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I had a dream that you were mine…

In quel momento, TUTTO, era perfetto. 

E per la prima volta, dopo tanto tempo, sono riuscita ad immaginare un futuro in cui ero felice.
Che bella può essere la vita.
E so che lo pensavi anche tu.
Volevo che facessi esattamente quello che stavi facendo. 

Poi non so perchè, la mia testa ha iniziato a viaggiare, pensavo a tutti gli altri ragazzi … E sono tutti diventati te. 

Una parte di me diceva, ti prego non andartene e l ‘altra parte non voleva vederti mai più.
E tu te ne sei andato. Come ti avevo chiesto. 

Perchè te ne sei andato? 
E’ stata la scelta peggiore. E poi è andata ancora peggio.
ClayCasco, il tuo nome non appartiene a questa lista, ma dovevi esserci perchè io potessi raccontare la mia storia. Per poter spiegare perchè ho fatto quel che ho fatto.


TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY; Hannah Baker [S1, Ep. 11]

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I'm now in love with this ship. And Boba Fett. I really hope he gets an anthology film. I've been reading some comics about him and never realized how cool he was.

Oh, man tell me about it. I heard rumblings that there was script, but TPTB didn’t like it and now the movie has been pushed back and honestly part me is a little glad? Because I WANT this movie but I want it to be done RIGHT. 

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Because the BOBA FETT MOVIE should be like the most awesome video game you’ve ever played, but it shouldn’t be some bro-friendly generic action movie with a tragic love interest it should be an actual honest-to-God hero’s journey representing someone in the Star Wars universe who is tossed around by the conflict between Empire and Rebellion, Jedi and Sith.

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And it should tie in all of the great work done in comics like the Bloodlines series to connect the Prequels Boba Fett with the Original Trilogy Boba Fett and give a clone the spotlight. What does it mean to grow up with that face? How does he see himself in relation to the other clones?

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Every once in a while in Star Wars movies we get little glimpses of everyday worlds and lives in cantinas and in spaceports and that’s what the Boba Fett movie should be. It should an exploration of that other world, where Jedi are mythical and the Empire reigns. What does rebellion mean in a place like Mos Espa? What is the Force to a man who hunts and kills for a paycheck?

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If you want to amuse yourself I’ve been working on a fan script (1 & 2) and while Disney sorts out the new canon I welcome any and all discussions of Boba Fett the character and what his anthology movie should be about. 


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Season 5, Episode 6 – The Gathering (Opening Scene)

If gif requests are still open, could y'all gif that part in the opening sequence to the ep “The Gathering” that has Plo finding Ahsoka? 

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Misha talks about LGBTQ equality


Jeremy Bulloch on his lines as Boba Fett (feat. Temuera Morrison and Daniel Logan egging him on) at Star Wars Celebration Orlando

Bulloch: Boba Fett has seven lines and a scream.

Morrison: You couldn’t give us that scream, could you?

Bulloch: [screams for approximately eight seconds]

Morrison: That’s talent, that’s talent, right there. I can see why you got the part.