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a drawing of Melanie Martinez i’ve been working on after school. I’m sorry i didn’t draw her tattoos, i didn’t know where each tattoo was located and i got tired!!!! (do not delete my caption and do not repost or trace) !! thank you!

when you didn’t even study for a test but you still get a good grade for it

anonymous asked:

Werewolf fics with Alpha Jungkook and Omega Taehyung? Sorry, I know it's really specific I just really love those kind of fics!

Hey there anonnie! (*^▽^)/ here’s a rec from a while back for omega verse fics. And here are a couple newer fics:

Hello (From the Other Side)  Finding your mate isn’t really an exact science.

(There’s only one chapter currently but we all know everything written by wowoashley is brilliant. And I’m already hooked oops.)  

Show Me Your Teeth Taehyung and Jungkook never wanted to live by the rules the pack forced onto them, never wanted to give into their instincts. But everything changed when Taehyung broke his leg and they met another wolf at the doctor’s office.

(Actually kinda really endearing in a way.)

Of Clueless Mates and Stupid Best friends Taehyung somehow adopts a wolf and finds himself a possessive stalker at the same time. Jimin is 500% done with everything.

(Guk is an alpha but Tae isn’t a wolf. However, Guk still does the whole alpha protect thing and it’s just good and nice and lowkey really frustrating.)

Wanted By Many, Taken By One Jungkook needs to get laid, and Taehyung stumbles into the wrong woods.

(Not as smutty as you’d aspect.)

Shaking Inside My Bones For better or for worse, everyone gets better at this. It’s practice. It doesn’t quite make perfect but it gets pretty damn close.

(Very brief Taekook mentions though, this is a Jinmin centric pwp.)

I’m sorry there aren’t many stories here (•̥́_•ૅू˳) I hope you still enjoy these though! 

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