hash tags are ugly

I legit have nothing to post anymore .

An I’m going out of town right now so I’m currently in the car doing nothing so enjoy this old ass graser edit I made along time ago . XD

It’s soooo bad, but what ever I haven’t posted anything in. Awhile like edit wise so I want to .

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you know whats more heartbreaking with yoongi crying is that we all know how he's tearing up but doesn't let those tears fall. we can all see it in gifs and pictures with all of their concert and yoongi tearing up breaks my heart in a good way. i never knew getting into bts this deep will make me see them living their dreams makes me feel like im living my dream too. thank you bangtan. i cant wait to see more of you in the future. lets all go together forever.

i know i didnt think id get in this deep with these boys im emo ;; i love them all so much and im so happy theyre seeing people love them and that they deserve all of this success. they work so hard ;;

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