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Potentially the best thing about Snoop Dogg performing at the 2017 NHL All Star Game is that Snoop fucking loves wearing hockey jerseys and we might see him try to rep every single team’s sweater at some point.

What I have parsed from reading into the Semple vs Kapoor situation beyond the “lol how salty” commentary;

  • Stuart Semple’s pigment line is something he’s been working on for a very long time
  • The exposure he’s gotten from the fight with Anish Kapoor has given him the capital necessary to get more of the products in the pigment line market-ready faster than he had been capable of in the past.
  • He’s not developing and stocking these product lines over the course of a day or two to be petty
  • Glitter made of crushed glass was fairly common in the UK until as recently as the 70′s
  • Semple’s glass glitter was not a response to Kapoor sticking his finger in the pink pigment, it was made that way because glass reflects more light than plastic glitter and remains transparent so as not to obscure the art on the canvas it’s applied to.
  • The glitter is something Semple has been working with an Industrial chemical company on for the past decade.
  • This whole thing isn’t “Petty” so much as an entertaining way of drumming up buzz for a pigment line he wants to see other artists to play with

The National Mall has flooded with pink, as demonstrators descend on the nation’s capital Saturday for the Women’s March on Washington. Just one day after President Trump’s inauguration, marchers from across the country have gathered in the city to protest his agenda and support for women’s rights.

A three-hour rally is opening the event. The march proper is planned for the mid-afternoon, with a path that’s set to extend from a starting position near the U.S. Capitol to its endpoint near the Washington Monument.

The city’s metro system reported 275,000 rides as of 11 a.m. According to metro officials that’s eight times more than a normal Saturday. Reuters adds that the number is als “82,000 more than the 193,000 rides reported at the same point on Friday,” the day of Trump’s inauguration.

LISTEN LIVE: Women’s March Floods Washington, Sparking Rallies Nationwide

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Palaces by Reinhard Görner

Born in 1950, Reinhard Görner has lived in Berlin since 1970. The German capital offers infinite opportunities for architectural photography, and new ones are constantly being created. An inspiring city for Reinhard Görner. The freelance photographer has been impressing the art world with his architectural pictures since 1982.

As a photographer, Reinhard Görner abstains from tools that could distort reality, meeting his own high aesthetic standards without using a wide-angle lens. His art lies in finding the perfect perspective. He mainly uses available light. In this way, he genuinely honours the work of architecture while creating exciting visual compositions.

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  • 1600s aristocrat: Can you point to one successful example of a capitalist republic in the history of time? You can't, and that's because democratic election of leaders goes against human nature. It might work on a small scale, but all notions of individual liberty are just idealistic pipe dreams. Any time it's been attempted on a large scale, capitalism has killed more people than feudalism ever could. We've already reached the end of history.
  • Radical peasant: *looks at the audience of the stage play like James from The Manor*

Liam Wong injects a unique cyberpunk flavour into his images, casting a light upon the dark corners and back alleys that twist throughout Tokyo. His photographs manage to precisely capture the dynamism of the bustling city lit by bright neon signs and artificial lights, making one question the reality depicted in each photograph. With a distinct futuristic feel, most of Wong’s portfolio gives the sense that you were dropped into the middle of a stylish video game set in Japan’s animated capital.

Wong has a keen eye to accompany a talent for composition and lighting, combining the two to produce these vibrant images. As a graphic design director for Ubisoft, Wong is passionate about both gaming and art. He brings this artistic flair to his photographic approach, showcasing the streets of Tokyo from a surreal, computerized perspective.

The thing is, capitalism has never been reformed ‘peacefully’.

Reform movements which have formally disavowed violent means - from the Civil Rights movement in 1960s America, to Attlee’s Labour government in 1940s Britain - have only been historically successful because mass, organised, revolutionary movements of the politically disenfranchised outside of the formal reform movement have forced those benefiting from the status quo to cede concessions to non-violent, often middle-class, reformist leaders. Malcolm X, the Socialist Party of the USA and the Communist Party forced the American elite to come to the table with Dr. King; the syndicalist and communist trade unions in post-War Britain made opposition to Attlee’s NHS and limited nationalisations foolhardy.

Those who preach non-violence as a strategy rather than as a flexible tactic fatally mistake capitalism for a rational, logical system which plays by its own rules and respects human life.

We know better.


Here’s a classic big city dilemma (sorry suburban folks): It’s late at night, the weather is bad, and you’re hungry. Your favorite restaurant is less than a mile away, but you don’t want to leave the house, and you don’t want to pay a $5 delivery fee — plus tip — for a $10 meal.

So, what do you do?

Back in the old days, you would have braved the elements — or learned to plan ahead. But those days are coming to an end, at least in Washington, D.C.

A fleet of about 20 autonomous, knee-high robots recently has appeared on the sidewalks of the nation’s capital, and they’re out to revolutionize hyper-local delivery in big cities. Their mission? Bring takeout food from restaurants to hungry customers at home — while keeping the delivery cost to around a dollar.

Hungry? Call Your Neighborhood Delivery Robot

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‘You’re just trying to get it as big as possible’: Capitals do photo day right
Justin Williams and Andre Burakovsky sported matching poofy 'dos.
By https://www.facebook.com/scott.s.allen

“I used the hair dryer a little to blow it up and then it was just kind of sitting there by itself,” Burakovsky said of his ‘fro, which rivaled the height of Williams’s ‘do. “You’re just trying to get it as big as possible. When I got it kind of big, I thought, ‘All right this is pretty good.’ It looked stupid.”

Like Jayson Werth and Bryce Harper on Nationals photo day at spring training, Williams and Burakovsky looked a little like Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s characters in the movie “Step Brothers.” That wasn’t a coincidence.

“There’s something in that for sure,” Williams said when asked if the duo’s look was inspired by the movie. “Burky’s nickname, sometimes it’s Dale. So, um … there’s a little something to that, yeah.”

Burakovsky was asked if he plans to keep his poofy look.

“No, absolutely not,” the 22-year-old replied.

“His hair looks like that every day, so I didn’t notice much difference,” joked Capitals forward Tom Wilson…

…wait, sometimes Andre gets called Dale?

So lets just say for our own sakes that silverflint is endgame… 

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