i think monster gf would be classified as a tank, probably? all her strength lies in devastating close-range damage and durability.

tho she has some mobility passive ability and a stealth attack just because she’s supposed to be a terrifyingly efficient hunter.

snipers and other long-range heroes like pharah could counter her pretty easily just because they could whittle down her health/straight up take her down before she could reach them

but at the same time, she’s fast and can climb. she doesn’t have any long-range attacks, though, so you just gotta, take her out before she can get at you

support heroes don’t stand a chance lmao.  mercy could get away by flying to a distant teammate. lucio might not outspeed her, but he could out-maneuver easily because she’s too big to be very agile. zenyatta and symmetra are fucked tho lol.

idk i just thought she’d be a neat sort of complement to winston being the “beastly” nonhuman character