hashtag advertising

alrighty Y’ALL i need some real ideas pls

things to get a local, small business poppin’

ANY ideas, like a store app, a hashtag, techniques to advertising, events, giveaways, ETC GIMME ALL UR GREAT IDEAS PLS ILY 

Introducing the Hosts!!!

YES! It’s 17 days to the Fusion Gospel meets Runway 2015: THE CHRONICLES OF TIME. We are introducing the hosts of this spectacular event. You know the host is a very important person in an event. He/she plays a leading role to how the event turns out. That’s why the organizers of the show are letting us know that there will be not one, not two but THREE!!! hosts for the show on the 19th of this…

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If you’ve been digging my Austen and Friends tag, you might be interested in my latest book. It’s a modern adaption of Pride and Prejudice set in Kentucky. And Darcy is a woman named Darla that suffers from Resting Bitch Face, and Elizabeth is a dude named Eli that plays a guitar in a band with his brothers called Longbourn. And it’s available on Amazon now.

Why use Laughter in Social Media

Humor is unanimously a part of almost all advertisements, hashtags and YouTube clips that end up going viral on social media, which goes to show humors universal appeal.  This makes it obvious for you to utilize humorous content to connect with a large amount of potential and current clients.  

What other advantages are there to sharing a laugh with followers?

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The Tao of Twitter by Mark W. Schaefer

Found The Tao of Twitter easy to read and full of great advice for all levels. Mark’s approach is based on a three-part strategy: connect with targeted followers, share great content, and be genuinely helpful – and he develops these themes throughout the book. Functions, such as search, hashtags, Twitter lists and advertising, are covered very nicely. I rate The Tao of Twitter 5/5 stars.