hashtag heartbreaker

I think I could’ve loved you once.“ She told him.
"Really? I liked you a lot at one point.”
“So did I. I think we didn’t get together because we were scared of the unknown. Two teenagers who were just too scared to love each other.”
—  It could’ve happened

When I knew her, she was not of this Earth. She was, indeed, never of this earth. She was born of madness and suffering and declined into madness and suffering. But she had a period when the sun shone for her, when life was smiling. And she was smiling with it.“

Donald Lyons on Edie Sedgwick


pls enjoy my firSt piano cover for nct’s heartbreaker i learndt it in 3 hrs omg 

stop writing books about 17y/o girls being in love with boys and start writing books about 17y/o girls having an existential crisis