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Heaven Is A Place On Earth

Like I said I really like that San Junipero episode from Black Mirror. Notice how I blended the shadows a bit to create a little depth??

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I have a scenario inn mind, it is long my stay with me, the lost light crew is playing smash or pass but they are not alowed to name one from the crew only bots that are not on the ship (to avoid awkward situations) and the human joins them. Someone ask the human to smash or pass starscream and to everyone's surprise the human says smash, they then starts to ask the human more like shockwave and soundwave. the human looks at everyone in the room before saying smash with a serious face.

It becomes a game to them at this point.  A horribly, horribly fascinating game of just how many people the liaison has ever wanted to have sex with.  They start throwing out more and more increasingly worse suggestions, each time gaping in appalled shock at the borderline enthusiastic responses.


“Sure.  He’s cute.  Nice scowl…”

“Are you serious?  How about Tyrest?”

“I’d have to make him wear a ball gag, but it’s doable.”


“Ooh!  Got it!  Tarantulas!”

“Bondage kink,” the liaison hums around their drink.  Swerve chokes on his energon.


“Definitely smash.  Though I wouldn’t want those saw hands anywhere near my-”


The suggestion catches everyone off guard, not only due to the name in question, but because of the mech standing cross armed and expectantly in the doorway.  The bar goes silent.  “I asked you if you would have sexual relations with Overlord,” Cyclonus repeats, with something almost like a smirk threatening to tug at the corners of his mouth.

The entire gathering turns to face the liaison expectantly, every vent intake held in anticipation.  There is a long, agonizing pause. 

“…Okay, hear me out, what you have to understand is-” the liaison starts, but their explanation is quickly swallowed by the cacophonous mix of shouts, laughter, hoops, hollers, and exclamations of exasperation and absolute incredulity that echo throughout the entire bar.

My crappy drawing!!! \(^∆^)/

It was supposed to be a fusion of Ania and Chaser, but it looks like Ania just stole Chaser’s clothes!!!!!!, What will he do about it?????

(What I think Chaser might do)
Chaser=(naked,only wearing his boxers)Cyaneeeee!!!!! UnderChaser!!!!! Mummmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!(or Dadddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!)a-Ania stole my clothes again!!!!(is crying cutely and acting like a cute baby towards cyaneworks and underchaser)

#AniaChaser #Lecrappydrawing #NekoChaserisnext! #AniaXClive #IShipeverything #Hashtag

Response: Of… *cries* It’s so good! Why can’t my art be so good



051106—161106;; Super Junior’s 11th Anniversary

I can’t explain in words how thankful I am to see our boys accomplish this. Just some time ago, we celebrated 4000 days. 4000. Days. That doesn’t happen to many groups, and I would love for Super Junior to celebrate thousands of more days. I’m so happy I recognize these boys and appreciate them even more now. I’m so proud of calling myself an Ever-Lasting Friend. It’s different with Super Junior.. I actually feel like I’m their friend. I can’t find any other group that can give me a better feeling than them.

Super Junior is the strongest group I’ve ever seen. They have fallen so many times, getting treated like trash by their own company, car accidents, members leaving, scandals, enlistments, etc. But they always come back up, stronger than ever. Super Junior is truly The Last Man Standing.

They are absolutely hilarious. I can’t explain how many times they have made me smile and laugh whenever I feel sad. Just the thought of them reassures me so much, I love all of the inside jokes they have. Like almost disbanding over a water prank, and dressing up as legit everything and anything (a special honor to the vegetable costumes and the Elsa costumes). The members write their own fanfics of other members. The fact that they pulled a prank on the same member leaving the group TWO TIMES, and yet the members still fell for it, is hilarious but meaningful. The amount of times they have kissed each other is so normal for us, but legendary. May I remind you Super Junior has a movie dedicated to throwing shit at boys?? Attack of the Pin-Up Boys is truly iconic.

But their family bond is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. There is no group as genuine as Super Junior these days. They still mention their ex-members and vise versa in 2016. They diss each other so often, but at the end of the day, they all care for one another. I admire that about them, that even all of their parents are best friends with each other.

They might be older, but they’re most experienced and talented. They might not be trendy anymore, but they left their mark as legends. They stick together despite everything they’ve gone through. Super Junior was simply an idea that was meant to last a few months, but now they’re still here, after 11 years. They are such humble, kind, and caring seniors who are always supporting their juniors. They make fun of us ELFs as well, and we do it back to them because our relationship is so much more than a fan and an idol. They promise to always remain as Super Junior, even after they start living normal lives by getting married and having kids. Disbanding isn’t a concern at all, because even if that happens (which is very unlikely), they will remain as a close family for the rest of their lives.

There is such amazing and unique vocals, rapping, dancing, and all sorts of other talents each member holds. Their composed songs and directed music videos are so beautiful to see and hear. Super Junior does so much, especially for us ELFs. I’m so thankful they try their best to connect with every single fan, always attempting to keep communication with them. Super Junior is undefeatable.

So why do I love Super Junior? Simply because they’re Super Junior. That’s all. ♡