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marcobodt  asked:

Tendou and Goshiki?

Tendou: What kind of “monster” are you?

  • In the classical sense: Ghost. I get stuck in time quite often, not being able to move past certain things even though I know I should. I’m quiet, I like to stay in the background, I’m curious, and I’m oddly good at sneaking up on people without trying.

Goshiki: Tell me about your dream!

Honestly my dream is to own a flower shop in a small town, either somewhere in Canada, Oregon, or Japan. I want to own a black mini lop bunny named Ayato and a chubby corgi named Hash. I’d like to be married to someone who knows me for me and loves me anyways and doesn’t tease me about or make fun of the things I enjoy. Just a quiet life surrounded by flowers, honestly :^)

Send me a name!


HI! I reupdated my commission prices! :OOO

Basically the base prices are as shown above, however other stuff like scenery backgrounds, huge weapons or small animals etc. (not to mention paypal tax) will cost a little extra!

I draw just about anything ranging from humans, furries, OCs, hash-slinging slashers, you name it! what I WON’T draw are overly-complex mechas and y’know, anything offensive or morally wrong (except gore, i’m cool w/ that.)

Slots are unlimited, because I’m in desperate need for money atm while waiting for my university application results Q_Q

Email me any time at >triggerhappyfemale@gmail.com<. If you have any questions, you may leave an ask or a message and I’ll do my best to respond as fast as I can. Thank you! ☆