Vloggers At First Sight / Part 2

A/N: I still don’t know a proper title for the story :D I’ve been really busy these last few days and I will be for the next week, so it will be a bit difficult to write something. What I didn’t remember is that I already had this chapter almost finished. I had a free hour today so I decided to check my fics and I saw this. And I finished for you :D 

I wana say Rae’s character is based on RavingsByRae self-confidence. She really is an amazing role model to me. You should watch her Youtube channel because she does wonderful vlogs about clothes, make-up, relationship and sex advices, she has this section called Dear Fat Girl that I love so much… So take a look at it here.



TunningLife is now following you.

Is it any kind of joke? Because it’s NOT funny.

Rae is sitting on her desk, reading again and again what it appears on the screen of the computer. TunningLife. TUNNINGLIFE. HE’S FOLLOWING HER. Oh Jesus! She smiles widely, jumping over her bed while Dancing Queen is playing inside her head. She makes a sort of coreography of the film Meryl Streep did a few years ago. This is her day. THIS IS HER MOMENT. She sits again on the chair after dreaming she’s a Hollywood star and she can’t stop giggling without keeping an eye on her new notification.

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