hash oil

An in depth review of scooby doo characters (I'm high af)

Fred: or shall i say..30 year old fuckboi fred??? clearly old dude weird horrid blonde wig. stop looking in a mirror and combing ur ego fred boi.

Daphne: “i am so over this damnsel in distress nonsense” YAS QUEEN us too u dont need a man to save u, chuck one of those heels at a ghost!!

Shaggy let’s be real this dude is me after uni steals all my money. best friend is a dog and seems lit 24/7 yet always escapes danger 10/10 (also your love interest is suuuper hot)

Velma you’re smart and carry the group educationally but it’s okay to make mistakes or wear nice clothes if u want, don’t dull ur shine girl

scooby doo: best animation i’ve ever seen, also would kick ass at charades him and shaggy would win charade olympics DAMN