Zendikar and D&D, together at last
Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering are two different games, but that doesn't mean their Multiverses can't meet.

Wizards of the Coast has now done a thing where you can run your games on the famous plane of Zendikar from Magic: the Gathering. At the above link you can download the world guide, including races like the Kor and a bestiary filled with things like Felidars.

Seems like a pretty natural combination - and finally a frequent need to roll Climb checks.

If you dl it and do run it, please let us know how it goes! I might set something up for fun to test the system out sometime too.

- Mo!


Hasbro Report On Bad Ratings Of DF And Its Losses

“Discovery Family Channel, our cable television joint venture with Discovery Communications, Inc. in the
United States, competes with a number of other children’s television networks for viewers, advertising revenue
and distribution fees. There is no guarantee that Discovery Family Channel will be successful…At December 27, 2015, $242.9 million, or 5.1%, of our total assets, represented our investment in Discovery
Family Channel. If Discovery Family Channel does not achieve success, or if there are subsequent declines in the

success or profitability of the channel, then our investment may become impaired, which could result in a write-
down through net earnings.”

In connection with the acquisition of a controlling interest in Discovery Family on September 23, 2014, the Company recognized$238 million for Hasbro’s noncontrolling interest in Discovery Family. Hasbro has the right to put the entirety of its remaining 40% non-controlling interest to the Company for one year after December 31, 2021, or in the event a Discovery performance obligation related to Discovery Family is not met. Embedded in the redeemable noncontrolling interest is also a Discovery call right that is exercisable for one year after December 31, 2021