Ok…Uhm…*Takes another sip of water to calm self*…did I hear Hasil say what I think he just said? (Looks around the room to see if anyone else heard it) I looped this just to make sure I was not hearing things. C’mon my Sasilian family, please confirm that I heard what I think I heard…Did he…just say… “Is This Mine?”….or did he say, “You’re Mine” *Passes the fuck out*

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How would the demon kings propose?


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  • Gehenna probably has some traditional demonic ceremony or something
  • Like making a ring out of their own bones and cursing it beneath the blood of fallen exorcists
  • Then it’s presented to the s/o in a human heart
  • So Astaroth probably crafted you the finest ring, and had royal jewels and such added to it
  • He’d not make it very romantic
  • But it might be in the prettiest view he has
  • All of the surroundings in his kingdom are probably covered in rot 
  • Or maybe he just grabs your ass and demand as your king that he’ll be your husband


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  • Would make it ultra romantic
  • He flies you to Paris on his pink private yet
  • He could use bis powers to get you there in seconds, but aesthetic…
  • He plans a day full of shopping and festivities
  • Then at moon fall a romantic dinner 
  • Then he proposes on the Eiffel tower
  • He does it somewhat calm, and beautifully, not over the top
  • He presents a ring box, which inside is the most unique but stunning diamond ring 
  • {When he opens the box, party strings also fly out but not too many, it’s low key}
  • After you say yes, he’ll poof you both to the afterparty
  • That’s when shit gets extreme
  • Theres dancing Pikachu and people in costume everywhere 
  • Everything is pink and decorated 
  • Theres a huge ass cake with a little you x Mepphy on top with an Eiffel tower sculpted out of icing 
  • Theres an ice sculpture of you both as well


  • He’ll propose in a beautiful setting
  • It’s when he’s able to get away from the Illuminati
  • He doesn’t want to rush his proposal
  • But time is tight with his organisation 
  • It’s in a restaurant 
  • Your surrounded by white roses in a heart formation
  • He picked up a few things abut Assiah’s traditions
  • Before proposing, he reads you a long speech about how much you mean to him
  • Then he presents you with a simplistic, ancient old ring 
  • But it’s very beautiful and exquisite 


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  • He’d probably not even propose
  • Just poke you in the cheek and pester you a little
  • “Oi, you, your my bride now.”
  • Even if he had to brainwash you 
  • Or have a female Chuichi lay her eggs in you
  • Or kidnap you
  • Your his bride now.
  • Even if your a guy, he still calls you his bride
  • Probably wants to get married for the huge cake tbh
  • Most likely proposes using a gummy ring
  • Later proceeds eat it when he’s hungry so he steals you a ring of a passing by tourist 
Arabic basic verbs (أفعال أساسية)

To do; to make - عمل - يعمل -  ‘amal - yi3mil (3amal) 

To work - اشتغل - يشتغل  - سغل -  ištaġal - yištaġil (šuġl)

To bring -  جاب – يجيب  - جيبان gaab - yigiib (gayabaan)

To take - خد – ياخد اخد  chad - yaachud (achd)

To put  - حطّ - يحطّ  - حطّ HaTT - yiHoTT (HaTT)

To become - بقى - يبقى - ba'a - yib'a

To change - غيّر - يغيّر تغيير - ġayyara - yuġayyiru (taġyiir)

To go - راح – يروح مرواح - روحان raaH - yiruuH (mirwaaH/rawaHaan)

To walk  - مشي - يمشي  مشي - miši - yimši (mašy)

To run - جرى - يجري  جري - geri - yigri (gary)

To come - جه – يجي - مجي - geh - yiigi (migiyy)

To return - رجع – يرجع (رجوع) إلى - rigi3 - yirga3 (ruguu3)

To arrive - وصل - يوصل  وصول wiSil - yiwSil (wuSuul)

To sit قعد – يقعد  قعاد - ‘a3ad - yu'3ud (‘u3aad)

To get up, rise قام - يقوم (قيام aam - yi'uum (‘iyaam)

To fall - وقع - يوقع (وقوع - wi'i3 - yiw'a3 (wu'uu3)

To go up - طلع - يطلع - طلوع - Tili3 - yiTla3 (Tuluu3)

To go down - نزل - ينزل  - نزول - nizil - yinzil (nuzuul)

To cook - طبخ - يطبخ  طبخ - Tabax - yiTbux (Tabx)

To eat - كل – ياكل - أكل kal - yaakul (akl)

To drink - شرب – يشرب - شرب - širib - yishrab (shurb)

To wake up - صحي - يصحى - صحو SaHa - yiSHa (SaHw)

To sleep - نام - ينام  نوم naam - yinaam (noom)

To wash - غسل - يغسل - غسل ġasal - yiġsil (ġasl/ġasiil)

To clean - نظّف - ينظّف (تنظيف - naZZaf - yinaZZaf (tanZiif)

To study - درس - يدرس (دراسة - daras - yidris (diraasa)

To learn - اتعلّم - يتعلّم - تعلّم - it3allim - yit3allim (ta3allum)

To understand - فهم - يفهم - فهم - fihim - yifham (fahm)

To know - عرف - يعرف - معرفة  -  irif - yi3raf (ma3rifa)3      

To remember -افتكر - يفتكر - افتكار - iftakar - yiftikir (iftikaar)

To forget نسي - ينسى - نسي - nisi - yinsa (nasi)

To describe - وصف - يوصف - وصف - waSaf - yiwSif (waSf)

To try, test (s.t) جرّب - يجرّب - تجريب - garrab - yigarrib (tagriib)

To try to do sth. حاول - يحاول (محاولة)  - Haawala - yuHaawilu (muHaawala) 

To be able to do s.t. - قدر - يقدر  قدرة - 'idir - yi'dir ('odra) 

To read - قرأ – يقرأ - قراية) 'ara - yi'ra ('iraaya)

To write - كتب – يكتب (كتابة - katab - yiktib (kitaaba)

To translate - ترجم - يترجم  - ترجمة 'targam - yitargim (targama)

To talk - اتكلّم – يتكلّم (كلام - itkallim - yitkallim (kalaam)

To say, tell - قال - يقول - قول - aal - yi'uul ('awl)

To ask (a question) سأل - يسأل  - سؤال - sa'ala - yas'alu (su'aal)

To request طلب - يطلب - طلب - Talaba - yaTlubu (Talab)

To reply, answer (to) - أجاب - يجيب (اجابة) على - agaab - yigiib (igaaba) 3ala

To thank - شكر - يشكر - شكر - Shakar - yishkur (shukr)

To complain (about) - اشتكى - يشتكي - شكوى - من - ishtaka - yishtiki (shakwa) 

To promise - وعد - يوعد - وعد - wa3ad - yiw3id (wa3d) 

To see - شاف - يشوف - شوفان - شوف - shaaf - yishuuf (shawafaan/šoof)

To look at بصّ – يبصّ (بصّ | بصصان) على - baSS - yibuSS (baSS/baSaSaan) 3ala

To look for - دوّر - يدوّر (تدوير) على dawwar - yidawwar (tadwiir) 3ala

To find - لاقى - يلاقي laa'a - yilaa'i (la'ayaan)

To lose (s.t.) ضيّع - يضيّع - تضييع - Dayya3a - yuDayyi3u (taDyii3)

to organize - نظّم - ينظّم  تنظيم - naZZama - yunaZZimu (tanZiim)

To organize, tidy up - رتّب - يرتّب  - ترتيب - rattaba - yurattibu (tartiib)

To smoke - دخّن - يدخّن - تدخين - dachana - yudachinu (tadchxiin)

To happen - حصل - يحصل (حصول - HaSal - yiHSal (HuSuul)

To watch - اتفرّج - يتفرّج على - itfarrag - yitfarrag 3ala

To hear  - سمع - يسمع - سمع - سماعة - simi3 - yisma3 (sama3)

To listen to - سمع - يسمع  - سمع - simi3 - yisma3 (sama3)

To give - ادّى - يدّي مدّية - idda - yiddi (middiyya)

To carry - شال - يشيل - شيل - شيلان - shaal - yišiil (šeil/šayalaan)

To love - حبّ - يحبّ - حبّ - Habb - yiHibb (Hubb)

To hate كره - يكره - كره - كراهة - karah - yikrah (karh/karaaha)

To be born - اتولد - يتولد - itwalad - yitwalad

To live - عاش - يعيش - معيشة - ‘aasha - ya3iishu (ma3iisha) 

To live (in a place) - سكن - يسكن (سكن) في - sakana - yaskunu (sakan) fi…

To die - مات – يموت - موت - maata - yamuutu (moot) 

To pass away - اتوفى - يتوفي - وفاة - itwaffa - yitwaffi (wafaah)

To wait - استنى - يستني - istinna - yistinni

To buy - اشترى - يشتري - شراء - ishtara - yishtiri

To sell - باع - يبيع  - بيع - baa3a - yabii3u (bii3)

To pay - دفع - يدفع - دفع - dafa3 - yidfa3

To push - زق - يزق - زق - za - yizu (za)

To open (s.t.) - فتح - يفتح (فتح - fataH - yiftaH (fatH)

To close (s.t.) - قفل - يقفل - 'afal - yi'fil

To begin, start (s.t.) بدأ - يبدأ  - بدء - (bad’) - bada’ - yibda’

To end (reflexive) انتهى - ينتهي - انتهاء intaha - yantahi (intihaa’)

To stand up وقف - يقف - وقف - وقوف - wi'if - yiw'af (wa'f)

To finish (s.t.) - خلّص - يخلّص - تخليص - hallaS - yihallaS (tahliiS)

To play لعب - يلعب - لعب - la3aba - yal3ibu (li3b)

To use (s.t.) - استعمل - يستعمل - استعمال - ista3mala - yasta3milu (isti3maal)

To enter دخل - يدخل - دخول - dahal - yudhul

To go out خرج - يخرج (خروج - (xuruuj) - xarag - yixrag

To leave - ساب - يسيب saab - yisiib

To ride (ex. a taxi) - ركب - يركب (ركوب - (rukuub) rikib - yirkab

To send - بعت - يبعت - ba3at - yib3at

To receive - استلم - يستلم - استلام - istalam - yistilim (istilaam)

To think (about s.t.) - فكّر - يفكّر - تفكير - fakkar - yifakkar (tafkiir) fi

To think (that) -افتكر - يفتكر iftakar - yiftikir

to believe (that..) - اعتقد - يعتقد- اعتقاد - i3taqada - ya3taqidu (i3tiqaad) anna.. 

To need (s.t.) - احتاج - يحتاج (احتياج) إلى - iHtaag - yiHtaag

To want (to) - عايز - عايزة - aayiz/3aayza (or 3aawiz/3aawza) 

To succeed نجح - ينجح - نجاح - nagaH - yingaH (nagaaH)

to fail - فشل - يفشل - فشل - fashila - yafshalu (fashal)

Bertolt Brecht     Uncredited and Undated Photograph

It is considered low to talk about food.
The fact is: they have
Already eaten.

The lowly must leave this earth
Without having tasted
Any good meat.

For wondering where they come from and
Where they are going
The fine evenings find them
Too exhausted.

They have not yet seen
The mountains and the great sea
When their time is already up.

If the lowly do not
Think about what’s low
They will never rise.

Meat has become unknown. Useless
The pouring out of the people’s sweat.
The laurel groves have been
Lopped down.
From the chimneys of the arms factories
Rises smoke.

The forests still grow.
The fields still bear
The cities still stand.
The people still breathe.

Every month, every day
Lies open still. One of those days
Is going to be marked with a cross.

The merchants cry out for markets.
The unemployed were hungry. The employed
Are hungry now.
The hands that lay folded are busy again.
They are making shells.

Teach contentment.
Those for whom the contribution is destined
Demand sacrifice.
Those who eat their fill speak to the hungry
Of wonderful times to come.
Those who lead the country into the abyss
Call ruling too difficult
For ordinary men.

The common folk know
That war is coming.
When the leaders curse war
The mobilization order is already written out.

Are of different substance.
But their peace and their war
Are like wind and storm.

War grows from their peace
Like son from his mother
He bears
Her frightful features.

Their war kills
Whatever their peace
Has left over.

They want war.
The man who wrote it
Has already fallen.

This way to glory.
Those down below say:
This way to the grave.

Is not the first one. There were
Other wars before it.
When the last one came to an end
There were conquerors and conquered.
Among the conquered the common people
Starved. Among the conquerors
The common people starved too.

Reigns in the army.
The truth of this is seen
In the cookhouse.
In their hearts should be
The selfsame courage. But
On their plates
Are two kinds of rations.

That their enemy is marching at their head.
The voice which gives them their orders
Is their enemy’s voice and
The man who speaks of the enemy
Is the enemy himself.

The married couples
Lie in their beds. The young women
Will bear orphans.

It smashes down forests and crushes a hundred men.
But it has one defect:
It needs a driver.

General, your bomber is powerful.
It flies faster than a storm and carries more than an elephant.
But it has one defect:
It needs a mechanic.

General, man is very useful.
He can fly and he can kill.
But he has one defect:
He can think.

–Bertolt Brecht, “From a German War Primer” 1947


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Parti Nagy Lajos: Rímként a nyár

Micsoda már a délután, micsoda már,
a redőny leffedt legyező,
ha akarom, félig feltekert madár,
a strandon most csavarnám, épp most
csavarnám ki fürdőruhám,
kikerülném, de konokul csapódik ide
rímként a nyár,
micsoda már a délután, micsoda már,
ülhetnék pilledten földszintes
eszpresszók teraszán
s podravka pivóval olthatnám szomjam talán,
micsoda már ez a délután, micsoda már,
válthatnék rímet, mint inget
egy átizzadt fabulon-naptej és rexona
illatú füredi mozi után,
micsoda még a délután, micsoda még,
no lám, no lám,
mondhatni, fölöttébb izzik a nap,
s mint egy benzinkút ég,
s mondhatni, fű közül szemlélve
kiváltképp mondhatni,
selejtes tűzoltólétraként hasal a vízen a stég,
afelé haladtam lassacskán, s lám,
nem válik sehogysem teljessé metaforám,
micsoda még a délután s micsoda már,
ha lassan kiürülő strand lenne e vers, mi tagadás,
talaján Tandori lábteniszezne és Cseh Tamás,
és piszok lassan hűvösödne, és plédem alatt
óvatos csomókba húzódna össze a gyep,
s egy tévedésből útrakelt lángospapír
zsírozná össze füzetemet,
szóval egészen enyhén estébe hajlana már,
micsoda még ez a délután s micsoda már,
napolaj-maradék, alig innen
a bőrbe-szívódás pillanatán,
vagyis estébe hajlana, s égne a hátbőröm,
karbőröm, ahogy az alkonyat ég,
s hullnának vízcseppek, dalcseppek,
haját ha fésülné száz táncház, száz discoték,
no de ennyit a strandról,
amely mint vershelyzet eleve kitalált,
s ahonnan úgyis csak fáradtan ballagnék ki,
akár e szövegből,
tollait szorosan illesztve
nyugszik a redőnymadár,
túl a bőrbe szívódás pillanatán
mi lehet még ez a nyár, s micsoda már

Sasil Fic: New Wonders

Author’s note: Guess who called out from work today. Damn it Sasil I can’t be doing this every week now, lol. But I got good sleep and woke up inspired. So ya got a new Sasil fic. I might continue this though works as a one shot. Picks up after them getting discovered in the church lady’s house. Hope you like and let me know your thoughts.


“Ya mad at me again?” Hasil asked as he stood near the river bank just under the bridge where he’d occasionally pick up a rock and skip it across the water. Sally-Ann sat silently on the bank next to him as she hugged her knees to her chest and stared out over the water contemplating their situation. “Ah can’t say as ah blame ya, ‘cause of me yer outdoors now.”

“Ah ain’t mad 'bout that Hasil,” Sally-Ann finally spoke. “And ah ain’t 'outdoors’…not really. There’s places ah can go stay but ah don’t think you’d be welcome, and ah want ta be witchu.” Her words made him smile with great affection and new appreciation for her. “But dang it Hasil you can’t just beat on a cop, that’s illegal down here and if they catch you, yer going ta jail.”

“They ain’t gon catch me…”

“If you stay down here they might.” She cut him off and he straightened a bit as he stared at her. After a pause and taking in the meaning to her words Hasil shook his head, turned away for a second, and then faced her again as he spoke.

“Ah ain’t goin back up the mount'n, not widout chu.” He declared and continued to shake his head. Sally-Ann stood up and reached for his hands, but he folded them from her grasp as he took a step back away from her.

“Hasil ah don’t think ah’d be anymore welcome up on your mount'in than you are down here.”

“No harm wud come to ya, ah wud’n let no one hurt chu…no one.” He stated and she nodded.

“Yeah the way you like openin cans of whoop ass on everyone ah believe ya,” Sally-Ann said with a smile which turned into a giggle at his baffled expression.

“Wot that mean?”

“It means,” She spoke more softly as she reached up and cupped her hand to his face. “That you make me feel safe, ah ain’t never felt so safe and cared for in all my life.”

“Good, and ah’m gon provide fer ya too ah’m gon finda way…it’d be easier up on the mount'n,” He added as he tilted his head and arched his brow a bit. “Look we ain’t gotta go to my homestead, it ain’t tha safest place fer me now no way.” Sally-Ann bunched up her brow a bit but before she could question his words he cut her off. “It’s a big mount'n and there’s a place up there dat ah know 'bout but none of my people know 'bout it. Folks down here built it way back 'fore ah was born but they don’t use it no more…pretty sure Farrells scared’m off.”

“And it’s like a building…ya know wit four walls and a roof?” She asked interested.

“Yeah it’s got fo’ walls and all,” Hasil said around a chuckle. Inside he was soaring because Sally-Ann was actually thinking about going. “There’s even a bathroom with runn'n water and a little bed, but it ain’t got no electrical lights. I’ve stayed there a few times.”

“Ah bet it’s prob'ly the old abandoned ranger’s station ah’ve heard folks talk 'bout,” Sally-Ann said excitedly. Hasil just frowned up a bit knowing she’d explain. That was something he cherished about her, her patience with his ignorance and how she was always so willing to educate him on things. “There are places built in big forests and on mount'ins like ours where people stay ta watch the forest and make sure no one gets hurt on the mount'in. People don’t go there 'cause it’s too close to the Farrells for their liking, and they say it’s got ghosts.”

“It ain’t too far, if we left now we’d still have a few more hours of daylight left, and if ah had one of our bikes from home it wud’n take no time at all.”

“OK, we shud get some supplies first; food that won’t spoil, some candles…ya know things we might need ta live there comfortably.”

“So ya gon go wid me?” He asked as he reached out and grasped both of her hands with his.

“Yeah,” Sally-Ann said with a smile and a nod. She then began to squeal with laughter as Hasil lifted her up into his arms and twirled her about for a moment before settling her back down. He then cupped her face in both hands and pulled her into the sweetest, most tender kiss she had ever gotten from him. The kiss ended and pulled a sated sigh from her lips. “So here’s the plan, Ah’m gon take the last bit of money we have and get some things. Ah think ah might even stop by the bank and see if James left anything in the bank account that ah can grab.”

“Naw, ah don’t wantchu tak'n nothin from yer brutha.” Hasil spoke out as he shook his head a bit.

“It’s my money, assumin James even left anything. My brother ain’t worked in over 3 years, and ah set up that account so anything in it is mine…ours now, ok?”

“Alright, lets go then.” He replied but Sally-Ann placed her right hand against his chest to stop him.

“No you need ta stay here and watch our stuff, it ain’t much but it’s all we got.  'Sides the Sheriff is prob'ly looking for you after what you did. So it’s best for you to stay down here, outta sight, until ah get back. Ah’ll be quick ah promise. Please baby,” Sally-Ann coaxed using the endearment she knew he liked to hear her call him, and he smiled a bit and rolled his eyes away, and she knew she had him.

“Fine, but hurry and if ya see yer brutha jus walk away… bedda yet run away, 'kay?” Hasil directed and she nodded in agreement. The last thing she wanted was a confrontation with James, that’s why she’d been hiding out in the first place and not at her friend Naomi’s.


A little while later


“Hey Sally-Ann,” An older black lady seated at one of the cubicles greeted, as Sally-Ann approached. The lady was one of the few blacks in a 'professional’ position in town and Sally-Ann always felt most comfortable speaking with her whenever she came inside the bank. Also others in the bank tended to hand her off to the black banker lady anyway. “What brings ya by sweetie.”

“Hi Miss Jones, ah’m sorry ta bother you,”

“Oh it’s no botha honey, how can ah help you?”

“Uhm, well ah wanted to check my account see if ah have any money. Ah misplaced my card or ah would’ve just used the ATM.”

“Oh sure we can check,” The lady said as she immediately began typing on her computer and pulled up Sally-Ann’s account. “And before ya go Ah’ll get ya a temporary card ta use.”

“Thank you,” Sally-Ann replied with a kind smile.

“OK so you’ve got a little over $800 in your checking account.” The banker stated and Sally-Ann’s eyes bulged a bit in surprise. She was sure that James would have cleaned out the account by now. “Now yer savings account is a different story, you’ve got quite a nest egg there. 'Member when we opened this account for ya a few years back Ah told ya 'bout how we’d take a portion of your deposits and put it in your savings?” Sally-Ann just nodded as she vaguely recalled. “Well that’s what we’ve done with each of your paychecks. Also you’ve got interest on those funds 'cause ya never touched the account. So ya’ve got about $8500 in yer savings.”

“Eight thousand?” Sally-Ann repeated in disbelief as her eyes instantly began to tear up.

“Yea,” The banker replied with a wide smile.

“And my brother never knew about that, I figured he’d have cleaned out the account by now.”

“Well he’s not on the account, so we wouldn’t divulge that information ta him. So maybe he’s been using yer card.” Sally-Ann nodded again remembering that she had given him a card to access her checking. “Now that ya’ve said that ya misplaced yer card, ah’m just gonna deactivate those cards, and get ya a new temporary card just for you ta use.” The lady stated, she gauged that stopping the brother’s access to the account was something that Sally-Ann wanted.

“Thank you,”

“And did you want to take out some cash while yer here?”

“Yes please, uhm just $200 from the checking please.” Sally-Ann said and the banker nodded as she stood.

“OK sweetie just give me a few minutes.” The banker then walked off and Sally-Ann sat reeling a bit over the news that she had enough money saved to take care of her and Hasil for a long while. That knowledge brought a comfort and relaxation she had not felt since leaving the home she had shared with her brother. “Alright,” The banker returned and held out a card and white envelope to Sally-Ann. “Here’s the card and money. Is that gone be enough?”

“Yes ah think it will get us…me by for awhile. Ah had to quit my jobs for personal issues at home, but now ah’m on my own and hopefully ah’ll be able ta find a new job soon.”

“Ya know we have an opening here for a teller,” The banker lady stated.

“Oh ah don’t think ah have the qualifications fer that.”

“You were a cashier at both of ya jobs right, and ah’ve had ya ring me up a few times and so ah know ya got excellent customer service and interaction with customers. Ya know what just give me another moment, let me go talk ta my manager.” The lady walked off again before Sally-Ann could protest. Sally-Ann watched her as she approached a white man who looked to be in his mid to late forties. She fidgeted a bit when she noticed the banker lady point her out and they both looked at her. In that moment she was glad that she had worn a nice shirt with a cardigan and nice jeans. She reached up and touched her hair which was still out and she wished she had braided it back because she knew that it did fascinate white folks but not always in a good way. She jumped a bit when the banker spoke to her not having seen her walk back over. “Ok Sally-Ann ya can come in on Monday, take these forms and filled them out. Bring them back witcha ID when you come in. We have all the other documentation we’ll need from when ya opened yer account.” She spoke to a stunned Sally-Ann who stood from her seat and took the papers. “Now yer top is ok but jeans aren’t allowed, so you’ll need ta get some nice black slacks, OK.” Sally-Ann simply nodded. “Well alright then we’ll see ya on Monday 7 ’oclock sharp. Yer hours will be from 7am ta 3pm, Monday through Friday, no weekends.” The banker said with a kind smile. Sally-Ann wiped at her eyes before the tears could spill and then she quickly embraced the black lady standing before her.

“Thank you,” She whispered to the lady then released her and hurried from the bank.




Hasil had been sitting where Sally-Ann had left him, near the river’s bank along side the one duffle bag and backpack Sally-Ann had with with her. He jumped a bit when he heard voices. He turned to see two men dressed in matching gray jumpsuits carrying black plastic bags and sticks, approaching. Hasil stood and grabbed up Sally-Ann’s bags with the intentions to run off at the first sign of trouble. The men seemed to either not notice him or were simply ignoring him as they got closer. The older, bald, short man seemed to be giving orders to the much younger, taller man who walked off in the direction the older man had pointed to. Then the older man then headed directly to where Hasil stood.

“Howdy,” The man greeted as he stabbed the stick he held into a piece of trash that was nearby. “Ya ain’t that one who left this is ya?” He asked and Hasil looked down at the trash the man was putting into his bag, and then back up at the man as he shook his head. “Good 'cause littering is illegal, but hey it keeps me in work. Ah run a little local trash pickup bid'ness, got a contract with the county and all…so ah say litter all ya like.” He said around a smile as Hasil frowned up a bit as he regarded the man. He was on his guard readying to fight or flight. “Ya stay out here, under tha bridge?”

“Fer tha moment,” Hasil said as he shifted his weight and toss the man a slight look of irritation. “Ah ain’t doing nothing wrong, jus waiting on my lady and then we’ll be off.”

“Hey sure no problem, it’s a free country right, ain’t against tha law take stand under a bridge or sleep under one either as far as ah know.” Said the older man who Hasil thought was about the same age as Big Foster. “Are ya lookin fer some work?” Hasil scowled at the man’s question, now suspicious of anyone offering him a job. “There’s plenty of trash in this town and it’s just me and my nephew. My name’s Henry by tha way, and that’s my nephew Buck,” The man turned and pointed to the other man who was on the other side of the bank picking up trash. “It’s honest work and decent pay, ah could give ya $300 a week, and we cud do it all under tha table all in cash, that way neither of us need ta worry wit Uncle Sam right?” The man said with a chuckle though Hasil clearly didn’t get what he meant, but Hasil thought this could be work he could do that Sally-Ann would approve of.

“What ah gotta do exactly?” Hasil questioned.

“Jus this,” The man raised his bag and stick a little for emphasis. “Pick up trash. Mostly we’ll be on the big trash truck ah got. We drive 'round in the wee hours while most folks still sleep'n and we pick up their trash from they houses. Then sometimes we come out here and go along the roadsides and pick up trash, but ya don’t have ta do that part, that’s just a one man job really. But it wud be good ta have an extra hand on the truck. So whatchu think?”

“When you want me ta start?” Hasil asked and the man smiled widely.

“Monday morning, ah can meet ya right here, well up there on the road,” He pointed back up the path that led from the road down to under the bridge. “Be here at 5am sharp, we’re usually done by 9. Not bad money huh fer workin jus 4 hours.”

“Alright,” Hasil said with a nod.

“Well alright,” The man said as he held out his hand to Hasil, who regarded it for a second and then grasped it and shook it firmly. “Hey Buck we got ourselves a new worker.” The man called over to his nephew who looked up, smiled, and threw out a brief wave before looking back down at his work. “Looks like everything out here is clean for the most part, c'mon Buck let’s go get lunch. So what’s yer name anyway, son?” The man said to Hasil.

“Hasil Fa…Jus call me Hasil,” Hasil replied deciding it was probably best not to mention he was a Farrell considering how the other townspeople always reacted. He suspected that the way he was dressed in pants and a white t-shirt Sally-Ann had given him, which covered most of his tattoos, hid his true identity for the most part. Also Sally-Ann had tied his hair back as a way to further disguise him as they walked through town to get to the bridge.

“Alright Hasil,” The man said as he shook Hasil’s hand again. “We’ll see ya right here Monday morning 5am on the dot.”

“Ah’ll be here, and thank ya.” Hasil said with a nod. The man nodded back and then headed back up the path where his nephew was already waiting for him.


A few minutes later


Sally-Ann had practically run all the way to the bridge after she finished her shopping, excited about the blessing she felt she and Hasil had just been given. When she had finally reached the path under the bridge and spotted Hasil where she had left him the smile that had been on her face broadened. When Hasil turned and saw her approaching he stood and threw her that huge smile that always made her want to swoon. She hurried to him, dropped the bags she held to the ground, leapt into his arms, and kissed him deeply.

“Mmmm,” Hasil hummed out as she finally pulled from the kiss and then reached up and pulled the tie from his hair. She thought he looked good with his hair out and tied back, but decided that tying it back would only be for the 'outside’ world. When they were together and being themselves she wanted his hair out and wild. “You sure seem happy, more than ya did 'fore ya left.” He said with a chuckle as he still held her close to him, his arms wrapped securely around her.

“Ah am, ah am so happy right now,” Sally-Ann squealed out as she threw her head back and closed her eyes to the bright sun beaming down on them. Hasil took the opportunity and dipped in and placed kisses on her collarbone and neck. “Ah went ta the back and ah found out that we’ve got enough money ta take care of us for a good while, over $9000 all tagether.” She announced as she pulled back a bit so she could look up at him better.

“That’s a lot right?” Hasil asked and she nodded.

“Yeah, we could probably get a nice apartment here in town if we wanted to,” She said and immediately felt Hasil stiffen at the idea. “But if that Ranger’s Station is nice and really abandon we can stay there rent free, and that’ll let us save even  more money. Ah jus hope it ain’t too far from town 'cause ah got a job.” She added as she beamed with pride and Hasil smile. “It’s at the bank. Ain’t that great?”

“Yeah it is and ah got a job too so we’ll both be provid'n now.” His words brought a frown to Sally-Ann’s face and she pushed from his embrace entirely. “Wot, wot’s wrong?” Hasil asked as he reached for her again but she stepped further away.

“Hasil ah thought we talked about this, ah don’t want you workin wit that coal company lady.”

“We did and ah promised ya ah wud’n deal wit her no mo didn’t ah?” He asked and she nodded. “Ok then, ah ain’t gon ever break my promises to ya.” He declared as he reached out and tapped a finger against her nose and then grasped her hand and pulled her a bit closer but not back into his arms.

“So what is this job ya got then?”

“Uhm,” Hasil paused a second to compose the right words. “Pickin up trash on a truck with Henry and his nephew Buck. Says ah can make $300 in cash e'ry week work'n from 5am ta 9am.”

“Oh my God Hasil,” Sally-Ann spoke out in a bit of shock.

“Is it a bad idea?” He asked not so sure by the way she was reacting.

“No Hasil, it’s wonderful. Ah’ve known Mr. Henry all my life, he’s always picked up the trash 'round here, least as long as ah can remember. He’s a good man and it’s honest work. Also wit him payin ya in cash ya don’t have ta worry 'bout taxes, which you can’t really pay no way since you kind of don’t exist…not down here ah mean.”

“So we gon be ok then,” Hasil stated and Sally-Ann smile as she nodded her head.

“Yeah, we gon be good. So c'mon show me our new home.” She demanded and Hasil nodded. He then reached down and grabbed up all the bags, including the ones Sally-Ann got from shopping. Sally-Ann grabbed the backpack and one of the shopping bags from him and pulled the backpack over her shoulders. Hasil in turn threw the bigger duffle bag over his shoulder. He then grabbed her free hand into his free hand, entwined their fingers and headed into the thick forest just along the edge of the river.


Queen of the Sea

Fairest thing you’ve ever seen
Witch or goddess? In-between!
Lowly maiden like a Queen
Naime with green eyes

Lived along the sea alone
In a cottage made of stones
Where the wind would twist and moan
Under stormy skies

Naime, Naime! Lift your head!
Lift your voice and raise the dead
Sing sea to shore and hearts from stone
Sing the last lost soldier home
Sing to Heaven high above
Sing for pain and sing for love
Sing for me and me alone
Naime, on your throne

While the earliest known song* relating the legend of Naime dates to Hasafel’s time, there have been multiple versions of the tale set to music. One of the most popular (no doubt due to its rollicking, sea-cadence melody) is Queen of the Sea. While easily three hundred years old or more, it can still be heard nightly in the streets of Saint’s Walk in the Undercity.

Though the story of Naime is quite well-known, arguments persist about her origins. The main thread of the tale is rarely questioned: her being chosen as a sacrifice to the sea-god either to avert or in response to disaster, her singing in the hour of her death, the sea-god Hasal falling in love with her and raising the city of Hasafel from the sea for her.

However, the question of Naime’s slavery is hotly argued. Primarily, whether she was originally a slave, or if that detail of her history is due to a misunderstanding about the broken chains which lay at her feet in even the earliest representations of her. While some say the chains represent her bondage, other scholars insist that they are only the chains with which the villagers bound her to the rocks as a sacrifice for the sea-god, and do not indicate formal slavery.

There is some evidence that the slavery angle came to prominence in the years before Valnon’s founding, when St. Alveron and his people were in servitude to the warlord Antigus. There is no concrete evidence of her slavery even as little as a century before. However, the idea of Naime the slave becoming the queen of Hasafel is now so firmly meshed with her legend that there is no separating it. Once St. Alveron made his sister Lavras the Queen of Valnon, she was considered to be Naime reborn, and even now the most through arguments against Naime’s slavery find very little traction.

Hasafel’s earliest history has been nearly lost, with only fragments of oral history remaining. The Temple has tried to track down the pure strain of the legend, but it is so mixed with embellishments and time that the task is quite impossible. Naime will likely always be shrouded in mystery, and it is perhaps her elusive nature that makes her so appealing, and explains why Hasal and Naime persist in the modern Vallish consciousness when so many of the other old gods and goddesses have been all but forgotten.

*Naime’s Lament or Naime te M'hi (lit. The Tears of Naime). The 2nd century translation is the most commonly heard when it is not sung in the original Hasafeli.

kilép az ember a fürdőszobából,

és azt látja, hogy a lány anyaszült meztelenül hasal az ágyon, a szép nagy kerek fenekét az égbe tolva, feltárva mindent, amit fel lehet tárni, azonnal megindul minden, aminek ilyenkor meg kell indulnia, főhősünk lüktető fejjel és fasszal megindul a feltáruló csábítás irányába, a teljesen kiszáradt torkán még annyi tör fel, hogy

“rám vársz ezzel a csodás látvánnyal?”

“ja nem, csak így könnyebben tudok fingani, épp kieresztem a gázokat"

sírás, függöny le