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Gintsu, gintama and my two cents...

I’ve seen a lot of mixed reactions from people about the newest chapter of Gintama and I’d like to add mine to fray as well,

So I’ve seen people saying that Tsukuyo admitting her feelings for Gintoki is kind of pointless since she has already given up on him and that this ship is just going in circles…?

At the end of Love potion arc Tsukuyo clearly states that “Gintoki is not a person who will belong to anyone and at the same time ends up in everyone’s heart”:

And that she’s just happy blowing poison gas in his face once awhile:

To me the love potion arc (in terms of Gintsu) meant two things:

1: Tsukuyo accepting her feelings for Gintoki.

2: Tsukuyo being just fine with the way they are right now.

She stated that she didn’t want to be romantically involved with Gintoki because of his personality and that just being by his side was enough for her.

Flash-forward to lesson 620 and Tsukuyo is still pretty consistent with what she said.

Even when she know that Gintoki is out there fighting probably one of the most dangerous enemies he has ever faced, she still settles on doing her duties as the moon of Yoshiwara:

I’ll repeat again: Tsukuyo may love Gintoki but all she wants is to simply be by his side:

why are ya’ll seeing Tsukuyo as a threat and targeting her?

Also this is Gintama we’re talking about so I highly doubt there’ll be a canon ship by the end, well except for “Hasegawa X Hatsu” and “Katsura X Ikumatsu” (LOL)

However if anyone does end up with Gintoki (considering only the females) it will either be Tsukuyo or Otae, I guess?

To make a long story short: Tsukuyo loves Gintoki but wants nothing out of it, we haven’t heard Gintoki’s side in all of this,Gintama is a shounen manga and it won’t end like bleach or naruto hopefully

Catching up With Gintama

What is this?

This is a list I made for a friend so he could catch up and watch Gintama when it began airing again. 

I’ve separated the lists into three groups (excluding the optional beginning)

  • Imporant episodes: they’re either relevant to the plot, or the funniest episodes overall.
  • Episodes you should watch: episodes that doesn’t necessarily contribute to the overall plot, they’re still wildly hilarious or they have minor development for the main characters.
  • Episodes you can watch when you feel like it: self explanatory (a lot of these are also just filler episodes).

I love Gintama whit the same ferocity as Kondo loves Otae and I think that the majority of the episodes are great, but I know that most people don’t have the time to binge 265 episodes in one sitting. Especially if you’re eager to begin the new season straight away.

So here’s the order I would personally go with:

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