I am preparing for Jointed Hearts by playing with dolls lol. No really, my faun, who I’ve named Orla, is finally finished, after almost a year. Her eyes and outfit are temporary but I’m pleased.

I haven’t had much energy for dolls this year, except for Peruna but I wanted to bring my stone dryad with me so I played around with her and fell in love again.
She wears one of Hasel’s extension wigs. It was made for a doll larger than her so the strands are really long on her. She’s epic. And I had to make her a crown. Because yeah. I named her Hulda (which means hidden). Though I may change it to Hulde, which is Dutch for when you honor someone. I like the combination of meanings.

I won’t be able to finish any creatures, as working on Orla has taken up so much of my time and energy. Plus I’m working on kitten schedule, which means I can only work when she sleeps. And I have no energy lol.
Well, I’ll be able to make a Persian, because Hasel is making me a body since she already made the sewing pattern for that. So that’s one creature at least!
I’ll get my ass into gear for Ldoll in October, I promise.

Catch my eye this photo is very unusual for my gallery. This is now the moment of truth: I do love fish. I am a fan of aquariums and I take care of my own aquarium at home. Today my family and me visited the visitor centre at the Donau-Auen National Park in Orth on the Danube - which beckons as “Gateway to the Wetlands” - the starting place for getting to know the fascinating world of the Danube wetlands. And it really does. I am fascinated by the way they made it possible to stand eye in eye in front of the fish! by ReinhardMittermaier


Last weekend Hasel and I made this little Persian for a good friend of ours.

He has been in the making for quite a while, but life happened and such. But since we’re going to Jointed Hearts in Sweden soon, I wanted to try to cast some more parts to see if I can make some creatures to bring with me.
Our friend is going through some tough stuff and I’d be seeing her the next day, so Hasel said we should make her cat, while I was there anyway.

So this is the first completed creature and we and our friend love him. We couldn’t stop laughing when we put the last pieces together. Our friend lost her mind when she unpacked him, it was great.
This is good motivation to try and finish some more creatures and I hope I can muster the energy.

I’m working on another Persian, a two headed goat and probably two sloths.