[War Hammer, Hand of Tobias]

Toby’s war hammer was one of the coolest things i got to work on.  it went through quite a few iterations,  and with a lot of help from Rustam Hasanov,  we finally ended up with what you see in the show.   as a fan of fantasy weapons I was really excited to work on this it brought me back to my days of obsessing over MMORPG weapons. 

you can see my process of concepting.  It initially started off as crystal on a pike,  and then after many rounds of notes.  eventually formed into a crystal surrounding a demon head statue. 

 Please watch Trollhunters on netflix if you havent checked it out yet.


Adventures in VIS Dev Hunting

If you haven’t noticed.  there is a new show out on Netflix called TrollHunters.  Its a Guillermo del Toro created series by Dreamworks,  and about 2 years ago I had the amazing privilege of working on it.   It was my first Vis Dev Job and I cant take any credit for how AMAZING it looks.  it was a massive group effort specifically spearheaded by the AWESOME art director Rustam Hasanov. 

I played a very tiny part in the creation of some of the props and environments of this world.  Here’s is one of the first things I helped contribute to

The Wall Axe thing which you can see in the background was one of my first assignments.  It changed a lot over the course of the build and was influenced by a lot of people   (Mostly Rustam).  I was only tasked with figuring out some more technical aspects of it like finalizing the orthographic views and the construction of the Axe,  Inner workings of the gears,  as well as the texture and distressing.   Its a good hero prop and got alot of deadly deadly screen time.  I’m really happy with how it turned out in the show. 

I’ve never worked in a 3d Pipeline before and it was VERY DIFFERENT,  There are much more complex limitations and art direction is overall much more serious than a 2D show.  I really enjoyed it though.  And I got to learn alot about Maya


Bir avuçtu oysa dünya,
Sığdıramadıklarımızla büktük kelimelerin belini…


kalem uçlarımdan geçmiş ezgiler var, onların haberleri yok.
lakin onlar çoktan birer resim içinde hikaye, birer renk içinde tutku, bir çizgi arasında hüzün… ah! ne diyorum ben - tırnaklarımın altına bulaşmış boya kadar kendi halinde bir garip şarkılar işte.. hangi bütünün bir parçası olduklarını bilmeksizin, tablonun tamamından bi haber.. ah! 


Dinleyin ama fazla üzülmeyin.


Sofia and Carl Philip arrive to an exclusive dinner with the aim to raise money for Project Playground. The price for the entry goes right to Project Playground. Among the guests are, among others, Robert and Katarina von Horn or  Louise Gottlieb, Madeleine’s close friends. // 26.11.2015

Source: Expressen, Photos: Michaela Hasanovic


İmamyar Hasanov - Tofıg Güliyev 

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