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Hello! OMG. Thank you for the fashion career mod! You were exactly who I needed! :D I also want to make career mods but the only tutorial I find is a dated one. Of course, I can't ask for an extensive tutorial but I'm curious if you still used that tutorial, if you did, which parts were different? Or if you could just give me some pointers, I'd be really happy. :D

Hey there!  Thanks for the kind words! :) I know a lot of people are curious about the same thing, so I’m going to answer this publicly- hope you don’t mind! :)
I didn’t follow that tutorial at all, except for the part about creating the script file (that was mostly correct, but I had to do some things on my own to make it work).  I’ve actually thought about what could’ve been wrong with her tutorial.  The main thing that differed in my process is that I didn’t use the Mod Constructor program she does; instead, I just used Sims 4 Studio.  Mod Constructor may or may not be outdated, so that could be why the mod was broken.

If you already know about XML files or doing other mods, a custom career isn’t too hard to do- just very time consuming, and can become complicated depending on what all you add to it (the fashion career became VERY COMPLICATED- never doing anything like that again, LOL).  

Here is a very brief mini-tutorial on how to get started (please note that I’m writing this assuming you already know how to use Sims4Studio, and how to create XML files and make your own instance IDs, etc):

  • The first step is to open up Sims4Studio.   Go to Tools>Create Empty Package and name the package file.  Once that opens up, go to Tools > Extract Tuning. When you’re in that box, you need to type in the name of the career you want to clone.  The business career is the one I used and is a good one to start with because it has chance cards and everything attached.  So type in “career_adult_business” and select “Add to Current Package.”  Leave the Extract Tuning box open- you’ll need it again.
  • After that, you’ll need to go through and edit all the instances which link to the business career and make them for your own career.  You do this by copying the instance number or name, and then extracting the file to your package.  For example, the first thing you’ll see in the business career is “CareerSuperInteraction: si_Career_Business.”  So copy that, paste it into the Extract Tuning box, and then add that file to your .package.  
  • Then go through and change all the things in there and so on.  Replace the Strings (the text shown in game) with your own text (which you do by creating a String table in S4S and then use the hash generator to create a unique hexadecimal FNV32 hash to link your text with).  You can edit XML files directly using Sims4Studio, but the easiest way editing them is to use a program like Notepad ++, copy the XML file there, edit it from there, then paste them back into S4S when you’re done.
  • Make sure you create your own instance ID for all the files, again using the Hash Generator (for custom careers, make sure you use FNV32 Decimal, HIGH BIT) and replace the EA ones with your own.  
  • If there’s data files associated with the XML file, they’ll automatically be extracted as well- make sure all the data inside matches with your XML file (usually it’ll be stuff like the instance ID for aspirations, or the hash name for strings) and that the data file has the same instance ID as your XML file.
  • You’ll have to know how to do Python scripts for custom careers (at the very least so that your Sims can take paid time off work).  There’s tutorials for Python over at ModTheSims in their modding forum.

Sorry if that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s the simplest way I can describe it.  Writing a mini-tutorial just reinforces how hard it would be to write a full-fledged one and that’s why I’ve decided not to, lol.

Anyway, I hope that makes sense and gets you started.  Careers are not for beginners, so I wouldn’t recommend doing them unless you’ve already dabbled in creating mods from scratch before.  If you are familiar with XML tuning for the Sims, if you’ve created your own buffs or traits or something similar, you’ll probably do well, otherwise, try with something easier and smaller first (keep in mind that even a bare-bones custom career would use between 50-60 XML and .data files.  Just to give you an idea of the fashion career: it took nearly 300 xml files to make, LOL…no wonder I’m exhausted from doing it), then work your way up :)

“...With Me.”

Part 2 of “…Who Might You Be?” By request the smol bean named Hash Swan is back and poppin.

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You and Deok Kwang have been dating for almost five months now. You wanted to keep everything between the two secret but Deok Kwang went on talking to Changmo and Hyo Eun about it. Luckily they kept the secret to themselves. Joon Kyung knew you were up to no good. You were visiting too often and being way too quiet around him. You haven’t even insulted him in weeks. That wasn’t like you. Something was up and he wouldn’t stop until he got to the bottom of it.

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Today’s performances are over. With each performance, I’m steadily understanding it more!* I’m going to properly ice my body and have a massage to prevent any injuries, and I’ll face tomorrow! I’m going to sleep a lot tonight haha. We’ll be waiting for everyone to come out to the show tomorrow too! With Kasen Kanesada. 

Also, today was our chairman Hiroki-kun’s 32nd birthdayyyy! We all surprised him during the morning run-through practice! Congratulations 

#鈴木拡樹 くん
#和田琢磨 さん


You and jade had started dating a couple of months ago, today she had an interview and the interviewer had a question you and jade had been expecting. “So Jade I’ve heard some rumors about you and a pretty lady named Y/n care to tell the viewers if their ship has sailed” the girls looked at Jade and smirked Jade blushed “Well Y/n and I are in fact dating and I love her very much” Perrie then said “That’s an understatement this girl has not stopped talking about her since they met I mean we maid bets on who would ask who out I lost” she said with disappointment in her voice “Perrie!” Exclaimed Jade “And I won” said Jesy with a smile “Jesy!” Jade said louder “ I just wanted them to make out already I mean come on how much sexual tension do you need "said Leigh Anne ” Really you too" said Jade with an annoyed tone “yep” then Perrie said “Well all in all were happy for you Jade she seems to make you really happy” “She does I really do love her” said Jade with a dreamy smile “And now I’m gonna puke” said Perrie “Well you heard it here (your ship name) is floating the seas happily show your support on twitter with the hash tag (your ship name)Forever. The hash tag trended for 7 hours and you and Jade couldn’t be happier. (Not my gif)

Things I hope happen in Khiphop in 2016
  1. Jaewon’s YG debut (probably won’t happen for another 600 years cause YG.) Definitely didn’t happen. 
  2. Bobby doing interviews because he’s the most extra person ever and LOL Happened…a REALLY long time ago. I think In January. I’ve known about it for a long time too but I’m just having a hard time getting off my butt as of late. haha It’s an interview with W Korea.
  3. Mino existing He did. ALL.YEAR.LONG. Thanks every deity of every religion for allowing him to be here.
  4. CJamm existing and making some more music (hopefully). Happened 2/19/16 when CJamm dropped Prove.
  5. Cheetah and Heize being the Queen and Princess of khiphop. Happened as Cheetah is the Queen by default and Heize is killing the charts with her releases and doing well on variety shows.
  6. Electroboyz doing something (anything really) Happening on 7/30/16 when they release Sunglasses, their 2nd album.
  7. Same as number 6 but with M.I.B this time Zick Jasper and SIMS performed at the Royal Class concert in February!
  8. Another AOMG cypher cause that shit was FIRE Happened March 25 2016 when they dropped the Always on my grind song. It’s basically an AOMG cypher so *shrugs*
  9. SMTM5 being a mess (and me gettin yelled at for laughing at everybody’s “oppas” again). SMTM5 actually wasn’t a mess, I didn’t get yelled at, and it was actually a pretty chill year as far as SMTM5 was concerned.
  10. More idols going on SMTM5 because that’s hilarious More idols did go. I think only Luizy made it I think. So it wasn’t hilarious but it still happened.
  11. More people being discovered on SMTM5 ( or rediscovered, kinda like Jaewon and David Kim. Which would actually probably means less idols but oh well) Happened throughout SMTM. Junoflo, Kenny Raw, BNa, D-9ine, Hash Swan to name a few
  12. 1TYM reunion (or just any member of 1tym doing anything really) Happened 2/19/16 when CL posted a picture of her out with Teddy Park! Still not crossing out the hope of reunion though!
  13. 1TYM 2.0 creation (Jaewon, B.I., Bobby, Mino) This 50% happened? With MOBB. this is more like a Jinusean or GDxTOP creation ALTHOUGH THEY ARE DEFINITELY DIFFERENT, I didn’t mean this to say they would be exactly the same but just to say that another hip hop group would be produced and it was. So 50% as I said. 
  14. Basick dropping anything Happened already. He’s releasing a full length album!
  15. Super Bee dropping anything This happened when he dropped the songs from Swaggers MAde in the USA back in March
  16. Black Nut being Black Nut. Well this happened. Especially with him throwing some sahde at Iron but that’s really all he did noteworthy.
  17. Epik High album Dropping next year! It’s being worked on now. I’ll grade easy and say this happened since we DO have the confirmation.
  18. More artists being signed to HIGHGROUND. this didn’t happen, note that I wrote this after Incredivle was announced so no one who was announced in early 2016 counts for this.
  19. Find out more about Masta Wu’s label. Nothing really happened with this but I’m still extremely curious?
  20. This goes with the Electroboyz one but Brave Ent actually getting off their ass and helping their own artists do music related stuff. I mean how hard is it to make your own artists songs when you made Boyfriend, Sistar, Teen Top, AOA etc. songs? (Happened on 2/3/16 when I found out that he announced the Brave Girls are back after 3+years)
  21. Black Nut trying to be Beenzino. This diddn’t happen but i think we got enough in other years. Black Nut is past this stage.
  22. Beenzino trying to be Black Nut because inception. I’m so sad this didn’t happen
  23. Punch (formerly of 1Punch with Jaewon) making a song with Silento that actually becomes a hit in the US like “Watch Me” Unfortunately this one isnt gonna happen. But it’s all good though
  24. L.joe and CAP not being so underrated Didn’t happen unless something weird happens in the next 9 days. this is 2016 though so I wouldn’t count it all the way out.
  25. Kyung not living in Zico’s shadow anymore. Didn’t happen…actually I’ll grade nicely and say in 25% of the way happened? Kyung had his own releases and he enjoyed some moderate success so good for him
  26. Yongguk and Innovator being gummy bears. They were sweet and adorable all year long exactly as expected.
  27. Vernon doing more embarrassing, tryhard shit like “Pull up on you whacks with the mac fully loaded.” (Happened on 2/2/16 when I found a new video of him saying “Pulling up with the mac again.”)

OK so throughout 2016 we’re going to come back to this list and mark things off once they get accomplished and by the end we’ll see how many actually happened!

EDIT: The list is completely updated as of 7:16 PM PST Decemeber 22, 2016.

Well, someone has been busy.

(Pic 1)

“Looks like I have another Tumblur stalker” -Yup, that’s me, not like I have a Deviant Art too or anything, nope.

“She loves to take image grabs here” -She is actually a he, and yes I do.

“And yes I know how to spell that web site I spell it my way to get at you” -Yeah, I’m sure you do, definitely isn’t because you can’t spell.

“and please no lame ass hate blog can burn me” -Sure seems like I can.

“no matter what names or hash tags you label me under i have and will never be as bad as you people” -Yeah right, you’re more hateful than me cupcake.

“at least i know you have no power over me or anyone for that matter any more all you have is your slanderous and toxic words” -Toxic is the wrong description for my words. Truthful, now that’s the correct word. 

(Pic 2)

“People tell me not to talk about those hate blogs
so what does one do when lame hate blogs talk about you?  I mean they post image grabs of my note posties here I mean there so lame they have to name tag me.. all well if its the only way they can stay alive any more is to talk about me.. I have moved above them there nothing more than a stepping stone..”
-Maybe you should start listening to us.

“and thanks for letting people know i am still relavant.
and letting me know you well trained your boyfriend to stalk me while you not home.. Like his male bits are in a pickle jar on the shelf some where..”
-Yes, I keep his balls in a pickle jar as he stalks you, he is definitely not just browsing DeviantART because he is also an MMDer and seeing a notification of a new journal post and reading it, nope, all stalking 100%. 

(Pic 3)
“so back to doing what ever i am doing
I am sure the hate blogger on tumblur will name drop
me and show me how much of a stalker they are and a looser mind you it does show up in my email but i am not going to sink as low as they have because i know i am better then them..” -Honey, I couldn’t care less what you think of me, if anything you are giving me more material to work with, so thanks. 


HI! I reupdated my commission prices! :OOO

Basically the base prices are as shown above, however other stuff like scenery backgrounds, huge weapons or small animals etc. (not to mention paypal tax) will cost a little extra!

I draw just about anything ranging from humans, furries, OCs, hash-slinging slashers, you name it! what I WON’T draw are overly-complex mechas and y’know, anything offensive or morally wrong (except gore, i’m cool w/ that.)

Slots are unlimited, because I’m in desperate need for money atm while waiting for my university application results Q_Q

Email me any time at >triggerhappyfemale@gmail.com<. If you have any questions, you may leave an ask or a message and I’ll do my best to respond as fast as I can. Thank you! ☆

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this is probably not the place to ask (because there's probably a billion opinions on it haha) but is it alright to refer to hash-m as "the universe" instead of g-d (ie "thank the universe" instead of "thank g-d") or would that be idolatry? (like in deuteronomy 4:19) (it's just that i associate the word "g-d" with xians after growing up in a strongly xian community, so i'd rather use a different name for hash-m, and i see Her as being like the entire universe, sort of)

Hi there!

What a fun question.  Who am I to judge your theology, especially if you believe that God is the universe?  But also, if you believe that God is the entire universe, why is their a need to make a distiction?

I have a feeling that there is a much deeper question and discuss here that I would love to have! Feel free to send me a direct message :)

Shabbat Shalom friend!

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Why do fan Hash tag Renee's name in a photo of Dean and the fan when She is not there. I mean what is the point. Also no sign of any thing that says Jon/Dean lives with her in the closet photos.

On the off chance she may see it? I guess that is the same as tagging her in tweets about him I am guessing?