted me.” She takes a breath to steady herself, rubbing her eyes, refusing to let any tears fall.

“I do want you, Maggie. God, I feel like you’re the only thing I’ve ever truly wanted, needed.” Maggie downs the rest of her drink, before standing and pulling on her jacket.

“Well then why the fuck can’t you marry me?” she spits, leaving a crumpled ten on the table and storming out. 

She ignores the footsteps that follow her, her name called out over and over. She only stops when Alex pulls on her arm.

“Let me go, Alex”

“I can’t. I won’t.”

“Why aren’t I good enough for you, Alex?” Maggie asks, every ounce of pain she feels in her body seeping into her words. 


“Just let me go. Please.”

She’s so sure Alex would refuse to let go, that she’d pull her in close and hug her and run a hand through her hair.

It turns out Maggie doesn’t know Alex at all.


“I know why.”

Maggie sighs as she sees Alex on her doorstep, not ready to talk just yet.

“Why what?”

“Why I couldn’t say yes.”

They enter the apartment, and Maggie makes a beeline for the fridge. She gets a beer out for herself, not offering one to Alex. Alex doesn’t deserve her beer. Maggie watches as Alex fiddles with her sweater, as she paces nervously. She takes a sip of her beer, waiting for an explanation, for anything to come out of Alex’s mouth.

“Do you remember when we went to Vasquez’s wedding? And you asked if I cried at weddings and I said no, and then I bawled like a baby anyway?” Maggie smiles involuntarily at the memory, quickly schooling her features when she realises she’s still supposed to be mad.

“Yeah, you cried as soon as Susan appeared at the top of the aisle.”

“I also lied to you. I’ve cried at every single wedding I’ve been to since I was fifteen years old.” Maggie frowns, waiting for it to click into place, waiting to understand. Alex smiles softly, sadly.

“I cry,” she continues, “when I watch a father give away his daughter, when I see a lifetime’s worth of love on his face and a lifetime of gratitude on hers.”


Well now Maggie feels like a dick.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Maggie. I wanna wake up with you and go to sleep with you and do everything in between with you. But the thought of marrying you without my dad there? It just… it hurts too much.”

In an instant, Maggie crosses the room to Alex, holding her close and letting her cry onto her shoulder. They collapse onto the couch together, a mess of tears and limbs. Maggie holds Alex until long after she’s done crying and her breaths even out, feeling their hearts beat in time with one another. Finally, Alex lifts her head.

“I’m sorry, Maggie.”

“Alex.” Maggie takes Alex’s face in her hands, making sure her girlfriend looks her in the eye.


“You are my forever, with or without a ring.”

i haven’t seen anyone talk about this yet so i thought i’d mention it! im not sure if it was intentional but i thought that the placement of the trump doll and the pictures of the girl squad was really interesting?? because we all know what trump represents, and he represents ignorance and privilege and racism but more importantly he represents white ignorance and white privilege. and sana’s friends are white, who have been guilty of doing things out of ignorance throughout this entire season and possibly the course of their entire friendship with sana

and it all stems from that place of white privilege and ignorance and i think it’s rly important to point that out. obviously they’re not downright evil (as trump is) and that’s why the camera focus isn’t really on them, the focus is on the doll, as a representation/embodiment of the things sana’s been experiencing. but the girl squad is there, behind him, because even if it’s unintentional, they are guilty of the same things he represents

I completely agree that the lesbian experience and the bi experience shouldn’t be conflated, but y'know what??? its pretty telling that those arguments are only ever used in defense of the lesbian experience.

Like honestly, I hope you don’t think that “tumblr wlw culture” ever properly acknowledged the unique issues of bi women. In fact in it’s early days, it was dead set on splitting up bi women into arbitrary categories of those who “prioritized women” and those who didn’t (an abstract, vaguely defined category that was perfect to write off any bi woman that an individual saw fit!!!)

It’s almost as if the people who view the conflation of the lesbian and bi experience by “tumblr wlw culture” as exclusively a threat to lesbians, actually just don’t like bi women participating in a shared community with lesbians??? they probably just view any shared community with bi women as watered down and liberal.

And tbh if you feel threatened that bi women as a whole are trying to co opt the lesbian experience then maybe you shouldn’t have made us feel like our unique experience was lesser or ignored it completely.

TDA Vegas Minis/Juniors Predictions

My *WAY* too early predictions. Was too lazy to do teen and senior so will post those later! I will probably also do another predictions list once everyone has performed because #livelovetda!!!! Also disclaimer obviously I have no idea what will actually happen and am excited to see all the surprises TDA throws at us but I think it’ll be fun (for me) to see how many I was right about! 


Top 20

- Addison Jones (Club), Isabella Jarvis (Larkin), Ali Ogle (Larkin), Vanessa Valenzuela (Club), Mackenzie Couch (P21)

Top 10

- Savannah Kristich (Rock), Aimee Cho (WDP), Charlotte Cogan (The Copmany), Alexis DeLucas (YYCDP), Allie Andrew (CAA), Laina Mae Kirkeide (Stars), Sabine Nehls (Rock)

Top 3:

- Brightyn Brems (CSPAS), Brooklin Cooley (Club), Aimee Cho (WDP?? this one I’m unsure about, I think either her or Alexis DeLucas but I would **love** for it to be Savannah or Sabine from The Rock)


I think JT Church (Club) will win.


Top 20

- Aleena Aoun (P21), Audrey Caldwell (Club), Christian Burse (RISE), Kaya Walsh (Club), Summer O’Haver (Club), Marley Heath (Club), Kalea Hidalgo (P21), Ava Wagner (Larkin), Kennedy Barry (Danceology)

Top 10

- Selena Hamilton (P21), Brooke Cheek (Studio Bleu), Sami McGowan (Club), Ava Brooks (Danceology), Bryten Belka (CSPAS), Peyton MacDonald (YYCDP), Sophie Santella (The Rock), Hailey Meyers (Danceology)

Top 3

- Avery Gay (Master Ballet), Haley Beck (Dance Industry), Ella Horan (CAA)


I think Easton Magliarditi (The Rock) will win.


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imagine when it's baby!jeon's first day of school and his hyungs and noona are all there and he doesn't wanna go inside w/o his noona bc he's nervous n scared and aW

and just as the boys manage to get jungkook out of the car, he’s running back towards the passenger’s seat of where you are, desperately knocking on it with cries of noona! i don’t wanna go! it’s to the point where you’d need to get out and hug him, comfort him for a lil bit while more before he calms down. the six of them stare and watch as jungkook clutches onto you, the five year old refusing to let go until you whisper a few things into his ears and he starts smiling again.

as if their attempts were nothing, they’re making way for jungkook as he makes his way towards the gate, only to make a u-turn and hug the rest of his hyungs and giddily running back towards where the six of them had been struggling to convince him to head to earlier.

now they look at you with a dark look, eyes dragged down with disappointment and lips curling into a frown, “how the hell did you do that?!”

“we’ve been trying for fifteen minutes and all it took you was thirty seconds!”

“like i said, guys, hashtag wife goals-”

“hobi-hyung you seriously need to shut the fuck up.”