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taylorswift This is an original song I wrote back in 2012! It would be SO amazing to have you see this! I was driving in the car to work one day thinking about all the corny song lyrics people will quote back to each other and it inspired this song! I used to have tons of old receipts in my car with lyrics I thought up while I was driving so I wouldn’t forget them later. This was the product of several receipts with lyrics on them. Let me know what you think! <3

anonymous asked:

The Nouis exchange smacked of fakery to m. 1. For being used to low key promote the rap battle. 2. Using some 3-year-old, cropped, M&G photo bc the pose fit with #1. (As opposed to one of the many unseens Louis would have of Nouis & would be actual fan service to post.) 3. I doubt Niall, the Syco-betrayer, would've gotten a shout-out from official Syco company man Louis unless it had an angle. 4. The coldness of Liam's bday wish from Louis by contrast. Why would actual Louis slack on Liam?

I agree with your assessment. The pic is straight off google images.

The cropped version has been on Pinterest a long time. Louis can do better than that, can’t he? Not to mention the hashtag was corny. Louis is not corny. 1D’s SMMs are the worst.

There’s definitely some shady, stunty, fuckery afoot.