The Chicken and Waffle stack from Hash House a go go. In Hillcrest, this places serves huge portioned food, with an Indiana farm feel. Very cool place to take visiting friends, and don’t forget 1 buck PBR’s. San Diego, CA

san diego

i am back from san diego and let me tell you, i did NOT want to leave! the hilton bayfront hotel was right next to the harbor! i fell in love with the king-sized bed. i had trouble getting out of it every morning! im so glad the rain gods heard my plea! SeaWorld day happened and i LOOOVED it. i now have acquired another season pass! i fed dolphins and sea lions! watched the Shamu Show & the Dolphin Show. let me tell you, the Dolphin show totally kicked the Shamu show’s ass! next time i go i want to Dine with Shamu and have the interaction time with the dolphins! :) So i left SeaWorld with a giant shamu doll & a seaworld sweater! Hodad’s was actually out dinner destination, but when we got there, there was a farmers market going on and so we ditched the Hodad’s idea and nom’d on belgium sausages, cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, homemade tamales and testers! deelish! then it started pouring so we jet to the car and into the awesome king-sized bed. Hash House a gogo was our brunch destination before we left for home! i could not finish anything!! portions were huge and amazing. yummmm-o.

there was a deal that was made between me and my boo.

If he loses 10 pounds by his graduation date (june 10), then i have to buy him a pair of Clarks.
If I lose 10 pounds by the same date, then he is going to buy me my Kate Spade handbag. 

i told that beezy to start saving up cause my prize is much more expensive than his. not only will i have a bombie body of 120 pounds, i will also be sporting a cute ass black kate spade handbag :) 

so as we all grow up, there are these things called Wisdom teeth! i hate them with a passion and i believe it is time for me to get them pulled out. ive been having tooth aches =\ perfect timing too -_- school is starting monday & i work all weekend… fail.


Hash House was our first stop in SD. It’s quite a popular place and was well worth the 45 minute wait. The food were all serve in large portions. Three of us couldn’t even finish the sage chicken w/ waffles. It was insane watching all the locals finish their own plates. Afterwards we left for Fashion Valley, a nice shopping center kinda like an outdoor SCP. Jet Skiing was next on our schedule. My hands were freaking frozen and numb from driving since the weather was so damn cloudy and cold. And ended the night with Phil’s BBq. I espcially loved the macaroni salad! Maybe even more than the bbq lol