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Whoa! Look! Physical proof of progress! Video, even!

I’m in the middle of coding other things, like a nice new level editor, but after pulling my hair out for two hours, I decided to take a moment to code something I’ve been wanting to polish up for a while. Most of the progress made since the Indiegogo has been back-end stuff, business crap, and - now that we have a substantial beta tester pool - lots of bug squashing, too. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to more frequently showcase shiny new features.

I’d show off jumping between planets too because it’s so cool, but alas is not fully presentable just yet.

Oh, and the levels shown here are mish-mashed and are mostly definitely not World 1 levels.

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Like, do you know if anyone has made a list of fics for both of your AUs, or a list of people who have written things for them? Sorry if I wasn't clear, delusion with tiredness

There hasn’t been a list yet of any of the fics for either of my AUS but I do have a “masterpost” for mafia au in the works in my drafts (but I kind of forgot about it until just now so… I should work on that). I should definitely start one for Loverboy since that’s taken off way more than I ever could have expected too!!

Also, if you have written, drawn, or done anything for one of my AUs (like moodboards etc) and I haven’t replied or seen or reblogged it, just link me it. While I have email notifications turned on for any mentions or stuff, sometimes I miss stuff because it just gets buried (or the notification doesn’t send at all, or whatever)… Don’t be shy because I love seeing anything you guys come up with!!


A lot of the fandom seems to be freaking out about this so let’s talk about it!

This was actually one of my favourite scenes from the episode. Not because of any kind of impending drama but because this conversation has honestly been a long time coming.

After episode 7, there was no relationship talk. Victor and Yuuri have yet to sit down and tell each other straight up what they want out of their relationship (both personally and professionally). Flash back to episode 4 where Victor was asking what he should be to Yuuri. Now they actually are boyfriends (well, even more than that, fiancés) but same as we’ve never heard them state it, I don’t think they’ve really made it explicitly clear to each other either.

I feel that so far they’ve just been letting things evolve as they go. The Cup of China was actually only a bit over a month ago in-series. Their intimate relationship is still very new and it’s been moving really fast. They’re definitely physically intimate (as you can see by the pushed-together beds) but they haven’t quite connected the same way on the emotional level. They definitely love each other and want to stay with each other, I don’t doubt that for a moment, but they haven’t sat down and said “I want to spend my life with you” to each other. They haven’t told each other what their plans are for their professional relationship either.

We know that Victor has been doing a lot of thinking, and it was very obvious in this episode that he is grieving his career, but it’s also obvious that he doesn’t plan to go back to skating competitively.

Yuuri however, being the anxious person that he is, is reading Victor’s grieving all wrong. Yuuri is thinking that not only is their professional relationship (which he could end simply by retiring) but also their personal relationship is holding Victor back from what he “wants” – to go back to being a competitive skater. And thus we get the line that we did here. This is Yuuri’s attempt to “free” Victor to allow him to chase what Yuuri thinks he actually wants, which turns out could not be any further from the truth.

They aren’t going to break up. I can tell you that right now and with absolute certainty. Rather than this being something that is going to create drama, it is actually going to work to solve it. Yuuri needs to hear from Victor that Victor has no intention of leaving and that he wants to stay with Yuuri more than he wants to continue his skating career. Also very important is that Victor needs to say it out loud. Victor is a thinker, he rarely makes big decisions on a whim. He’s been processing what he wants to do with his life for a year now and he has definitely come to his decision (as was evident in episode 10).

Victor has chosen Yuuri over his skating career and this line from episode 11 is just the gateway to the discussion that will firmly cement their personal relationship in place. And the final bow-tie on the gift that is their relationship will be the duet skate at the end of the episode.

I’m honestly looking forward to seeing it.

to me the thing is that we’d predicted this sort of outcome for most of the season, yet it was still probably the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

like even from the first scene with the paper towels people have been like “even has some form of mental illness” and we were all like yeah, sure, maybe he does.

then we started believing it, and for a very long time i think we all knew that at some point it would become an “issue”, and I thought we were prepared for it.

I made a prediction about the friday clip, I thought yes, there would be drama and some form of problem (because the week had been too good), and I thought we might get answers/ even telling isak about having a mental illness.

then I saw it was 15 minutes, and whilst I was incredibly excited, my first thought was “no this can’t be good”. and I was right (in terms of emotion, in terms of a story it’s amazing).

at first, I was so incredibly proud of isak messaging his mum (still am) especially signing off with “hugs, isak” because that showed a level of love even though they aren’t close, and it showed he was willing to put aside the issues with them, if she did.

then even is the biggest freaking dork and draws a heart on the window and my heart explodes. (also pointing out how isak still didn’t want to kiss even in public, which I feel was a really good show of him not just miraculously being completely comfortable after just coming out to his family & friends)

then even is just so proud to be able to say isak is his boyfriend and he’s beautiful and he’s his and I actually died. but then we get into the room and first it’s amazing but then even starts just rambling on and you can actually see the look of realisation on isaks face (shout out to tarjei and his amazing acting) when he first starts to get a hint that something isn’t right.

but then I think he chooses to ignore it, and why wouldn’t he? he’s never seen even in this context, and doesn’t know any better, plus they’re having a lovely night and he’s finally with the boy he loves, so he just puts it down to “he’s just having a great time”.

then the “the only way to have something infinitely is to lose it” comment, this is where I was like “no no no I don’t like this, this isn’t good”. I literally had to pause the video and make sure I was okay to continue because I really didn’t like where it was going, I was actually a mess.

once again, even not sleeping yet having so much energy, then we get to the part that started to kill me.

as soon as even walks out that door, isak realises fully what’s going on, and is instantly extremely worried. the moment even isn’t in the corridor I think isak connects the dots completely and is simply terrified.

wandering around the city and even calling sonja he looked so lost, and desperate and worried (again tarjei holy shit). then sonja turns up.

now, up until today, I was holding out hope that sonja was actually a good person, and don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying she’s evil or vindictive, but I don’t think she’s a good person for or with even. I think her “care” has turned into “control”, whether she fully realises it or not, I don’t think it’s healthy for even.

you can see that when isak asks what just happened and sonja answers, he already knows, he just needs it confirmed, and once it’s said out loud it’s real. sonja says stuff that I don’t believe is true (“it’s just some sick idea he has right now”) and some stuff she has no right to say.

I believe sonja got so comfortable in being the one who makes decisions for even and controlling him, that she can’t let it go, to her, this is essential. I don’t think she realises anymore that even is valid, and has his own thoughts and feelings that might not align with hers, and that isak was the one that this came to a head with. even saying “I can feel is growing apart ”(I can’t remember the exact line cause it was like episode 3 but it was along those lines) and “stop monitoring me”, makes me feel that sonja simply forgot how to be caring, and only knows how to control, because to her, that’s how it works.

and I do think even is in love with isak, completely in love with him, and I think isak 100% loves him back. but right now, due to isaks history with people with mental illnesses, i think isak feels broken and lied to, and I think he feels like he only loves this even, and doesn’t know the even with a mental illness, which I suppose is sort of true.

however I believe isak reaching out to his mum today was a sign of him growing (this show never does anything without reason) and also the line of noora “no one sacrifices anything for love in 2016” mean something.

I’d like to believe that he talks to eskild (giving eskild info this time) and possibly jonas, and sees a new side to this.

I’d like him to remember “and I’ll save you right back” because I’m going to just say it, i think even saved him, possibly from himself, or maybe just living his life as someone he’s not, and being miserable. even brought out the best in him, and made him so incredibly and indescribably happy and loved, and I’d like to believe he will save even just the same.

I want him to see that he still loves this even, he just now loves an even without a secret, an even he can care about & for the best way possible, and an even who has completely changed his life.

Jimin: it is illegal to be taller than me
Jungkook: we are all going to jail then

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I’ve been very busy with work lately and sleeping five hours a night and things, so I’m probably overreaching and/or not making any sense, but this -

- I loved this, not only the scene, but how everything was framed, and yet there’s something bugging me - why is Dean keeping his right hand on the sigil and his left on the blade? Dean is right-handed - it would have made much more sense to cut his left hand and keep his dominant hand unhurt and free. 

As I said, I’m basically delirious - but what we do know is that the left hand is the one which is a symbol for love, right? because that’s where we keep our rings (according to a medieval legend, there’s a vein that goes from the heart to our left hand, so that’s why our weddings bands go on our left hand and not our right)? Whereas the right hand - that’s rationality, doing things, fighting, writing, being all practical and sensible. And Dean’s right hand is on the Enochian sigil, because that’s the good choice - that’s what he should do to save everyone’s lives here - his, and also Sam’s, because his brother’s not far behind, because he never is, and as for Cas -



Dean’s feelings for Cas - a left-hand kind of thing. Back in Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox, the other Yockey episode, Dean picks up Asa’s angel blade with his right hand, because that was a weapon, and Dean favours his right hand when he fights, and that’s what makes sense. But this time around - I don’t think that blade is Cas’ (?), but it’s still an angel blade, which means it represents this brave, amazing, infuriating angel Dean loves unconditionally - hence the left hand, and Dean’s ‘illogical’, ‘wrong’ decision to trade his life for Cas’.


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okay wait can we talk about how kevin’s parents are “huge homophobes”

like captain holt has been discriminated against his whole life by his colleagues for his race and for his sexual orientation and, presumably, the one group of people who would never judge him is his family

and yet, his own in-laws haven’t spoken to him in 30 years because they think that he made their son gay. even if he’s made peace with it by now, at the time that must have been the worst possible thing to hear. he was put down his whole life and now that he finally finds “The One”, he, again, is not treated with respect.  

and think about how kevin must have felt, and how this perpetuated his stereotype that most people are homophobes. holt has to deal with this all day at work, and then when he comes home he is still thinking about the fact that his own parents-in-law don’t approve of their relationship? that must have been devastating for him. he just could not catch a break.

in light of that one interview i just want this scene
  • corrupted jasper writhing on the ground or s/t: we all get what we deserve, I deserved for this to happen
  • garnet, sitting placidly cross-legged on her shoulder: the hilarious thing is that's completely true but not for any of the reasons you think

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Do you know of any kinds of mermaids or sirens or other sea dwellers in Norse myth? (If there's two things I love, it's mermaids and Norse myth)


Off the top of my head, I cannot think of specific mermaids in Norse mythology. I can, however, recall that there is a Danish fairytale from which Disney made “The Little Mermaid,” and that is called the same thing in Danish: Den lille havfrue. You can read a translation of that for free by following the link.

Yet, there are plenty of sea-related beings and figures in Norse mythology. I am not familiar with specific creatures, like mermaids or sirens, but there are a lot of figures who may fit those roles. After all, Scandinavia has always been a place that had close connection with seafaring. I won’t be able to cover them all, but I can speak of and mention a few of these sea-related figures, at the very least.

As for my sources, you may see them below. All the page numbers listed throughout this post correspond to footnote 1.(1.)

I will start with the major figures, which are two gods that have very strong connections to the sea. There may be others, but I will just limit the discussion to those which are most prominently sea-based. The two gods that I speak of are Njörðr (Njord) and Ægir.

Njörðr (Njord):

Njord is a Vanir, and he is mentioned by Snorri more directly (that is, not just in the Skáldskaparmál section). Here is what is said about him:

“He lives in heaven in a place called Noatun (Enclosure of Ships). He rules over the motion of wind and moderates sea and fire. It is to him one must pray for voyages and fishing. He is so rich and wealthy that he can grant wealth of lands or possessions to those who pray to him for this.” (23)

There is more about him later in this text, in a section called Skáldskaparmál, which is about poetic dictation:

“How should Njord be referred to? By calling him the god of chariots or descendant of Vanir or a Van and father of Freyr and Freyja, the giving god.” (75)

I tend to see Njord as pertaining more to the riches of the sea. In other words, he, perhaps, represents the reward that the sea offers people; control of the sea and its resources would bring great wealth.

There is more, but that mostly pertains to how he came to be included among the Æsir, or other stories that he is a part of, but not playing a central role in. Ægir on the other hand, of whom we will shortly speak, is perhaps even more associated with the ocean than Njord.

Ægir (Also called Hler or Gymir):

He is generally considered to be the god of the sea, and he is best known for his feast with the Æsir (which goes badly thanks to an eagle that was actually a giant). Him and another god, one named Bragi, talk in great length about the details of poetry. Anyway, Ægir lives on an island, according to Skáldskaparmál, which is called Hlesey. For the most part, Ægir seems to play more of an ‘asker’ role in this text, asking Bragi questions and providing an opportunity for an explanation that will help the reader learn about poetics and mythology. 

Although Snorri (the author of this source I am discussing) kind of negates Ægir’s role quite a bit, once we look into the ways that the sea itself can be poetically referred to, it is obvious that he has strong connections with the sea.

Ægir is actually used as a personification for the ocean or sea at times. Note that these are where his three names come from. For example, this is from Skáldskaparmál:

“What terms for sea are there? It is called mere, ocean (ægir), engulfer (gymir), roarer (hler), main, road, depth, salt, water, swell.” (139)

To quote the poet Arnor:

“Let the court learn how the keen-spirited king of earls pursued the sea, the irresistible prince did not cease to oppose the ocean.” (139)

To quote the poet Ref:

“Gymir’s spray-cold spae-wife (Ran) often brings the twisted-rope-bear (ship) in Ægir’s (Ocean’s) jaws when the wave breaks.” (91)

Here, too, is a portion of a poem in Old Norse containing a reference to Ægir as the ocean:

Alfas began verr ægis
ítr báls haai málu;

The splendid hater of the fire of the sea (he who likes to rid himself of gold, the generous prince) defend the beloved pf the enemy of the wolf (Odin’s wife Jord-earth or land); (168)

Furthermore, Ægir has nine daughters with his wife Ran. Here are their names:

  1. Himinglæva (Heaven-bright)
  2. Dufa (Dip)
  3. Blodughadda (Blood-haired)
  4. Hefring (Lifting)
  5. Unn (Wave)
  6. Hronn (Wave)
  7. Bylgia (Billow)
  8. Drofn (Comber)
  9. Kolga (Cold One)

Ran (Ægir’s wife):

I am doing this an edit, so I shouldn’t really do too much to change the original post (since some won’t see the edits), but Ran should be considered on her own and not always associated through Ægir. After all, she is considered to be a goddess in her own right, so she ought to be given that respect. 

@bewareimfrench suggested that Ran could be a suitable candidate for a mermaid, and that honestly may not be a far stretch because she is equally as associated with the ocean as Ægir is. Here is a poem of her personified:

Segl skekr of hlyn–Huglar–
(hvast drífa skip) rasta,
en föll–of gram–Gylli
grunn (djúp) hata unna.
Rán viðr hafhreinum
háraust–skapar flaustum–
(hrönn fyrir húfi þunnum
heil klofnar) frið–deilu.

Sail shake above the prince on the current-maple (ship); tall ships drive keenly; the shallows near Hugl are dangerous to the waves’ horse (ship). Noisy Ran does not create peace for the sea-deer (ships); she causes conflict for cruisers, the entire wave breaks before the slender bow. (180)

I must say, though, that she is not an evil figure, even though that poem may seem a bit negative. It does show, however, that she has considerable power.

There is also Jormungandr (also called the Midgard Serpent):

Jormungandr is a giant serpent who is a child of Loki’s and the giantess Angrboda. This is said about Jormungandr:

“…[Odin] threw the serpent into that deep sea which lies round all lands, and this serpent grew so that it lies in the midst of the ocean encircling all lands and bites on its own tail.” (27)

Jormungandr is involved in a few stories, such as being magically disguised as a giant’s cat that Thor could not pick up or also Thor’s fishing trip with a giant named Hymir. Jormungandr is often used poetically to refer to both Thor (because Jormungandr is arguably Thor’s greatest foe, besides giants in general) and Loki (the father of such a creature).

There are also figures known as Sea-Kings and these are their names:

I believe that most of these names don’t refer to actual deities, but rather famous semi-historical figures (namely Vikings) that came to be used to refer to the ocean and sea. A Viking, after all, is a king of the sea, for it is the sea that guide a Viking to treasure and wealth (and perhaps Njord guides them to this as well, since it is treasure they seek).

“Atli, Frodi, Ali, Glammi, Beiti, Ati and Beimuni, Audmund, Gudmund, Atal and Gestil, Geitir, Gauti, Gylfi, Svendi.

Gæir, Eynef, Gaupi and Endil, Skekkil, Ekkil, Skefil and Solvi, Half and Hemlir, Harek and Gor, Hagbard, Haki, Hraudnir, Meiti.

Hiorolf and Hraudung, Hogni, Mysing, Hunding, Hviting, Heiti, Mævil, Hialmar, Moir, Hæmir, Mævi, Rodi, Rakni, Rer and Leifi.

Randver, Rokkvi, Refiner, Leifnir, Næfil, Ræfil, Nori, Lyngvi, Byrvil, Kilmund, Beimi, Iorek, Iosmund, Thvinnil, Yngvi, Teiti.

Virfil, Vinnil, Vandil, Solsi, Gautrek and Hun, Giuki, Budli, Homar, Hnefi, Horvi, Sorvi. I can see no more sea-kings.” (155)

These name often appear in poetry, especially in Icelandic sagas. Here is an example from Brennu-Njáls saga, and now you will understand the reference (I have bolden their names):

The shaping gods drove ashore
the ship of the keeper of bells (Thangbrand);
the slayer of the son of the giantess (Thor)
smashed Bison on the sea-gull’s rest (sea);
no help came from Christ
when the sea’s horse (ship) was crushed;
I don’t think God was guarding
Gylfi’s reindeer (ship) at all.

Thor drove Thangbrand’s beast (ship)
of Thvinnil far from its place;
he shook and shattered
the ship and slammed it ashore;
never will that oak (ship) of Atal’s field
be up to sea-faring again;
the storm, sent by him (Thor),
smashed it so hard into bits.

And lastly, these are the various ways to which the sea or ocean can be referred to, poetically speaking (Kennings). 

Most we have discussed in some manner, but such references give interesting insight into the figures of Norse mythology that are actually associated with the sea (I have bolded names of personified figures):

“How shall sea be referred to? By calling it Ymir’s blood, visitor to the gods (Ægir), husband of Ran (Ægir), father of Ægir’s daughters (Ægir),…, land of Ran and of Ægir’s daughters and of ships and of terms for sea-ship, of keel, steam, planks, strake, of fish, ice, sea-kings’ way and roads, no less ring of the islands, house of the sands and seaweed and skerries, land of the fighting-tackle and of sea-birds, of sailing wind.” (91)

“What terms for sea are there? It is called mere, ocean (ægir), engulfer (Gymir), roarer (Hler), main, road, depth, salt, water, swell.” (139)

“Sea, every-lying, salt, ocean (Ægir), main, wetness, swim, flat one, dead calm and bay, resounding, overhang, emptiness, brawler, rocker and mere, sucker, suck, same, swallower, maelstrom and fjord.

Sound, creek, good passage, fluid and expanse, tempest, depth, breaker, dark, flood and surf, swell sparkler, engulfer (Gymir) and flower, rumbler and unquiet, surge, fen, snatcher.

Crashing, wake, league, fishing-ground, inlet and fishing-bank, water, deep and submersion, cove, tarn and canal, storm, ditch, pool, current, stream and brook, channel, spring, fount, eddy, waterfall and firth.

Herfring (lifting), roller, white one and offing, Hronn (wave), Ran (plunderer), Kolga (cold one) and Himinglæva (heaven-bright), Drofn (comber), Unn (wave) and sweller, Dufa (dip), Bylgia (billow), shoal and bore, Bloughadda (bloody-haired). (160-1)

Of course, I have by no means have covered everything (even what I have covered is only a summary of what is actually said), but that should give you more than enough of an idea about the role of the sea, and related figures/  creatures, in Norse mythology. I hope this has been interesting! I enjoyed researching the information for you.

Vera vitur og reika langt.
(Be wise and wander far.)


1. Snorri Sturluson, Edda, Anthony Faulkes trans. (repr., 1987; London: J.M. Dent, 1995). You may also read this for free online via Viking Society for Northern Research.

2. Robert Cook trans., Brennu-Njáls saga, in The Complete Sagas of Icelanders, vol. 3, edited by Viðar Hreinsson, Robert Cook, Terry Gunnell, Keneva Kunz, and Bernard Scudder. (Reykjavík: Leifur Eiríksson Publishing, 1997), 125.

ok so

we all know the yoosung crying emoji, right?

^ this

..and I’m preeetty sure we all know the sound it makes, yes..?


..yes you do.


now who was the one who made the messenger app with said emoji?

that’s right

this guy

now imagine seven trying to make the emoji thing for yoosung and having to stop at least like 50 times because when he tries to sync up the sound and the images he just can’t do it because he’s so gay for him and he dies a little bit inside every time he hears it


Meet @zaphraud (person pictured in the first photo) one of the grossest blogs I have ever come across, he’s an all around asshole and has made multiple sexist, transphobic, and islamophobic comments. Not to mention the fact that he literally promotes bulimia and constantly is commenting on posts from ED blogs telling them how to purge. Has an “18+ ” blog yet has followed multiple minors. He had also harassed several other blogs for various reasons just to name a few thing he’s done. This guy is creepy and dangerous.

@staff I am unsure why this disgusting blog hasn’t been deleted yet but guys please REPORT AND BLOCK HIM!!! And remember you CAN block&report people from side blogs also both on mobile and pc!

Please contact me with any questions/concerns about this callout and please feel free to share your experiences with this asshole!

Well, well, well, it’s not quite midnight where I am, yet, but Happy New Year!

The past year has been… the last year… but there are so many things that I’ve been through, so many things I’ve accomplished, that I can’t say I’d want it all erased. Towards the end, things got really hard… but along with these hard times I’ve made a lot of friends and caught the eye of a lot of people. I’m going to be honest, none of my drawings have ever broken 100 notes in the amount of time that they have (I have one old post that kept gaining over the years, but it’s been four years now, so I can’t count that) until the lovely fans of the Trolls movie took notice. You all have been so supportive of my and my art, whether I’m drawing trolls or not, and I want to thank you all for not only putting up with me, but for trying to hoist me up on your shoulders to keep getting better.

Thank you, guys, and thank you, to all my followers for sticking around and keeping me company as we stumble through the days, months, and years. I wish you all good luck in 2017.

Leaving you behind

I don’t know what this is honestly. I’m just kinda sad over my boyfriend so this is the outcome. I’ll update my series, intentions, soon. much love, admin 143

  • Group: Got7 
  • Member : Mark 
  • Pairing : You and Mark
  • Genre : angst///?
  • Warnings : none 

Summary : You and Mark are engaged, but he barely has any time for your relationship. (if you want another part to it, please request/let me know)

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