Sophie, Princess of Windisch-Graetz  and her daughter Princess Larissa Maria are featured in Hola! Magazine this week. The pair talk about the Princess’ late son who died in an accident, Alexis. Larissa also talks about her hopes to get into the fashion industry like her mother, stating, “I’d love to be a professional model. I know it’s a tough world - my mother always tells me, ‘but I’m sure you ’ll make it… I’m still very much the style of my mother and 'stealing’ her old dresses are my favorite.”

Source: Hola

I'm Back Bitches

So I’m home but I’ll do a wrap up of Vienna 

  1. Austrians have a lot of money 
  2. and the have “special pigs” (our waiter didn’t know the english term of free range)
  3. Hasburgs were the worst hoarders ever
  4. but not dead cats but priceless artifacts and art
  5. Sisi was lame
  6. I have seen more famous art in just one room of the big art museum than all my visits to others before. 
  7. I saw  a bunch of drag queens
  8. Too many plates

I’ll do the wrap up and all the photos later.