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pls enjoy my firSt piano cover for nct’s heartbreaker i learndt it in 3 hrs omg 

i’ll never know love the same way as i know heartbreak.
maybe that just clarifies on what a mess i am.
no matter how much i throw the word around or conserve it till the right moment, it still hasn’t measured up inside.
and i’ll wonder why and how.
what am i missing, what am doing wrong.

But with heartbreak, it was different.
I felt it instantly and long after. I felt my heart was rip out of my chest. And I felt every hope and promise fly out of my hands. Like every ounce of emtion inside of me was actually real. too real.
and i’ll wonder why.

maybe it’s because i grew up only seeing love in fairytales and storybooks. while i knew heartbreak everytime i cried or heard arguements through the walls.
maybe i just knew heartbreak longer than love.

—  maybe i grew up loving heartbreak.
I think I could’ve loved you once.“ She told him.
"Really? I liked you a lot at one point.”
“So did I. I think we didn’t get together because we were scared of the unknown. Two teenagers who were just too scared to love each other.”
—  It could’ve happened