Hasbro is Marketing Jurassic World’s Female Velociraptors as Male
I’m kind of a huge dork and when I saw Jurassic World this past weekend, I wanted to see what kind of merchandise they have out there. I came across figures of the velociraptors, which were freaki...

Although this may explain the lack of Black Widow merchandise– Hasbro’s been marketing her as Spider-Man.


We’re excited to announce that Episode #1 of our Transformers: More than Meets the Eye motion-comic has entered its’ final stage in production! However; We here at Team Train-Wreck are still noodling out bugs and working hard to provide you- our viewers, with ‘best-seats-in-house’.

That being said, we feel that a token of gratitude is in order for all the kindness and support you kind folks have given us during these past few months. 

We hope that you’ll enjoy this very early, very brief excerpt from Episode #1