Proud Protea!!!

Finally we get a test victory! I was beginning to forget what that feels like. It has been a tough series for us, injuries, batsmen not coming through at the right time, some bad luck (Cape Town) and not to mention an exceptional England side. Durban we were terrible, Cape Town we showed we were cabaple and Johannesburg we were Broadslided.

This match may not mean much in terms of the series but it was very important for me, our backs were up against the wall going in, media and fickle fans baying for blood. Our boys managed to hold it together though and played out of their skins to get us that all important victory. Everyone played their part the batsmen, the bowlers and there was so tremendous fielding. We didn’t allow England to get a whiff of a victory this time around.

So damn proud of each and everyone of our eleven!

Especially Bavuma and Rabada I think they’ve shown they are I’m the team solely due to merit and nothing else.

All in all its been a great series, in spite of me feeling like crying about 80% of the time (looking at you Ben Stokes).

Congratulations on the test victory England!

Looking forward to the ODIs and T20s. Clean slate and once again game on 😉